Capture The Incident for An Easy Claim

Capture the Incident for Easy ClaimA camera carried in your car would be a perfect evidence to document the case and make your claim process easy and fast. Now that you are aware of what needs to be done when any accident occurs, you will also be curious to know on how an insurance company will assist their clients during their time of need. When it’s related to car accident and insurance claim, make sure it is documented correctly. Let any incident not surprise you as to when it occurred and how? What it resulted in and who were the victims of it? There can be twist in the story.

When Accident Occurs

An accident occurs, be it your fault or the other driver’s, people will be apologetic and seem to be very co-operative at the scene of accident. Do not be amazed when the story changes. For the fact, no one would admit their fault and bare heavy expenses. Though you follow the required steps, be calm and report to the police, you do not want to end up in a mess when filing claims. Be it the cops or the insurance company, they would require evidence in order to support and stand by you.

Carry A Camera

Placing a camera in your car’s glove compartment does benefit you in documentation process. You can take pictures which can help you when the other driver is found guilty. Even if you are liable for an accident, still take pictures in order to document damage severity. Some people do wait for an opportunity and take advantage of a claim. A try to receive much more than what they are bound to get as you are paying. Below are some tips for you to consider:

  • Call the cops and inform your agent or the car insurance company. All your vehicle related documents, insurance and license will be verified.
  • Do not block the roads. Clear your vehicles from lane to avoid traffic.
  • Most importantly, take enough pictures to cover the incident much before you move your vehicle from the spot. Remember, you are capturing the proof here in order to make your claim process effortless.

Full Coverage – The Best Option

Value Your MoneyIf you are having a new car it is better that you should select full coverage auto insurance. There is nothing technically called as full coverage insurance. So it is very important that you understand there no insurance policy which can be so very broadly ambiguous. Just on the other side, one should see for full coverage auto insurance in a compound of both compulsory components of car insurance and also for your benefits.

Mandatory – Liability insurance for Third Party

The liability insurance for third party is the initial part of full coverage auto insurance. It is compulsory by law and auto owners buy this insurance just in case to be on the safer drive and to drive safely in the state. This coverage insurance gives protection to the other party if your the cause for the accident. It is the required minimum insurance coverage for every car owner. Anyways, a lot of auto owners only have this insurance coverage and forget the other factors that are necessary for their own financial gain.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance Coverages

The full insurance coverage includes collision insurance and comprehensive which are the important elements that every car owner should have. It is not mandatory by law, and in future it is surely going to help you, particularly if you have an highly expensive car, and the of that car would be repair extremely costly. With these factors are covered both for natural calamities and disasters and road accidents as well. The collision insurance coverages actually covers for all damages to your car in a road accident. However, your car can also be damaged due to collision with an immobile object like wall or tree.

If there are any road accident you will be eligible to get coverage or compensation from the insurance company, regardless of who is at fault. It is a good option when you want to repair your car and get back to normal.

Floods, cyclones, hurricanes and earthquakes are Natural disasters which will also be a reason for the loss of property. Comprehensive insurance coverage will assure that you would need protection for all such natural disasters. An simple example of unexpected accidents which includes a causing a lot of damage, tree falling over your parked car, repairs of which could be beyond what your limit. Full coverage looks very unlikely, but this insurance will prove profit in the long run.

Expensive Car – Are You The Proud Owner?

Measures to AVoid Car TheftYou might own a fancy car and be a proud owner of it. You might also have owned a car insurance policy in order to secure your priced possession. But, have you taken the precautionary measures to avoid car theft in Texas. Whether you live in urban or higher crime areas, it has an impact on your risk of being a victim of auto theft. Though car theft is covered by the optional “comprehensive” coverage on your auto insurance policy, why be an easy prey?

Statistics say: Every 26.4 seconds a car is stolen in the United States. National Insurance Crime Bureau, reports that 1,192,809 vehicles were stolen. More than 700,000 vehicles are stolen and have not been found. They are assumed to be exported, tricked by owners as stolen, or ripped apart for resale in shops. Texas stands in second position amongst the top 10 states ranked by number of auto thefts.  Only 12.6 percent of thefts were cleared and the thief were arrested.

