Questions related to loss history

Related to Loss HistoryOne of the most expensive thing to purchase in any part of United States of America is car insurance. If you want to know any information about insurance when you are planning to buy a car, there are sources like consumer groups, publications, state libraries and insurance department which give information about insurance. First and the foremost thing is you should know about your state requirements, laws and also what your insurance company fetches you and what your insurance company is providing you.

  • Location : As the urban place will be prone to vandalism, traffic, thefts etc and if your car is garaged in such a place then your car will be at risk.
  • Driving History : Your insurer will enquire you about the accidents and violations committed by you or if you have paid for the losses which had happened because usually drivers will have high risk and will be charged with high rates.
  • Gender and Age : Due to the distractions many youths commit accidents. Age and gender becomes one of the prime factor because males commit more accidents than female and people aged from 25-30 are prone to accidents.
  • Prior Insurance Coverage : If you have bad records with the previous company then your car insurance premium will increase. If the customer has paid his premiums on time and maintained proper relation with car insurance then the premium rates will reduce.
  • Make and model Of the vehicle : If your sports car is met with an accident then your premium will increase as the vehicle itself will be costly.
  • Vehicle Usage : Risk factor of a driver will be estimated by the miles he travels. If he drives more then the risk increases no matter if it is being used for pleasure or business.