3 Important Conditions to the Multi Car Insurance Discount

Get Those DiscountsYour parents probably always warned you to choose your friends carefully, but you probably never thought that doing so could actually save you money. Well, as it turns out, it can. Case in point: get an instant auto insurance quote online. Then add an additional 10 percent discount, which is the average dollar amount you can save by getting your car on a multi car insurance policy. Makes a big difference, doesn’t it? Here’s how to go about getting that auto insurance price quote discount.

First of all, it’s important to know that if you share a home with other drivers, you’re allowed to bundle your auto insurance policies together into the same plan to save money. You don’t have to be family and you don’t have to be married. You don’t even necessarily have to like one another. If there’s more than one car registered at an address, you can qualify for a discount. But there are a few considerations that harken back to that all-important warning your parents gave you as a child to pick your friends or in this case, your room mates carefully.

• If the other person has a lousy driving record, it may save them money to bundle their car insurance policy with yours, but it’ll cost you more money.

• A lousy credit score on the other driver’s fault an also negatively impact the deal.

• Throw an overly-expensive car into the mix and you’ve got a bona fide deal killer.

If any of the above ring true, you’ll end up paying more because you’ll be shouldering the burden of your house-mate’s lousy habits or desire for extremely expensive things. In this case, it’s critical to either only pick room mates that have clean driving records and that are responsible and practical, or to go it on your own. To find out exactly how much money you can save by bundling policies, get an instant auto insurance quote online and start weighing your options today.

Do You Qualify for a Multi-Car Discount and Not Even Know It?

Obtain Multi Car DiscountGetting fast and accurate quotes for auto insurance isn’t tough. In fact, comparing insurance has never been easier. While in the old days you had to comparison shop by phone or in person, these days all you have to do is get online and within minutes you’ll have a quote. But sometimes, doing your homework ahead of time pays off.

For example, before agreeing to any auto insurance terms, it’s critical to first find out if you qualify for a multi-car insurance policy. What is a multi-car insurance policy? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a car insurance policy issued to households with more than one car. But does that only count if each car has a different driver? And do the others in your policy have to be family? The answer to both is: no.

You can qualify for a multi-car insurance policy if:

• You personally own more than one car and want them all insured.
• You share a home with other people and you want to go in together on a car insurance policy to save money. The others sharing your home don’t have to be family—as long as you share an address, you’ll qualify for the discount.

Be sure to inquire about the multi-car insurance policy when you get online quotes for auto insurance. You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save.

Saving Money on Your Insurance is Made Easy

Get Discounts on Your InsuranceOnce you are ready with the researching of the auto insurance, you just need to select the right auto insurance quote and travel with your new car. Few things which you are not aware of might not be covered in your insurance. When there is an opportunity to save some amount of dollars over your purchase of coverages, follow the below tips in order to save money. After you buy the car insurance, you accept the premium and later don’t just hide your policy. As life changes the discounts you are worth for also changes depending upon certain factors.

Relocation: If you have moved to a new city or zip code, then there are chances that your premium might get increased as per the new city requirements. For your overall car insurance premium, zip code plays a major role. But if you have relocated to an area with less auto theft then contact your car insurance agent to review your policy and check whether the premium rates will change.

Commute distance and time: If you have made a job change, your traveling time also changes. Car insurance rates depends on your daily traveling distance. If the distance goes down then your car insurance premium also gets lowered.

Deductibles: If you have a clean driving record,  by paying lower deductible you are wasting the money. In order to reduce your monthly premiums increase the deductibles you pay.

Multi Policy or Multi User: Just check your auto insurance plan as soon as you add an additional car to your policy else add your new car to the same insurance company you had committed before. Enquire with your car insurance agent, if you are eligible for multi policy or multi user discounts.

Safe Driving: If you are a safe driver then you get lot of discounts. You can contact your agent for the discounts you are eligible for if you are not having any traffic accidents or violations.

Your Roommates and the Multi Car Insurance Policy

1 Multi Car Insurance PolicyThere are a lot of people who go out of their way to avoid taking in roommates because of the host of complications it entails. Perhaps you’re even one of them. But if you stopped for a moment to consider that having a roommate could save you money when buying car insurance, would you change your tune?

Many people wouldn’t – cohabitation can be a real pain the neck at times. But there are many people who’d jump at the chance. If you’re looking for ways to save money, living with another person (or persons) could provide pretty big car insurance savings. How so? Consider the fact that multi car insurance policies don’t just apply to family members. If you share a dwelling with someone and you’ve each got your own car, you can qualify for a multi car discount on a single policy.

Of course, there are times when doing so isn’t the best idea in the world. Say, for example, you have a great driving record but your roommate’s leaves a lot to be desired. In this situation, it won’t save you any money – in fact, it might even cost you (the safe driver) more. But if you’re lucky enough to share living quarters with someone that’s got an equally impeccable driving record, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying car insurance together and taking advantage of the savings – which average out to be about 25 percent.

The Facts About Multi Car Insurance Policies

One Policy for many CarsMulti car insurance policies can be one of the most effective ways of lowering your auto insurance premiums. Insurers offer multi car discounts as incentive, since the added business brings the insurance company more revenue. But while signing up for multiple car insurance saves the average person about 25 percent, it’s not always the most economical option. Here are a few facts about multi car insurance policies that you might not know.

  • People who share the same household can take advantage of multi car discounts even if they’re not family. In other words, you don’t have to be married to someone or directly related in order to take advantage of the discounts.
  • Bad driving habits can cancel out good driving habits. If you have a stellar driving record, sharing a policy with someone who has a less-than desirable record might actually increase the amount you pay. Likewise if you have a history of accidents or tickets, going into multi car policy with someone without a blemish on theirs won’t save you money. In this case, it makes more sense to have separate policies.
  • Some insurance providers require that all cars under a shared policy have the same level of coverage. But the older a vehicle is, the less sense it makes to carry full coverage—whereas someone with a brand new car may want comprehensive insurance.
  • You can continue to carry your children on your family insurance policy until they’re 25, as long as they still live with you.
  • If you own more than one car and live alone, you can still take advantage of multi car discounts.