In New York, how long does a ticket stay on my insurance

Auto insurance in New York is a necessity if you plan to drive an automobile. Although we all think we are great drivers, sometimes we get in a hurry on the way home from work or we drive too fast when meeting friends for a night out. If you have ever gotten a speeding ticket, you know what a hassle it is. A ticket will usually stay on your insurance for about three years after you are covicted of a moving violation. If you are hoping to save a little money on insurance, contact your independent agent who may be able to help you find a discount on your coverage.

Comparing quotes for auto insurance is the best way to make sure you are not paying too much money. If you have a few tickets on your record, you should shop around for different insurance in January before recent violations will show up on your abstract. Getting pulled over for a traffic violation does not necessarily mean you are guilty. If you plead not guilty – the ticket will not show up on your insurance plan. Of course, the best way to save money, is to drive carefully in the first place.

Contact your independent insurance agent to begin comparing quotes today. You may be surprised how much money you can save by switching to a new company.