Special Insurance Considerations for Members of the Military

If you are a member of the military, there are special insurance considerations you need to think about. Whether you are concerned about car or home insurance policies, there are some questions that you need to ask. Many insurance companies will make special arrangements with members of the military to meet their changing needs. If you are comparing quotes online, make sure to let the company know you are in the military.

One of the biggest considerations is how you will pay your premiums if you are deployed on short notice. You may want to plan ahead for this type of situation and have your payment automatically drafted from your bank account. This is the easiest way to make sure your insurance policies stay in effect even while you are deployed. If you are hoping to save some money on insurance while you are out of the country, this might be possible also. For example, if you will not be driving your vehicle, but leaving it in a storage facility, you may be able to make changes to your policy and save some money. As a member of the military you deserve special insurance considerations, just make sure you ask for them.

If you know that you will be deploying soon, now might be a great time to shop for new rates on your insurance policies. Members of the military can often qualify for special discounts because of their service to the country. When you go online to compare rates, make sure your military status is highlighted. You want to make sure your insurance remains in effect while you are gone, otherwise you may have a hard time getting insurance when you get back. Go online and compare rates with multiple companies and start saving money today.

Reasons Why You May Need Short Term Car Insurance

Who needs short term car insurance? You might be surprised.

Maybe you don’t normally drive a car. You’re a public-transportation kind of person. But you’re taking a trip next month and you suddenly need car insurance. Or maybe you’ve just bought a new car and you’d like to drive it before your main auto insurance policy kicks in to cover it. Or perhaps a friend or family member who is not currently on your auto insurance policy will be driving your vehicle for a few days. These are all good reasons for short term car insurance.

At its most basic, short term car insurance, also known as temporary insurance, is insurance that has a lifespan shorter than the typical six-month term of a traditional car insurance. Consumers turn to it when they need car insurance for an amount of time that is generally less than that six-month period.

This temporary insurance is important because like traditional auto insurance it will provide you with financial protection should you suffer a car accident. It’s also the law: It’s illegal to drive without auto insurance throughout the United States. One of the best reasons for short term car insurance, then, is to avoid the heavy fines and possible loss of your license that can result from driving without proper auto insurance.

The good news is that you can shop for short term car insurance just like you’d shop for traditional car insurance. You can check short term auto insurance rates online in just seconds. This allows you to instantly compare policies on both the price that you’ll have to pay and the protection that you’ll receive.

Because it’s so easy to find a good short term car insurance policy, there really is no reason to hit the roads without the proper insurance coverage.

Business at Home – Cover it With Insurance

Get It Covered With Home InsuranceWith advance in technology, an increasing number of people are operating from home. Estimation made currently gives an output of nearly 43 million businesses established at home. Although, most people do not think of adding coverages when decided to work from their home. However, there are some limited coverages on their home insurance policies. It may not be enough to protect various equipments which you might use for the business. Liability insurance is meant to protect your business when liable fr any damage caused to others property. If business visitors or say clients when visit your home, this kind of insurance becomes necessary. Injured business visitors claims will not be protected by your home owners policy, so while doing business if someone gets injured at your office then you will have to pay the bill to bare their medical expenses.

Building Business At Home

Businesses carried at home requires different covers, it all depends on work nature and how are they carried out. You can ask your agent to build a policy tailoring your needs.

  • Professional indemnity insurance is needed if you clients receive any advice by you. Say, If the information provided or work carried turns out to be faulty or the clients suffer a heavy financial loss, you will be liable for it.
  • Public liability insurance is necessary if you had to encounter a public member in relation to nature of your work. An injury suffered or sustained by a member, then public liability insurance covers the cost involved. This sort of claims can be expensive, and hence vital to be properly covered.
  • Business buildings insurance while you work from your home covers any damage caused due to disasters like floods and fires to your building. Remember, contents of your home is not covered with this insurance policy.

Home and Business Owners Combination Policy

The response from insurance industry on increase in number of home based businesses creates a combined comprehensive policy. You can now insure for nearly $200 per year to cover your business property worth of $10,000. The policy also includes general liability coverage. Because of any damage to your house, if your business needs to be closed then your in-home insurance policy will cover the incoming loss and outgoing expenses such as payroll for employees up to an year. A limited coverage is provided for any loss of accounts receivable, valuable documents, off-site business property and any use of equipments.

Teenage Drivers and Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Teenage driversIt’s the day your teenager’s been waiting for, whether you’re excited or not. The smile says it all: a new driver’s license has been issued to a member of your family. And while your teenager eyes your car keys, all you can think about is what’s going to happen to your car insurance premiums.

Even if your teenager is the most careful kid in the class, statistics don’t lie. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published a report that showed that 16-year-old drivers are involved in accidents six times more often than drivers in the 30 to 59 age group. Knowing all this, it’s clear why insurance companies pump up the premiums for teenage drivers. Before your policy skyrockets 50, or even 200 percent, it’s helpful to know that you can get up-to-date information about adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy.

Nowadays, there are a few trustworthy companies like AgentInsure that can immediately put you in touch with a licensed insurance agent in your area who can inform you about the different insurance policies and provide you with the best advice for your family. You can ask your insurance agent whether it’s better to add your teenager to your policy, or apply for a new one. In addition, your agent can also tell you about other money saving opportunities, such as enrolling your teenager in a certified driver education course. Most importantly, set the example and always take an interest in your teenager’s driving habits.