Stolen Vehicles

Vehicles are stolen for many reasons. Few are stolen and parts are stripped for resale. Other vehicles are stolen and sold by the crooks to another dealer. Vehicles are also stolen for robbery, joyriding, for committing many other offences, to support smuggling of drugs, drug habits, or to commit insurance fraud. Frequently stolen vehicles in Texas are Ford Pickup, GM Pickup, Dodge Pickup, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Chevrolet pickup trucks and many more.

Precautionary Measures

In addition to having an auto insurance there are many other things you can do in order to avoid theft and protect your asset. These safety measures will not only shield your vehicle but also gain discounts on your car insurance policy.

  • Install safety devices such as alarms, window etching, brake locks, steering column collars etc.
  • Do not park your vehicle in dim lit areas and leave the key in the ignition.
  • Check if all the doors and windows are properly closed.
  • Use of tracking devices that warn you and emit signals to help the cops in tracing the vehicle.
  • Use of immobilizers such as kill switchers, starter, fuel disablers, smart keys,  ignition disablers and fuse cut offs.

An Act of Nature – Falling Trees

Be Aware of Falling TreesOne of the common hazard could be faced being an home owner is falling trees, specially during ice or snow storms. Natural calamities such as fires, lightning, windstorms, and even insect corroding causes the branches or trees to fall on your home resulting in property damage. You need to be careful and watch out for trees with trunk hollows or cracks, limbs of trees hanging around, dead trees or with mushrooms on tree bark have high chances of falling and causing extensive damage to your property.

Falling  trees – What’s Covered?

Working of your insurance coverages under such scenarios:

  • You can file a claim on your home insurance policy, if yard or a tree even if rooted in your neighbor’s house fell over damaging your home and other
  • As any home insurance policy covers detached structures such as garage, they are covered when any damage occurs due to tree fall.
  • Please note that, tree rooted in your home if falls on your neighbor’s roof, then he should claim under his own insurance policy and you are not liable for it.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays when your car is damaged due to a tree fall, natural disasters, theft, vandalism or collision with animals.
  • Your deductible can be reimbursed If your neighbor’s tree caused damage and he goes after his insurer.
  • The standard insurance policy replaces shrubs and trees damaged by vandalism, fire, lightning and other perils, but not wind or water.
  • A tree rooted by you falls and does not damage any structures or house but blocks the road or ramp, insurance might pay to help in removing it. Not all insurance companies pay you to have the tree removed unless specified in your policy.

Low Premium of High Deductibles

Lower Your PremiumHave you ever verified over choosing a deductible on your car insurance or home insurance has made any effect on your premiums ? Let deductibles not be overlooked. They do provide a significant premium savings and benefit you over a period of time. Deductible is that amount of money paid by the insured party much before an insurance company’s coverage plan has begun it’s work. More the deductible, lesser will be your premium and vice verse. Deductible is considered in order to lower any insurance company’s risk level and intact legislate insurance policy holder’s premium. Common denominations for deductibles include $50, $100, $500, $750, $1,000, and $1,500.

For and Against of Deductibles

Adjusting your deductibles on higher note will show a considerable drop in your annual premium. Another factor certainly militates that the frequency of accidents occurring or claims made is not too high, this favors in paying higher deductible. On the other hand, the premiums you pay are absolutely in reach to maintain the coverage. It makes sense to take a financial risk with your insurance deductible.

Contrarily, If you found to be not secured and well equipped financially then setting a higher deductible can be disastrous when any accident or collision occurs. The savings made by choosing high deductibles over your premiums may be lost and even more. If you fail to pay for your deductibles then you may loose out on your asset until you come up with the money.

A Sound Decision

It is important that you review the deductible options you have chosen on your home or car insurance policies. It’s common for any insurance company to provide minimal discounts on your policies if made no claims, or very few claims. Choosing a higher deductible means you might pay for the smaller claims out of your own pocket, but you also get to keep the claims free discount on your policy. It is always best to have a check on your monthly budget and savings and then opt for a higher deductible. If you are not sound financially, its better to lower your deductible to protect yourself in the future.

Moving and Relocating Made Easy

Keep Your Insurance Agent InformedThere are so many things to think about when moving! Be it just 5 miles away or 500, the thought of just packing and unpacking entire household is definitely not an easy task. You would be surprised to realize that you are moving in and out of city or state many number of times and moving has always been a hard learned lesson. Here are some tips which makes your moving and relocating easy.

Tips for Moving

Keep a record: Make a note of everything you need. It makes your packing easy. Before you pack even a small box, list the content in the box and once packed, label or number the box to identify it. Do not carry unnecessary random things which just adds weight and needs extra storage. Get rid off them or donate to a donation center. Remember, having enough boxes will make your life easier!

