Is it possible to register a car under a different name?

One of the questions asked often of those who work for the Department of Driver Services or auto insurance agents is: “Is it possible to register a car under a different name?” There could be any number of reasons why someone may want to do this. Perhaps you do not want to actually sell your car, but you want to allow someone else to use it for a period, and they need insurance. Alternatively, perhaps you are the parent of a teenager, and want him or her to have responsibility of the vehicle. Another possibility is that you are separated or divorcing and want to allow a former spouse to use the car. Whatever the reason, the time may come that you wonder if this is something that could be done.

The answer to this question will vary from state to state and situation to situation. It may be possible for you to register the car under one name and someone else to hold the lien on it; however, generally, the title will be under the name of the person registering it. This is something many insurance carriers require, because it is in their best interest for policy holders to have a vested interest in the car they are insuring. It may be possible in cases where there is a parent/child relationship.

The best thing you can do to have this question answered for you is to visit or contact an insurance agent. He or she can look over your particular situation and help you decide what you need to do to achieve the goal you have in mind. It could be that there are options available to you that you have never before considered.

As you can see, this tricky subject can be confusing even for those who understand titles and insurance. Before attempting any sort of registration, title or insurance switch, it is important you know the facts in your state. Learning more about the facts will help you make a smart decision—whether or not you can register the car under a different name.

Smart Couples Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Smart Choice and Smart DecisionMany couples that have just tied the knot or moved in together don’t realize that if they compare car insurance quotes, they can save lots of cash on their monthly expenses. Of course, starting a new life together usually involves a new home and perhaps even starting a family, so what could be better when faced with a lot of additional expenses than knowing that simply comparing a couple of auto insurance quotes can save you cash?

For Maximum Convenience, Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online
Comparing auto insurance quotes can save you time and money. With online comparison sites providing you with a number of different quotes in a matter of minutes, as well as the best real-time rates available, there’s really no better way to compare car insurance quotes. When comparing auto insurance, remember to look at things like how much coverage is offered, whether there’s reimbursement for time lost at work due to an accident, whether your family’s covered in the event of a collision, and how including your spouse on your insurance policy will affect your rates. It’s also good to know that most insurance carriers automatically lower your rates once you’re married, so even if you’re not looking for a new policy, simply updating it can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

If you’ve recently tied the knot, do the smart thing and compare car insurance quotes. That way, you can be sure to get the coverage you need to ensure your and your family’s protection while paying the lowest possible rates.

Compare Auto Insurance Online to Get the Best Deal

Get Best Deals PossibleWhether you’re looking for insurance for your new car, or you’re already insured but want to see if you can find a similar policy with better rates, why not compare auto insurance online? Instead of requesting quotes from each individual insurance carrier, you can request multiple quotes at once when you compare auto insurance online. All you have to do is fill out your information in the online form and you’ll receive instant quotes from a number of top insurance carriers in the nation. Of course, you get the opportunity to fill out what types of coverage you want, how many cars and drivers you want to insure, and what amount deductible you’d like.

How to compare auto insurance
Once you’ve received all of your quotes, just set some time aside to compare auto quotes to see what kind of coverage each insurance carrier offers and what the rates are. You receive all of the different quotes by email, so you can take your time reading them and seeing what each insurance carrier offers. If you’re interested in the details of a particular quote or you have any questions, you can call the insurance carrier for more information about their policies. When you’ve selected the quote you like best and want to purchase car insurance, you can simply click on the link in the quotes or contact the insurance carrier of your choice.

Compare Auto and Home Insurance Online to Shut the Door on Scams

No Door for Scam!Consumers who compare auto and home insurance online not only get multiple quotes from major insurance carriers, they also effectively avoid the risk of being duped by door-to-door scams. It’s the oldest trick in the book: salespeople who come to your door and try to convince you that with their insurance quotes, home, auto and life insurance policies are affordable and offer all the coverage you could ever need. But after you’ve bought a policy from a shady dealer like this, more often than not, you’ll face an exorbitant rate hike after the first month, or worse: when you file a claim, it turns out the company doesn’t exist at all!

