Is Premium quoted by insurance agent/broker final?

When you compare insurance quotes, whether online or in Texas, the agent/broker provides a cost estimate based on available information. The insurance company sets the final premium for car or home insurance.

Online quotes are popular for several reasons. With direct data entry, mistakes are limited. You can experiment with coverage choices like physical damage, that is collision and comprehensive coverage, and deductible levels.

Before you start, be sure to collect the following paperwork: car titles, driver records of all drivers, and any other relevant information like your old policy. It will be easier if you have all the information ready.

A professional agent/broker consistently provides accurate quotes, but they need your help.

  • Accurately report the year, make and model of all autos owned and covered.
  • Accurately report known moving violations and accidents.
  • Report all drivers, and children within two years of driving age.

Okay, so why report detrimental information to your agent?

Your agent/broker tries to match the insurance company that charges lower premiums for your situation. Once the professional sends the policy request, the company will price the insurance according to the results of their research.

The company will obtain driving records, check car registrations, and sometimes check credit reports. With this information, the company may set a new premium. If the information is significantly different than that which was reported, the agent may have inadvertently placed your coverage on a less than optimal pricing track.

Professional agents know the companies they represent. They understand the company pricing strategy and the company appetite for risk.

If you get quotes online, gathering information ahead of time helps the process run smoother. Details like model year may be missed without preparation. Use your agent if you need to understand coverage or help with more complex insurance requests. In any case, provide accurate and complete information. You’ll get a more accurate quote and determine the company that matches your situation best.