Packing: Do not pack heavy weighing things in big boxes, try and avoid. Instead pack pillows, linen stuff in big boxes, to make the carry effortless. Let the small sized boxes carry heavy and fragile items. Keep a box which will be easily accessible by you while on move filled with handy things you will need such as toilet paper, drinking cups, a notepad, spoons or forks etc.

Boxes in Truck: Remember, what goes in first into the truck comes out last when you get there to your  new home. Suggestion would be to place your furniture at last so that when you bring down them, it comes first which occupies the home and makes arranging other items smooth. Always make sure to unpack big things in place first and leave the little details like home decor, artwork and mirrors for very last.

Safeguarding things: Keeping things together on moving will avoid loosing out on items needed. Say, keep bookends with books, light bulbs with lamps, and extension cords with appliances in one box. It is not worth the effort to keep all your valuables such as coins, silverware, other collections, or any antiques along with you. Say, If you are traveling a long distance and there is no room for your valuables in car, it is good to carry all of those items buried deep in the box labeled as pantry or kitchen ware.

Mandate: Of all, make sure you inform your home insurance company regrading relocation. Ask your agent to see if you are being covered while on move, also if you are in need of any additional insurance for the mover. Do not forget to find out if any paperwork is necessary for filing a claim, if loss occurs when on move. List all the important bills to be carried with you.

Moving might not be a funny ride you would have ever experienced, but a well planned relocating can get along long distance making the relocation a bearable process.

Leased Cars – Smart Decision

Did You Make A Smart Decision?Considering the high gain in car prices and the shine in the status of the economy today, so more people have begin to think leasing a car instead of buying a new car. Inspite of the lucrative good deals offers by car dealers to the customers, the sum of leased cars is on a boost due to its intact benefits. Auto dealers gets leasing as financially attractive, and also fits tremendous change in lifestyle. The choice is very personal. Arranging for a good lease insurance out of your vehicle insurance representative is extremely important. On the other hand, common leasing insurance does not take care of all sorts of things. You will find there’s difference regarding the worth of your leased car and the sum you’ve spent on the car.

Leased Cars – GAP Insurance

The auto leasing company may also require Guaranteed Auto Protection or “GAP insurance” as it is commonly called. In case of leasing, the cost of gap insurance is generally included in the lease payment since the auto dealers generally buy a master policy from an insurance company to cover all their leased cars. The insurance company pays on the basis of the car’s actual value while taking the depreciation into account. The difference between them is known as the ‘gap’. However, there is no obligation on your part to agree to have GAP insurance included in your lease agreement.

Collision Coverage and Comprehensive – Protects Your Leased Car

The auto leasing company would want you to have both collision coverage and comprehensive. In instance of tree falling, theft, vandalism, fire or of any damages this comprehensive coverage will save your leased car.

In the case of any car accident this collision coverage will save your car in lease. If you clash with stationary object or a another vehicle, your coverage as collision will save your car. The deductible go together with collision coverage and comprehensive. The deductible is the sum that you need to pay out of your pocket before your insurance company starts to charges in.

Headlights – Eyes of The Car

Tips for Safe Driving - All SeasonsA headlamp fixed usually at the front end of the car is a headlight. Headlights does have a crucial role while driving car as it provides the facility of smooth and perfect drive even at night times. It will lit bright light to illuminate the road allowing driver catch a glimpse of everything on road. A survey by highway administration in US reports that all major accidents, crashes and fatalities tend to occur at night when it’s dark.

Fog – Have Better Focus

Under extreme weather conditions, your car installed with head lights acts vital, specially when in for or snow. Fog lights are recommended for safe journey. Headlights of shorter wavelength are suitable for every normal weather condition. With fog it is not easy to penetrate, hence red or yellow lights are used usually of longer wavelength than the normal headlights. This will throw a beam intense enough to penetrate the fog making driving easier. If the fog is too much, xenon lights are preferred.

Headlight Maintenance – Lower Insurance Premiums

A driver thinks about headlights only when a car in the opposite direction blinds him with it’s dark lights. Keep them in proper condition to help you view the road in all directions and also helps other drivers to see you preventing accidents and car insurance claims. A burnt or broken headlight will often be recognized by cops to stop the vehicles for fines.

