Your Roommates and the Multi Car Insurance Policy

1 Multi Car Insurance PolicyThere are a lot of people who go out of their way to avoid taking in roommates because of the host of complications it entails. Perhaps you’re even one of them. But if you stopped for a moment to consider that having a roommate could save you money when buying car insurance, would you change your tune?

Many people wouldn’t – cohabitation can be a real pain the neck at times. But there are many people who’d jump at the chance. If you’re looking for ways to save money, living with another person (or persons) could provide pretty big car insurance savings. How so? Consider the fact that multi car insurance policies don’t just apply to family members. If you share a dwelling with someone and you’ve each got your own car, you can qualify for a multi car discount on a single policy.

Of course, there are times when doing so isn’t the best idea in the world. Say, for example, you have a great driving record but your roommate’s leaves a lot to be desired. In this situation, it won’t save you any money – in fact, it might even cost you (the safe driver) more. But if you’re lucky enough to share living quarters with someone that’s got an equally impeccable driving record, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying car insurance together and taking advantage of the savings – which average out to be about 25 percent.