What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Independent Agent to Purchase an Insurance Policy?

Using an independent agent to purchase any insurance policy is a good idea. An independent agent is an individual or a company that works with various insurance companies. Rather than representing just one provider, this agent works with numerous organizations. From the prospective of the customer, this is a very good thing. It provides a wide range of benefits to you.

Comparative Quotes Are Easy

The key benefit of working with this type of agent when you need to purchase a policy is that he or she works for you, not for the insurance company. This means he or she will help you to get quotes from numerous companies so you can easily compare them. You can get a quote from three, four, or even more national and local insurance companies all within the same amount of time. Even better, you do not have to deal with pushy sales agents. Your independent agent handles that for you.

Policy Right for You

The benefits of using an independent agent to buy insurance also include the fact that you can get all types of insurance you need at one time. This may include:

  • Homeowner’s insurance policies including add-ons
  • Auto insurance policies
  • Business property insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Renter’s insurance

If there is any other type of insurance that you need, your independent agent will help you to find it. Then, the agent will work with you to find discounts you may qualify for including bundle discounts. This means you end up paying far less for the coverage you need.

Why Local Matters Too

Hiring a local independent agent is even better. This allows you the ability to have someone on your side all the time. If you need to file a claim, you know whom to call. You can expect your agent to arrive at your home quickly. You know his or her first name and feel comfortable discussing your situation. Instead of working with a big name company, you get individualized attention.

Instead of working with the no-name person on the phone or the company website for a non-local provider, work with your local independent agent. He or she will ensure you get the best policy for you no matter which company you want to work with to get insurance protection. You can purchase with the confidence you need.

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is a type of automobile insurance policy you can buy that will “forgive” your first accident and not surcharge your policy premium.   Many insurance companies are advertising this type of automobile insurance policy as a great way to not get caught in the financial pinch of having your automobile insurance premiums increase over your first accident, or your first accident in a long time. The idea is that you are not charged additional premium, or a surcharge, for the accident.  The drawback is the fact that the insurance policy cost up to 50% more than a policy without the feature known as accident forgiveness.

So do you choose to pay more now, and for the next five years?  Or do you take your chances, save money on automobile insurance premiums now and gamble to see if you have an accident?

Some of us are very safe drivers, never had an accident in all our driving years.  Maybe you would like the luxury to know if that first accident happens that you are not going to have to pay higher automobile insurance premiums for it.

Things to know about accident forgiveness:

  • This policy will not keep tickets, accidents or claims off your driving record.
  • The policy is not transferable, so if you choose to switch automobile insurance companies, you will have to start over with a new policy, and new premiums.
  • The premiums for accident forgiveness are higher than the lowest pricing tiers insurance companies offer.
  • If you often shop for your insurance, or if you have tickets and/or accidents on your driving record, this is not the best policy for you.

Keep in mind most insurance companies now surcharge you for all claims, whether they are your fault or not and whether they are non-collision claims such as vandalism and hail.  Accident forgiveness will keep your first claim off your policy, but if there is a 2nd claim or a 3rd claim, your policy will be surcharged.   And since the accident forgiveness policy cost quite a bit more than insurance policies without accident forgiveness, those surcharges will be significant.  Or the insurance company may have to take you off the accident forgiveness policy all together, and place you on another type of policy at which point the first accident is not forgiven, and now you are being charged for 2 or 3 accidents.   General, one accident surcharge is not so bad, add another and you will see a much bigger increase, make it 3 accidents, and your policy will be surcharged tremendously.

If you still have more questions, go to AgentInsure.com and search for a licensed independent agent in your area that will answer your questions.

How Much Insurance Should You Carry on Your Clunker?

Clunkers and It's ValueIf you drive a clunker, you’ve probably had people tell you that you could save a huge chunk of cash by dropping everything but liability insurance. The savings you could rack up are self-evident—to get an idea of exactly how much you could save, compare vehicle insurance premiums online sometime. But is relying solely on liability insurance such a smart idea?