Safety First when You Compare Auto and Home Insurance Online
If you’re shopping for auto and home insurance, avoid the scammers by comparing policies online. It’s both easy and convenient to request free quotes through a reputable comparison website such as AgentInsure, and you’re never locked into any quote until you sign the paperwork with the insurance company of your choice. In addition, an industry leader like AgentInsure takes stringent precautions to treat your information with care and protect it from unauthorized parties. So how can you compare auto and home insurance online? It’s simple: just go to AgentInsure and fill out the online forms. You’ll instantly receive a number of quotes from major insurance carriers, which you can review at your convenience. AgentInsure also provides you with the contact details of a licensed insurance agent in your area in case you have any questions or prefer purchasing your policy from a real person. Why wait? Protect yourself and your property from scammers and request your free quotes from AgentInsure today!

Ways to Keep Insurance Premiums Low

Keep Your Insurance Premium Low

If you have been with your current insurance provider for a long period of time, then it is possible that you are paying too much for insurance. Whether it is car insurance or home insurance, there are ways to keep your premiums low.

Shop around with other carriers to find out what their rates are like. Insurance carriers are always on the lookout for new policy holders. To get quotes simply call or send in your current coverage’s and have the quoting agent figure out what it will cost each policy term. Just make sure that the coverage’s are the same.

When switching insurance carriers, make sure to ask for a future effective date. Providers will often discount rates if they can issue the policy at least two weeks into the future. Just make sure that there will not be a lapse between policies as this can actually make your rates go up.

Bundle policies together in what is called a multi-policy discount. Most major carriers desire to have all the risks of a household insured by one company so they will offer discounts for bundling policies. The most common is the auto and home discount but don’t forget to ask about multi-policy discounts for boat and motorcycle insurance policies.

If you work for a company that offers benefits to their employees then check to see if they offer auto and home insurance.
Many times they will offer this benefit with the option of payroll deduction which usually saves 10-15% off the premium of most policies.

One discount that is often overlooked is the military discount. Service men and woman simply have to ask for the discount and provide documentation of service to have this discount applied.

Myths vs. Truths of Comparing Auto Insurance Online

Compare Insurance OnlineComparing auto insurance online is the fastest and most efficient way of finding a quote on auto insurance that works for you. However, there are some misconceptions circulating about quotes from online comparison sites, so what follows is a list of myths and truths of comparing auto insurance online.

An online quote on auto insurance is binding. This is a myth. A quote is never binding. An online quote is merely a price indication, however accurate it may be, that insurance carriers provide as a courtesy to potential customers. However, when you buy an insurance policy and sign the agreement, you enter into a legally binding contract that is valid until it expires or is terminated by one of the parties.

A comparison site provides me with quotes from every insurance carrier. Again, this is a myth. Though many good comparison sites offer a comprehensive selection of carriers, there are numerous other insurance carriers out there. It’s always best to select a trustworthy comparison site like AgentInsure that offers quotes from some of the most reputable companies.

Online quotes are instantaneous. This is true. Comparison sites offer you immediate quotes and send them to your email account so you can review them at your leisure.

There’s no agent involved with comparing auto insurance online. This is true. However, reputable sites give you the option of contacting a licensed insurance agent in your area to discuss your insurance needs.

Comparison sites always offer the cheapest rates. Though many comparison sites offer great deals, it’s not a hard fact that they always offer the cheapest rates. Insurance carriers may have occasional specials that are lower, though most of these extremely low rates only apply for a period of six or twelve months, after which they increase substantially.

Smart Couples Compare Auto and Home Insurance Quotes

Compare Auto and Home Insurance QuotesThough it’s usually not the first thing that springs to mind, moving in with your partner can result in lower insurance rates if you do some research and compare auto and home insurance quotes.

Compare Auto and Home Insurance Quotes
When you’re single, you both pay your own insurance, but when you officially move in together, you should compare insurance quotes that offer money saving options like family plans or multiple car discounts. Spend some time discussing exactly how much, as well as what types of coverage you need before you compare auto and home insurance quotes. If you’re both on the same page about your requirements, it becomes much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when you compare auto and home insurance quotes.

