Drain Your Home from Water Damage

Prevent Water DamageThere are certainly many ways by which a water damage can occur. Whether you live in own house, apartment, rented house or a condo, you will be a victim of water damage one day. In Ohio, often reported damage is majorly due to leaky bathroom sink or flooding due to heavy storms. However, water damage can occur as a result of  burst pipe, leaking roof, malfunction in pipe, sewage over flow or due to natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, storms. Any type of standing moisture or water is capable enough to cause water damage. An immediate response within 48 hours is necessary in order to prevent mold growth and potential further damage.

Severe Impacts

Water damage when ignored or not looked upon sooner, causes microbial growth and increases damage over time. Within few hours, wood finishes and furniture legs swell and begin to bleed. Metals will tarnish, dry walls will swell and soften and you smell bacterial odor. When left for days, it results in permanent damage to metal, wall coverings and plastering. Paint will blister, wood structure will warp and if you do not take any preventive measures, you create a room for fungi, mold and other microbial organisms. Contaminated water can cause many water borne diseases, few such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery can be cured and many may not.

Steps to Prevent Water Damage

A thorough inspection of your house is a must before you go for a vacation or leave home alone for long time. Water leakage can occur in kitchen, bathrooms, roofs, laundry room and even unknown spots. Check hoses and pipes of dishwasher, refrigerator, sinks, washbasins, tubs and toilets to confirm there is no leakage. Keep debris out of gutter, ventilate roofs to reduce moisture segregation. Make sure your house is properly equipped and modern techniques are implied much before you buy or rent a home. If any leakage is found, call an expert water damage technician to your premises to evaluate the situation. Leave it to them to take control of the emergency upon their arrival.

Remember, when an insurance agent evaluates your home he will check for any leakage or water damage occurrence. If found, it can increase your premium rates in turn burning a hole in your pocket. A fully equipped home, plumbing update, roofing update, renovation done to curb the water damage will fetch you discounts on your home insurance policy.