What are the advantages of using an independent agent for setting up commercial insurance for my business?

As a business owner, your list of insurance needs may seem like a mile long. It can be tempting to purchase your commercial insurance policies from the insurance company you have always done business with to save time on shopping around. But you could be throwing away thousands of dollars a year. Businesses always benefit from the services of an independent agent, who works for the client rather than the insurer.

Why Choose an Independent Agent for Your Commercial Policy?

Independent insurance agents can provide quotes from several of your state’s leading commercial insurance providers. These are the same policies available directly from insurance companies — only provided alongside multiple policies for easy comparison. Put simply, access to several insurers means you get quality coverage without sacrificing affordability every time you renew.

Another reason to use an independent agent is for time-saving purposes. You could go online or visit several insurance companies to shop and compare your own rates. But a thorough comparison could take several days, not to mention hours of sales pitches and follow-up contact. By using an independent agent, you can roll all of your comparison shopping into a single search that your agent completes on your behalf.

Finally, an independent commercial insurance agent will be available to support you long after you purchase your commercial policy. Often, dealing directly with insurance companies can be an impersonal process. You may find that you appreciate having a go-to representative who can answer questions and look out for your best interests.

For more information about commercial insurance coverage in your state, contact our office today. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, we will walk you through the process of securing commercial coverage as quickly and affordably as possible. Call us for your free quotes. We’ll be happy to help you find the policy that best fits your business’s ever-changing needs.

Comparing Home and Auto Insurance Quotes Online in My State

Insurance requirements vary from state to state, so it’s important to compare quotes online for the fastest, most effective way to determine the best value for your needs. It’s especially important to always specify your state and city when filling out a quote request online simply because this factor tends to be the most determinate of the resulting rate. This is because the quotes are largely dependent on the auto accident reports for that area in addition to burglaries and general damages to both vehicles and homes. Logically, it only makes sense to include these factors in the quote generating process.

One possible route you can take to compare insurance quotes online is by going to each of the major and local insurance carriers in your area and inquiring the quote right from their official websites. Although this process is certainly effective, it can be pretty tedious and time consuming. Another negative of this route is that the quotes may not be entirely accurate considering that the companies have an ulterior motive of making the insurance packages as appealing as possible to solidify a sale. Fortunately, there are other online alternatives to help compare insurance quotes.

Perhaps the most convenient alternative is to find the website of an independent agent in your state and compare quotes there. Many online independent insurance agents offer helpful tools that generate quotes form all of the insurance companies in your state, which allows you to compare them side by side to more accurately determine the best value. An additional plus of getting quotes from an independent insurance agent is that they don’t have an ulterior motive and are interested only in finding the best value for your unique situation. Comparing quotes online is easier than ever in the digital age we live in, and it allows buyers to be more well-informed and resourceful with the plans available in their state.

How to Compare California Auto Insurance

Check for Different Auto Insurance CompaniesComparing California auto insurance companies to determine which one is best suited to your needs requires a little bit of time and research. Each insurance company has their own methods for determining the premiums they charge. They may assess risk differently based upon a driver’s profile and then charge a premium that reflects that given risk.

When shopping for California car insurance, it is important to get several different quotes in order to get a good idea of the approximate range that insurance companies will charge to insure you and your car. Insurance companies look at many factors, such as the age of the driver, sex of the driver, type of vehicle, number of miles driven each year and the driving record. Some companies might penalize young male drivers under 25 or they might charge extra high premiums for a poor driving record. Other California auto insurance companies may be a little more lenient and forgive a minor traffic infraction or not look harshly on where you may happen to live.

While shopping for California auto insurance, you should also investigate potential insurance companies for how well they handle claims. If you should happen to have an accident or need to file a claim, you will want a company that handles claims quickly and fairly.

If you do not particularly enjoy doing all the necessary legwork of comparing California auto insurance companies, you might do well to visit an Independent Insurance broker that represents a number of different California auto insurance companies. While they do have an interest in each company they represent, most legitimate Independent Insurance agents will get you the best deal possible and not oversell you with a policy you do not need. They are much more interested in keeping you as a loyal customer than gouging you once only to have you go elsewhere next year.

Captive or Independent Agent – Note The Difference

Independent Or Captive - You Get to ChooseFor residents of Ohio owning an insurance policy is a must. However, you will be perplexed by the decision on whom to approach and how to avail an insurance that best suits your requirements. There are two types of insurance agents who will make your search easy, an independent agent and a captive insurance agent. A brief knowledge on how these agents work will help you decide on whom to approach.

Differentiating The Agents

Captive agents are insurance agents employed by one company and they will insure their clients only with that company. They are bounded by an agreement by that company to work for them. These companies are usually very large providing wide variety of insurance policies, services and products. The agents will be employed by the companies. Some fresh agents prefer to start as a captive agent as they will be promised with fixed wages and enjoy other benefits. Some companies do provide their leads to kick start their business as independent agents. When you ask for a quote from this agent, he will help you with rates of that company. A captive agent has an added benefit to choose multiple lines of insurance in same company.

Independent insurance agents does not work for one specific company, but rather for multiple companies at same time. With an independent agent the customer can also enjoy the experience of ‘shopping around’. He will have contacts with most of the insurance companies of Ohio and is authorized to sell their products and obtain the customer a best deal possible. Independent agent will be paid commissions by the company for which he will provide the lead. Here the agents get to operate in one line such as either home or car or life. An independent agents has to take up the responsibility on his own to start a new business and bear all the expenses of successfully running his office. Independent agents have more flexibility in finding lower insurance rates.

Opting for The Best

When shopping for insurance, it’s always a good idea to contact both captive and independent agents to get the best price comparisons. Every Ohioan’s need and requirement is different. Based on your home location, occupation, annual income, miles driven, car model and many other accessories your car insurance and home insurance policy rates vary. Here, be the success of any agent depends on his capability to sell a policy. It depends on you as an individual to grow networks, utilize your time, maintain a good relation with the  agents and obtain an insurance policy that fits your budget.