Better or Worse – Marriage has Car Insurance Implications

Fetch Benefits on Your Car InsuranceGetting into a domestic partnership means combining two separate lives. Along with combining each others families, home and finances you can also join your car insurance policies. You can save lot of money on your car insurance premium.

Many of the insurance companies give discounts for married couples. Insurance companies judge that you will be less risky and more reliable after marriage. Men who are single will be charged with high premium because usually they will be riskier drivers. According to the statistics, it is seen that single men less than 25 years are the most risky drivers with lot of violations and accidents. Statistics also show that once they are married accidents and violations are reduced and also their premiums.

Benefited By Marriage

Though married couples may not be eligible for automatic discount from the insurance company, they can reduce their premiums in many other ways. As they share their cars and home together after marriage they share their car garage too, hence they can be eligible for multi-vehicle discount. Married couples share apartment and home along with the cars. By insuring their home and their car with the same insurance company they will be eligible for multi-line discount also. There are also complications by combining the car insurance policy. When they share the car insurance policy, their driving records will also affect their premium.

It could harm your premiums if your spouse is having a poor driving record. You can opt for named driver exclusion which states that your wife will not be covered under the policy when she is driving the husbands car. This would bring your insurance premium low. But while driving the car if your spouse crashes your car then you will have to pay for the damage. You will have to increase your medical coverages if the children are also transporting in future.