Not a lot of people like to imagine life without collision or comprehensive insurance. If you carry both, you’re essentially covering yourself for any damage that occurs to your vehicle in an accident, or if your car falls victim to other hazards outside of the realm of a collision—like if someone steals your car, guts it, and leaves it for dead in a ditch somewhere.

The thing is, if you’re driving a heap that’s only worth a few hundred bucks, you could be throwing money away by paying for collision and comprehensive—both of which, combined, account for about half of your entire car insurance monthly payment.

Ultimately, the decision depends entirely upon your circumstance. If you’re upside down in your car, it’s never a good idea to expose yourself to financial ruin by not insuring it adequately. However, if the car is paid off and isn’t worth insuring, you could save a significant amount of money every month by scaling back to the bare minimum that law requires you to have, like liability, which will pay for any damages you cause to other vehicles.

Combining Auto Insurance Isn’t Always the Best Alternative for Married Couples

Combining Insurance ?Few people find anything romantic in the idea of combining auto insurance policies, but being able to do so is one of the perks of getting married. Just don’t let anyone accuse you of lacking in the romance department just because you’re as excited about saving money as you are about tying the knot. The amount of money you stand to save when you and your spouse buy auto insurance as a married couple can be significant. Still, there are some scenarios where combining policies could be a bad idea.

One of those scenarios is if your “better half” has a lousy driving record. Forget about your stellar, unblemished driving record. The fact is, if your spouse is paying through the nose for his or her car insurance because of a history of accidents or tickets, combining auto insurance policies is going to adversely impact the amount of money you pay for your own coverage. Insurance companies take the view that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and marrying someone with a hideous record could be putting you in line to pay some hefty premiums.

Nobody’s suggesting that you pick your potential life partners based on their driving records. What we are saying, however, is to think long and hard before you decide to combine car insurance policies with someone who leaves a lot to be desired in the “insurable” category. You might find it’s in both of your best interests to live as one, but keep your car insurance policies completely separate.

Reduce Your Cost on Modified Cars

Think Before You Modify Your CarIf your car is modified then it is difficult to find the less expensive and cheap car insurance. Modifying one’s car is not a good idea according to most of the insurance companies. When compared to the original car your modified car will have possible less risk and harms so the car insurance companies will give you low insurance rates. Many changes such as decorating your car with the extra alloy on the wheels are some of the things for which the thieves gets attracted in stealing your car. For these reasons the insurance companies avoid such modification to your car.

Insurance Versus Modified Car

The insurance company will review your car differently, if have changed the bumper of the car or suspension is lowered. Any alterations will always be analyzed or reviewed by the insurance companies. Moreover you have to pay high car insurance rates if major parts of your car is been replaced. In case you change the engine of your car to make your car faster which means that you drive at faster rates. Modify your car only when it is needed then you can try to minimize the cost of your car insurance. You will have to pay high insurance rates if too much changes or alterations in made in the car. To avoid the complications inform your insurer immediately after any modifications.

However, compare and check with the insurance company about the rates on the modified car. Some companies also offer discounts and bonuses for your car insurance. So check for the cheap and affordable car insurance company and ask them to give a free assessment on the modified car. Try to follow the steps like parking the car in a safe place and addition of car alarm and driving safely will avoid you from spending too much. These steps will also help you to become a good driver and help to drive without penalties. Limited use of your car will also reduce your car insurance premium. By understanding and applying certain conditions on them will help you to get more affordable insurance.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes to Save Cash

Opt for The Best Car Quotes and Save CashWhether you’re looking to save money on your current car insurance or need to buy insurance for your first car, it’s always a financially smart idea to compare auto insurance quotes before you purchase a new policy. Research shows that drivers who stay with the same insurance company year after year usually wind up paying hundreds of dollars more than they would if they shopped around regularly for better deals on car insurance.

Easy Car Insurance Quotes
Nowadays, there’s nothing easier than requesting easy car insurance quotes through a reputable insurance comparison site such as AgentInsure, one of the nation’s leaders in the industry. After providing the site with your information by means of a secure online form, you’ll receive a number of quotes that are tailor made based on the information you provided. Comparing auto insurance becomes simple as you have all of the information on one screen, which creates a complete overview of each quote’s terms and premiums. You’ll probably be surprised to see just how much cash you can save when you compare your current rates with other insurance carriers.

