3 Important Conditions to the Multi Car Insurance Discount

Get Those DiscountsYour parents probably always warned you to choose your friends carefully, but you probably never thought that doing so could actually save you money. Well, as it turns out, it can. Case in point: get an instant auto insurance quote online. Then add an additional 10 percent discount, which is the average dollar amount you can save by getting your car on a multi car insurance policy. Makes a big difference, doesn’t it? Here’s how to go about getting that auto insurance price quote discount.

First of all, it’s important to know that if you share a home with other drivers, you’re allowed to bundle your auto insurance policies together into the same plan to save money. You don’t have to be family and you don’t have to be married. You don’t even necessarily have to like one another. If there’s more than one car registered at an address, you can qualify for a discount. But there are a few considerations that harken back to that all-important warning your parents gave you as a child to pick your friends or in this case, your room mates carefully.

• If the other person has a lousy driving record, it may save them money to bundle their car insurance policy with yours, but it’ll cost you more money.

• A lousy credit score on the other driver’s fault an also negatively impact the deal.

• Throw an overly-expensive car into the mix and you’ve got a bona fide deal killer.

If any of the above ring true, you’ll end up paying more because you’ll be shouldering the burden of your house-mate’s lousy habits or desire for extremely expensive things. In this case, it’s critical to either only pick room mates that have clean driving records and that are responsible and practical, or to go it on your own. To find out exactly how much money you can save by bundling policies, get an instant auto insurance quote online and start weighing your options today.

Getting An Instant Auto Insurance Quote, the Internet Way

Internet - A Easy WayAre you searching for a way to get an instant auto insurance quote without the hassle of calling one insurance provider after another to get the information you need? If so, you may want to use Internet resources to find the information you need to make an accurate comparison of insurance rates.

The Old Way

It use to be that in order to compare auto insurance rates, drivers had to call multiple insurance providers or set up appointments with different insurance agents in order to get auto insurance quotes. There was no such thing as an instant auto insurance quote. This old method of shopping for car insurance could take days or even weeks. Insurance providers make you fill out stacks of paperwork or put you on hold while they search their database for a single rate quote. It isn’t hard to get frustrated and angry over the entire car insurance process.

Not wanting to deal with all of the hassle, many car insurance buyers decide to settle with one insurance provider before making a comparison. Decisions made in haste can be costly or place the car insurance buyer in a contract that is not easy to get out of if they decide they are unhappy with their insurance provider’s services. It is never smart to purchase auto insurance without making a comparison of multiple insurance providers.

The Internet Way

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, so many things have been made faster and easier than ever before. One thing that has been made easier is shopping for auto insurance. By using websites dedicated to providing an instant auto insurance quote, drivers can eliminate the hassle and frustration they use to experience with the old methods of shopping for insurance. Internet resources help to provide insurance rate quotes quickly. Some websites even make it possible for drivers to receive more than one auto insurance quote at a time. With just a few simple mouse clicks, an instant auto insurance quote is sent to the insurance buyer via email. Shopping for car insurance online takes as little as ten minutes.

When using a website to look for an instant auto insurance quote, you’ll first be asked a series of questions about your car, where you live and your driving history. All of this information is used in order to provide a rate quote that is personalized to your insurance needs. Remember to only provide this information to secure, trustworthy websites. Once you have filled out the short questionnaire, you will be asked about what type of insurance you would like to include in your rate quote. By adding more coverage, your cost of insurance can go up. It’s a good idea to have done a little bit of research before hand in order to know what type of insurance you will need. After submitting your insurance coverage options, the website will begin searching for and instant auto insurance quote within your specifications. Use the information provided by the website to purchase your auto insurance policy.