Don’t Get Stuck With an Old Car Insurance Rate for a New Car

For A New CarWhether it’s your first car, or one of many over a lifetime, when you get a new car there’s an undeniable rush of excitement. But don’t let excitement turn to haste when agreeing to car insurance rates. Even if it seems like the simplest thing in the world to call your current insurance carrier and just transfer your policy to your new car, it might not get you the best car insurance rate.

Get Quotes for Auto Insurance
Take a bit of time and get quotes for auto insurance from other carriers than your current one. If your new car has better safety equipment and an anti-theft device, you’ll notice it in your car insurance rates. You should also check to make sure all of your personal information is up to date, such as your address and how many miles you drive each week. A move from the center of a city to a small town fifty miles away can lower your car insurance rate, but if you’re driving more miles to work, it will increase.

Compare Car Iinsurance Rates
The easiest and most convenient way to find affordable car insurance rates is with online comparison sites. Online comparison sites allow you to enter your personal information and details about your vehicle, and provide you with quotes for car insurance rates so you can choose the one that works best for you. Comparison auto insurance sites often feature special online discounts that can save you lots of cash, and also allow you to buy the policy of your choice when you select the car insurance rate that’s right for you.

How to Get the Best Deal on Auto Insurance

Remember the Tips AlwaysLifetime procrastinators and last-minute Holiday shoppers alike—take note. When it comes to shopping around for some things, like auto insurance, if you ever want to truly save money on your premiums it’s going to take you a lot more than a mere 15 minutes to do so. Forget what you hear on TV and radio ads. The only true way to save is to compare auto insurance quotes closely. And the key to doing that is by starting far in advance of when you’ll actually need coverage.

Two of the biggest mistakes that drivers make when picking a car insurance policy is going with the first insurer they talk to, and failing to give themselves adequate time to read the fine print of the policy. If all you do is look at the bottom line—your monthly insurance rates—you’ll never really know if what you’re getting is a deal, or the shaft. Remember the following:

  • No auto insurance policy is created equal. The closer you look, the more small differences in coverage you’ll spot. This is where real “meat” lies.
  • If there’s a big difference in price, there’s something missing. Take a closer look.
  • Compare auto insurance quotes no later than 30 to 45 days before your renewal period. This gives you plenty of time to ask questions, explore money saving options, and ensure that the policies you’re looking at truly are comparable.