Your Teen and Their Driving School

Team and their Driving SchoolAs a parent, your peaceful mind would take a toll when your teen gets on to the driving seat and drives off all by themselves for the first time ever. Such occasions causes stress on any parent. Your stress can find a relief only when your teen has rode a vehicle good number of times or attended a driving class. Finding a good driving class is also a task which is not easy as it’s the basic foundation for any learner, specially when he or she is a teen.

Here is a resource which can help you to find a better driving school. The Better Business Bureau, on entering the name of the driving school you opted for, you can find all the negative feed backs or complaints if any against the school. This makes your search easy and efficient. You can also check for the list of driving schools licensed under your state department of motor vehicles, which can be an added advantage as those schools meet with the state’s requirements. Every state has defined set of rules which a driving school has to abide, say, conduct a minimum of 25 hours of class room session, provide internet training to the teens and also a minimum of 5 hrs of training on roads behind the wheels.

On Completion of Search

Once you have chosen a driving school, contact them and ask few questions to clarify your doubts. Visit their school to have a look at it and know how the training will be conducted. On visit, check for the books, guides and other training materials provided by the driving school to your teens. Also check if the materials are as per the AAA standards. Take a look at the vehicle which will be used to train your teen, the make and model, safety features and year built. You can also ask for a test drive to ensure the quality of the program.

Before you are asked to sign on the dotted line, check for price, if any additional charges are implicable. Understand the policy’s terms and conditions and also make sure that you check how the policy works if your teen had to miss a class or training program. Remember, all this effort will fetch benefits while obtaining a car insurance policy by giving you discounts on factors such as teen’s driving course and good grades.

Steps Involved when you meet with an accident

Steps Involved when you meet with an accidentYou will get to know about the coverages when you keep comparing the policies. You should select the coverage in such a way that meets your budget. Buy the coverage which you can afford. The checks you pay should be in the insurer’s name or the agent’s name. Keep a look on the policies you already have and the policies you are planning to buy. Read the policy before you commit. Many of the policies have the option of free look period upto 30 days. When you get a mail about your insurance information, see to it that it contains what actually you have purchased. Always keep your Connecticut car insurance in a safe place and tell your trusted family member or a friend where you have kept your policies. If you are ill or pass away, they will do the necessary processing of your claims.

To file a complaint you need to follow few measures in Connecticut.

  1. As soon as you meet with an accident intimate the cops immediately.
  2. Get the information of the persons involved in the accident.
  3. Note the time and location where you met the accident and also the model the car which is involved in the accident.
  4. Check whether the damages are as reported.
  5. Call up your insurance agent immediately giving your policy number and other necessary information.
  6. Till you receive the claim amount, try to cooperate with the car insurance company.
  7. To make your process easy, provide the necessary documents to your Connecticut car insurance company.
  8. Keep notes on the conversation you had with the police, insurance agents, person who is involved in the accident and the lawyers.

Can You Do Without PIP?

Include PIP CoverageComparing auto insurance can be a tricky proposition. It not only requires you to examine your driving habits, your finances, and your responsibility to others on the road – it also requires you to take a look at your healthcare benefits. According to auto insurance experts, determining your level of personal medical insurance could have a big impact on how much money you spend for car insurance. Here’s how it works.

Personal injury protection (also known as PIP) is an additional auto insurance option that pays for your medical bills if you’re injured in a car accident. But having this coverage could be entirely unnecessary if you’re already covered by a good medical plan. Still, before you opt out of PIP it’s important to bear in mind a few things.

• PIP might be required in your state, therefore opting out may not be possible.

• PIP also pays the medical bills of any passengers that you have in your vehicle with you at the time of an accident. But if you never carry any passengers, this is unnecessary coverage.

• PIP pays for lost wages if you’re unable to work for a certain amount of time due to your injuries, however depending on your employer you may already be eligible for extensive coverage in this area.

When getting a quote for auto insurance, first check to see if PIP is required by law in the state where you live. If it’s not, and if none of the additional coverages apply to you, you might be able to save a hefty wad of cash by opting out. Keep this in mind when comparing auto insurance as it could impact your estimate.

Replacing Old Car by New – Selling and Buying!

Tips to Make Old Car NewIf you are planning to add a new feather to your cap by owning a new porsche car, it is a good idea to sell your old car. When you have made up your mind of selling you car, you can do that little things in order to boost up it’s selling price and obtain good amount of benefit on it. Brace up your old auto before it is out there for sale, which can easily earn 20 to 30% more than it’s current value.

Tips to Turn Old as New

Cleaning your car: Remove the dirt and vacuum your car to present it in good condition. Just on paying $100 or say even less than that, there are professionals who can clean and do astonishing work to make your old car look new. The money invested here will reap it’s benefits later when sold.

Act of fixing up: Be it windshield wipers or blinker light or any other small parts of your vehicle is worn out, repairing or replacing them with new parts will make your car look fresh.

Accumulate all receipts: Ensure you have all the documents and receipts related to car from the time you bought the car till the date you put out for sale. Be it a repair, an insurance policy, if any violations or accident committed and claims made, any tickets related to vehicle number and maintenance work done. Exhibiting all these documents will help the buyers in estimating the risk. It will also build a confidence on the buyer that a routine check up is done and is free of hassle.

Seasonal Sale: Do a smart work before you buy or sell. A little research can prove to be the best way to sell your car. Estimate the current market value of your car and pen down your rates. This makes answering a buyer call easy. You can always promote your vehicle’s strength and reinforce the reason for asking a good price.

To make selling easy and hassle free, it is fair enough to take that necessary steps to add that little value to your car and obtain what’s deserved. While buying a new car, do that research, check for different models, it’s mileage, cost efficiency, it’s insurance value and then go for it. Presenting yourself as knowledgeable, can fetch those earnings.

Bonehead Moves to Avoid When You’re Behind the Wheel, Part 3

Preventive measureThere is such a thing as getting an easy car insurance quote online, but there’s no such thing as guaranteeing a low rate if you’re the type of person who takes unnecessary risks behind the wheel and gets into accidents. And for many who are prone to making some of the bonehead moves listed below, there’s also no such thing as a low auto insurance quote.

  • Talking at the Wheel: There’s a reason that many states are starting to make laws that require you to wear an earpiece if you prefer to spend you driving time catching up on the drama of daily life. Even if it’s still not illegal where you live, however, it’s always responsible to limit your behind the wheel talk time so that you can pay attention to the task at hand.
  • Speeding at the Wheel: If you’re interested in removing yourself from the pool of individuals capable of getting an easy car insurance quote, breaking speed limit laws is a guaranteed way of doing just that. They say that some people were born with a lead foot, but that certainly doesn’t excuse you from attempting to exercise restraint when you’re sharing the road with other law abiding citizens. If your speeding ticket record and accident history is forcing you to pay insurance premiums that you can’t afford to make, don’t complain about corporate greed. Take a look at your driving habits, and change them.
  • Controlling Your Car Stereo at the Wheel: There’s a reason that many people sink money into trunk-located CD changers and MP3-enabled car stereos. Of course, that reason is rarely ever to facilitate a safe driving experience, but there’s nothing that says you can’t look into either one of these if you find yourself spending far too much time looking away from the road and far too much time fiddling with your car CD player while driving.