The AgentInsure Difference
One of the easiest and fastest ways to compare auto and home insurance is with AgentInsure, one of America’s leading comparison sites. All you have to do is enter your information in the online form and select the companies you’re interested in. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive free quotes that let you compare auto and home insurance at a glance. Remember to compare auto and home insurance quotes you receive with quotes from your current insurance carriers, as you might qualify for discounts for long-term customers. If you have any questions about your quotes, AgentInsure will recommend a qualified insurance agent in your area who can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. With AgentInsure, it’s easy for couples to compare auto and home insurance quotes and save cash on their insurance!

Do I Need Car Insurance with Trailer Coverage?

Trailer Coverage as an add-onWhen we buy car insurance, most of us don’t think about trailer coverage. But when you need a trailer to transport your jet skis to the beach, or simply to move furniture across town, you need to know whether your insurance policy covers your trailer in the event of damages.

Ask When You Buy Car Insurance
If you regularly tow a trailer, either for work or pleasure, you should find out about trailer coverage when you buy car insurance. Ask your car insurance agent whether your trailer is included in your liability coverage, and if it’s not, ask how to get trailer coverage. Insurance carriers that don’t offer trailer coverage in a regular policy may offer it as an add-on, though this might drive up your insurance rates. You’re best advised to compare quotes from a number of carriers to find out which offers the best deal on trailer coverage before you buy car insurance. And remember, for the best coverage, you’ll need more than just liability insurance. Make sure you buy car insurance that offers comprehensive so you’re covered in the event that your trailer is damaged or stolen.

Trailer Coverage for Rentals
If you don’t own a trailer, but rent one every now and then, check your policy when you buy car insurance to see if trailers are covered. Even if they aren’t, most reputable rental companies will give you the option of getting temporary coverage. Either way, make sure you’re sufficiently insured before you tow any trailer off the lot.

Homeowners Quotes for Collectors

Secure ThemSome people collect art, others collect antiques, while some collect sports memorabilia. No matter what you love to collect, if your home is filled with valuable items, it’s going to affect the sum for which your home is insured and your monthly home insurance cost. So when you request homeowners quotes, it’s important to include the value of your collection in your request.

How to Determine the Value of Your Collection
Whether you’re an experienced collector or an amateur, you’ll still need to put a price on your Barry Manilow collection before you request homeowners quotes. If you’re in the habit of keeping all your collectibles documented and their documented value up to date, all you have to do is enter the total in your request for homeowners quotes. However, if you don’t know the realistic value of your possessions, it’s a good idea to get them professionally appraised rather than making a wild guess yourself. When you request homeowners quotes, insurance carriers will determine your collection’s insurance value based on the professional appraiser’s recommendation.

Be Sure You Get the Best Quotes with AgentInsure
Once you know the full value of your collection and have documentation to prove it, AgentInsure can help you get and review homeowners quotes that not only cover the replacement value of your home, but also your collection. Additionally, AgentInsure can help you select homeowners quotes from insurance carriers that are experienced at insuring homes with valuable collections, as well as put you in contact with a knowledgeable and certified insurance agent in your area.

Insuring Historic Homes

Secure it With InsuranceThere’s no doubt about it: historic homes have their own unique character and can be a true joy to live in. But there’s also no doubt that when it comes to insuring historic homes, you’re facing an equally unique challenge.

When you compare homeowners insurance, you’ll see one thing all policies have in common; the home insurance cost covers the replacement value of the home. It’s clear that when a home is two hundred years old, finding the materials and craftsmanship to replace it is both difficult and costly.

Fortunately, you’ll find that when you compare homeowners insurance, more insurance carriers have special policies for historic homes, though the premiums are often high in comparison to regular homeowners insurance. You can compare homeowners insurance quotes to see which will give you the best coverage. But you should also consider that many companies are wary of insuring buildings with antique plumbing and wiring—they are extremely costly to replace.

When you compare homeowners insurance for historic homes, another approach is to ask your insurance agent what the options are for old and historic homes. For immediate advice, you can contact AgentInsure for free quotes so you can compare homeowners insurance. AgentInsure will put you in contact with a qualified agent who can help you compare homeowners insurance and advise you on the best options for your situation.

With AgentInsure, it’s never been easier to compare homeowners insurance and find the policy that will best protect you and your home!