Below are few maintenance tips to keep headlights in good condition:

  • Excessive wear. Headlights do wear out over certain period of time and emits less light. When such faded color or off color is found it has to be repaired or replaced. You can have your car’s headlights checked when getting oil changed.
  • Adjusting lights is another scenario where it gets displaced when angled or fitted poorly. Improper adjustments need to be checked regularly in order to have the headlights focused accurately on the road.
  • Dirt or debris built up within the cover of headlights will also make the vision unclear. It prevents from emitting required light and hence less visible. This is very important especially for large vehicles on highways.

Securing Celebrations at Home

Are You Secured ?It’s always fun to dust off your party shoes and get ready to welcome home your guests for gathering, party or any celebrations. Be it holidays or festive season, you invite people home, serve them delicious food, desserts and drinks. It is always a good idea to make sure you are planning a fun yet safe party to avoid any further potential problems. It is important for any homeowner to take necessary precautions, habit home safety to prevent filing of claims under your homeowners insurance policy.

Tips for Home Safety to Avoid Claims

Decorative Candles: The most common insurance claims made by homeowners are due to fire damage in their home. House decorated with candle light, where candles are one of the easiest ways to start fires.. Be sure to keep open flames away from curtains, decorations or any flammable materials.

Glorious Food: Be any party or celebration, food is always a concern. Make sure, guests are served with hot food and refrigerator has enough room to hold all the food. Let the food not look all spoiled. If any of your guests incur food poisoning, you will be held responsible and will end up paying medical bills.

Loving Pets: Do keep your pets away from guests, no matter how friendly they are. You will not be able to predict when your dog will get furious. Also, make sure to keep the dogs away from food and any such decorated parts of home, just in case if they cause damage to home or any possible fire.

Home Security: Festive season is when thefts and burglars celebrate. Ensure to have a proper reliable security alarm system installed , also a motion sensitive lights in and around your property. Also, check for smoke alarms to prevent, or minimize damage from fire.

Turn The Lights On: When u arrange for a party at night, do lit all the lights. Keep the path leading to front step and your home well-lit. This can prevent any elderly person or kids from being a victim of painful fall. You are just avoiding a liability coverage claim which was all set to happen.

Drinks: A party or celebration is never enjoyed without alcohol and other drinks. Make sure to be a good host and set an end time for the party, not to worry about long drinking hours. Do hire some person to serve drinks and monitor guests. Have an eye on kids and teenagers, keep them away from alcoholic beverages. Do not let anyone drive home if they are found to be drinking all the time. Any accident occurring, you will be liable for it.

Value Your Money – A Financial Review

Always gud to value your money moreWith doldrums in U.S job market, people are trying in every possible way to find better and more creative ways in order to save money. It is found that many Ohioans have completely changed the way they spend and want to live modestly than before. A luxury life, extravaganza holiday and shopping sprees are part of social living. It is essential to cut down on unnecessary buy and expenditures. Here are few tips which can help you save your money when it is necessary.

Door to Savings

Never break your piggy bank: Do not give up on savings. Be it just $10, keep it aside. A small saving today can come as a savior for tomorrow when in need. In fact, you cultivate a habit to save money then it will become easier to save by putting more into it when you find yourself ready for any financial returns.

Surplus shopping: Do not shop aimlessly. Only shop when required and buy what is useful. Many people visit malls to get rid of boredom and with few dollars in pocket will surely end up shopping, just a way to waste cash. It’s always good to make a list of things you want to buy and then enter a shopping mall to restrict your buy. Before you even think of picking a stuff, ask yourself if you really need that.

Pay your bills wisely: Most Ohioans think just writing a check every month for cable, electricity, household utilities and even to pay insurance premiums will do the needful. You need to stop paying lump sum money and look for better options outside in the market. There are many good offers and discounts provided in every sector and by insurance companies. The Internet today makes every rates for Internet, wireless phone service, cable TV and even car and home insurance easily available with just a click. Get those statements out and spend that hour to shop around. With tough competitors in the market, every business be it small scale or large want to survive hence giving out discounts in order to attract customers. Help those dollars find way to your piggy bank.

Look for lower credit interest: There are certain expectations you need to meet in order to obtain a low interest on your credit card. A good credit score, enough and minimal balance, prompt payment every month and a good pay record leads to a good credit score. This can please your credit card company and lower your credit interest rate, retaining dollars in your pocket.