Getting Old to Get On the Roads?

Getting  Old to get on RoadsDriving all by themselves is a privilege and a mark of independence for Americans. Older parents will not be happy over giving their car keys and rely upon others to commute. Family members may keep them away from driving, fearing an accident or crash but parents often become reluctant with the interference of their children.

Older Drivers on Road

As per the survey conducted by Federal Highway Administration, there will be about 21 million drivers who are licensed yet old in United States. However, old is not defined by age. Drivers of age 60 can also become too old to drive on North Dakota roads. There can be certain physical limitations in every person getting old which makes driving difficult. But few senior citizens will be capable enough to drive even at their 80s and 90s. A survey by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that older drivers have become very cautious with their driving. They are driving more carefully and hence less number of accidents or collisions involving them. Count on fatal accidents have gradually reduced when compared to the earlier survey made.

Warning Signals

As per the National Safety Commission, there are certain signs which can be followed by the loved ones of old people in order to gauge their driving ability:

  • They are having trouble in paying attention to road signs and traffic signals.
  • If getting more tickets for violating traffic rules
  • Driving slow than the traffic flow
  • An increase in number of collisions or small crashes
  • Difficulty in navigation or remembering their destination
  • More number of dents on vehicle

Telling your beloved parent to stop getting behind the wheels all by themselves would be difficult. But you need to discuss their medical conditions with them which is troubling their drive. If convincing them becomes impossible then advice them to take the vehicle during day time and to travel short distances.

Car Insurance for Senior Drivers

Car Insurance for Senior DriversThe moment you own a car your foremost responsibility is to get your car insured. If a law suit is filed against you or in any trouble in an accident case then your Arkansas car insurance helps you financially. If you committed an accident, and whether you are not at fault or at fault you will have to pay for the injured person’s damages. If you want to choose the affordable and the best coverage, choose the right deductibles and discounts.

The most safest drivers while driving on the road are the matured drivers because they are the most experienced drivers. Therefore mature drivers will be offered with a discount when the drivers are aged between 50 to 70.

  • Retired : You will get to know which car insurance company offers you a discount if you select the occupation as retired in the driver page while taking the quote.
  • Choose a safe vehicle : The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists some of the safest cars which the matured drivers can drive. Buying this will reduce your premium and also the injury to you and people who are sitting in your car if you meet with an accident.
  • Low Annual Mileage : You will qualify for the discount if you are traveling less compared to the distance you were traveling while you were working. You will be considered to be less risky drivers as you will not be driving more like the drivers who go for work. When you are taking a quote you will be asked for annual mileage where you will automatically receive discounts if your annual mileage is less.
    Each company has different additional questions to be answered by you to save your money. This will fetch senior drivers many discounts.

Teenage Drivers and Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Teenage driversIt’s the day your teenager’s been waiting for, whether you’re excited or not. The smile says it all: a new driver’s license has been issued to a member of your family. And while your teenager eyes your car keys, all you can think about is what’s going to happen to your car insurance premiums.

Even if your teenager is the most careful kid in the class, statistics don’t lie. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published a report that showed that 16-year-old drivers are involved in accidents six times more often than drivers in the 30 to 59 age group. Knowing all this, it’s clear why insurance companies pump up the premiums for teenage drivers. Before your policy skyrockets 50, or even 200 percent, it’s helpful to know that you can get up-to-date information about adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy.

Nowadays, there are a few trustworthy companies like AgentInsure that can immediately put you in touch with a licensed insurance agent in your area who can inform you about the different insurance policies and provide you with the best advice for your family. You can ask your insurance agent whether it’s better to add your teenager to your policy, or apply for a new one. In addition, your agent can also tell you about other money saving opportunities, such as enrolling your teenager in a certified driver education course. Most importantly, set the example and always take an interest in your teenager’s driving habits.