Driving Under Influence and It’s Effects

Driving under influence & it's effectsProtecting you and your family members from financial losses which occur due to an accident is possible by having a car insurance policy. The losses can be medical bills, car repair and other services mentioned in your policy. One major factor which determines whether car insurance policy will be offered to you or not, is when you commit an accident when under intoxication.

Hard Effects

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI), a terminology used for drinking alcohol and driving. It has a simple fact behind that drinking and driving can result in death of yourself or other people on Nevada roads. Every state in US has brought out stringent measures and set a limit of 0.08% of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for those who drive under the influence of alcohol. Commercial drivers have a limit of 0.04% and for those who are below 21 age, the limit is set to zero and if found to cross the limits, will be arrested.

A DWI arrest can be very expensive and might lead to worse consequences where you can be put behind bars, have license suspended, heavy fine or even cancellation of license. If at all the DUI accident resulted in someone’s death, the end result is even worse. Strict measures over transportation of alcohol has been made where it has to be carried over in trucks and has to be sealed, if found having an alcohol bottle illegally and open, then get ready to face the worst of situation.

At every county, law enforcement officers have set up a check point to perform a thorough check on your vehicle and the driver. These check points are active all through out the year specially on weekends and holiday season. You could be stopped at these points and asked for many questions, and a sobriety test might be performed on you. If this test confirms that you are on high and under intoxication, you will be sentenced to jail.

South Carolina Insurance Exclusions – Think Exclusively!

Think Exclusively!The responsibility of protecting your home and it’s contents from disasters and natural calamities is fulfilled by owning a South Carolina home insurance. An affordable and best policy to cover your home from financial crisis offers best of coverages and helps you come out from any destruction. Understanding of a home insurance policy is a must. With few exclusions mentioned below, you will know what needs to be covered under your policy.

Flooding: Most of the South Carolina home insurance policies do not cover damage occurring due to floods. However, other perils which are covered under your home insurance policy such as windstorm, hail etc if causes damage or allows water inside the building will be considered for claim. Flood insurance has certain limits imposed on every building type, residential houses have limit up to $250,000 for building coverage and $100,000 for personal property coverage. Premium rates depends on your location as to if the area is more prone to floods and limit opted on the coverage. The average cost implied on a flood policy in South Carolina is about $500. Flood insurance is given by the National Flood Insurance Program which will also protect against a tsunami.

Earthquake insurance: This insurance covers any physical loss occurring directly to the property. In normal terms, earthquake refers to shaking or trembling of earth which is caused by tectonic process, volcanic eruptions or other causes. Many insurance companies consider any chocks incurred within 72 hours as one earthquake period. Please note that earthquake insurance does not pay for the damages occurred due to erosion, volcanic eruption, land slides, tsunami etc, though this may lead to an earthquake.

Earthquake deductibles: A deductible is that amount which you agree to pay for even before your insurance company kicks in. Here, the earthquake insurance deductible is that percentage of amount of coverage but not the loss. In South Carolina, most home insurance companies sell the coverage with about 10 to 15 % of deductible. Higher the deductible lesser will be your premium rate and can also obtain you discounts on your policy.

Consequences of Car Accident – Calm is The Word

To Face The ConsequencesMost of the car accidents occurring everyday in Ohio are fatal. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 1,238 crashes which were labeled as fatal on roads of Ohio. 1,277 and more deaths occurred due to car accidents all across the Ohio state, out of which 54% were passengers in vehicles, other 23% were driven by light moving trucks or heavy vehicles. Ohio is ranked fourth worst in the nation for having the most deer related auto accidents.
Ohio state paid out more than $11 billion for the injuries and damages. Driving under intoxication seemed to be certainly a major problem in many drivers nearly 4 out of 10 or even more auto accidents occurred. Speed being an another factor of all the fatalities nearly 20 percent, costing around $1 million for the state.

Ohio’s Minimum Requirements and Rules

As every state, Ohio requires all its citizens who drive a car to carry a car insurance policy with minimum liability coverage. State mandates a minimum of $25,000 to cover all persons personal injury involved in the car accident, it is subject to limit of $12,500 for any individual and for property damage a limit of $7,500. Ohio rule says, if the driver is responsible for 50% and even more for an accident then that driver is not liable to recover for the damages from the other driver. Else, the victim will receive compensation as per their portion of responsibility.

After The Crash

Never loose your calm. Check for injuries and call the ambulance immediately when in doubt. If the accident is minor then move cars to safe place to avoid traffic. Turn on vehicle’s hazard lights to intimate other drivers, you can also use warning triangles, cones or flares. Do call the cops, no matter the accident is minor or major. Make sure not to leave the accident spot until the police files a complete report.

Do remember to collect details such as names, their correct address and contact numbers of the driver and other members involved in the car accident. Also get the description of car, license plate number, car insurance company and vehicle identification number of the other party car. Call your insurance agent immediately along with the cop. Sometimes the officer filing a report can give better and accurate information than you to your car insurance company. This will surely save your time later when waiting for your claim process to happen quicker. Nevertheless, car insurance is a savior.

Play Safe With Your Insurance Score

A Perfect BalanceWondering what an insurance score is and how does it impact your Ohio insurance rates? An insurance score is a rating computed and made use by the insurance company to represent the probability of a client filing an insurance claim. It does have an impact on your premium rates based on the insurance company you opt for. Higher the insurance score, lower will be the premium and vice verse. Very few Ohioans manage to hold a perfect insurance score. It is rarely found to have a perfect score, however it is easy to have a good score.

Few Tips – Fetches A Good Score

Here listed are few simple things that can have a drastic effect on your insurance score.

Perfect balance: You need to play smart and have a good financial sense in order to maintain a good gap between your approved limit and actual balance on your credit limit. Try to have enough balance to lower your insurance score. With high credit limit you can improve your scores.

Use of credit cards: A card that is never used would not gain anything but a card that is made use in proper proportion can help you in good credit score. When you use the card make sure to maintain that balance well below the approved limit.

Count the cards: Make sure you hold two cards and not more than that. Having second card says that you are credit worthy and helps in improving your score. If you hold more than two credit cards and other store cards it will hit your premium rates. Just do not sign up for any card which has offer or discounts on it.

Pay bills on time: One right thing to do every time, every month is paying your bills regularly and make no lapse. It has high impact on your credit score which in-turn helps lower your insurance rates. Check for clearance on all your old bills. Even if you fail to pay a $25, in long run it might cost more.

Check for credit score: Keep an eye on your credit score and fix if any errors found immediately. Your insurance company checks and verifies your credit history, claims made and credit score much before they sign a bond with you.

Maintaining insurance score is simple. It is not easy but it is very simple. Make sure not to have any adverse action taken by your insurance company or the government, if found guilty based on the information on your credit reports.

Texas Bodily Injury Liability Frequently Asked Questions

Queries on Bodily Injury Liability ?Texas bodily injury liability coverage can be a confusing topic. If you have recently been involved in an accident, you may have questions about what bodily injury liability involves. After the shock of the crash, your next thoughts may be “How am I going to pay for this?” Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about bodily injury coverage.

What is Texas bodily injury liability?
Basically, this service is included in your car insurance and will cover the medical expenses if you injury someone in an auto accident.

How much auto insurance for liability do I need in Texas?
You will need $25,000 worth of coverage for one person and at least $50,000 per accident.

Do I have to carry bodily injury liability coverage?
Yes. In the state of Texas it is mandatory to carry the minimum amount of insurance if you drive a vehicle on the roadways.

What happens if I am in a car accident and I do not have bodily injury insurance?
The first and second violation will result in a fine. If you have a third offense you will probably be fined and your license will be suspended.

If I have been injured in an accident, how long do I have to file a bodily injury liability claim?
The statute of limitations in the state of Texas states that the time limit to file a claim is 2 years.

If I am in an auto accident and someone in the other car is injured, will my Texas bodily injury liability coverage take care of the expenses?
Yes. Your insurance will pay up to your policy limits for one person or the limit for the entire accident.