Buying New Car Insurance
After you compare auto insurance quotes and find a policy that fits your needs and your budget, you can immediately purchase that policy by clicking on the link in the quote of your choice. However, if you’re already insured, remember to review the cancellation terms on your current insurance to make sure you don’t wind up paying penalties for early cancellation or even being overinsured.

Compare Auto Quotes Before You Buy a New Car

Compare Quotes BeforeThough it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re in the market for a new car, if you take the time to compare auto quotes before you purchase, you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll be spending on car insurance each month. There’s a huge difference in rates for different vehicles and it can be helpful to be aware of this before you commit to buying a car that will cost you too much to insure. For example, if you have a family, you might be considering buying an SUV – but they cost a lot to insure. Depending on where you live, a compact car or a sedan might get you a better deal in the long run.

Comparing insurance rates online
The quickest and easiest way to compare auto quotes is online. All you’ll need is your personal information such as contact details, age, profession, marital status, and driving record, and the make, model and year of the car you’re thinking of buying. Go to a trustworthy insurance comparison site like AgentInsure and fill out the online form. You’ll instantly get a number of free quotes in your mailbox that you can compare at your leisure. If you’re still deciding between two different cars, knowing what kind of a deal you can get on insurance can help you make a smart decision so you can enjoy your new car even more!

Lowering Your Premiums with Security

Lowering Your PremiumsIf there’s any approach that’s infinitely effective at lowering your home insurance rates, it’s tickling the fancy of your insurance agent. But before you get the wrong idea, this isn’t a how-to guide on romancing a low home insurance quote out of your insurer. What we’re talking about here are making the kinds of changes to your home that insurance companies go crazy for, and subsequently give discounts for—like upgrading your home security.

What it Entails
Homeowner quotes can be greatly impacted by the installation of a burglar alarm, but just because you don’t have one in your home doesn’t mean that you don’t already have some security measures in place. Remember the following items, each of which can lower your rates, when discussing home insurance quotes with your agent.

  • Reinforced deadbolt locks on all main doors
  • Barred windows (whether intended as decoration or protection)
  • Fireproof safe for the keeping of valuables
  • Outdoor motion detector lights
  • Fire alarms
  • Secure garage doors
  • A watch dog

Before You Buy
Even with all of this, you might be considering the insurance benefits (and personal safety benefits) of having a burglar alarm installed. But prior to sinking half of your savings into it, first go to your insurer and find out what kind of system will lower your rates the most. After all, you don’t want to wind up spending a lot of money on an alarm system that’s not highly rated by your insurer, and results in you receiving a minimal discount.

How Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save More Than Your Car

Though comparing auto insurance quotes isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, it’s important to understand how being smart about your insurance coverage can be the best move you’ll ever make. Just think about it: In the unfortunate event that you’re involved in an accident, wouldn’t you want the best possible coverage? TSavingshat’s where comparing auto insurance quotes can make all the difference.

Comparing Insurance Can Get You Better Coverage

By comparing auto insurance quotes, you can find out how to get the best possible coverage for the lowest price. For example, you might be considering buying only liability insurance, but after comparing auto insurance quotes you realize that for a small amount more, you can get comprehensive and collision car insurance, too. If you’re involved in an accident, these policies kick in and cover everything from material damages to missed work days – coverage liability insurance doesn’t provide. By comparing auto insurance quotes, you become more aware of the actual costs of car insurance and the costs of being underinsured.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes With AgentInsure

Comparing auto insurance quotes with AgentInsure is quick, easy and completely reliable. Once you’ve filled out all necessary information on the online form and selected the companies you’re interested in, AgentInsure helps you find the right policy for your situation by sending you your free quotes. You can take all the time you need to review them and even call one of AgentInsure’s licensed insurance agents for more information. One thing’s for sure: With AgentInsure, you’ll find the best rates for the best coverage!

The Consequences of Letting Your Home Insurance Coverage Lapse

Do not let the coverage lapseIf you’re considering dropping your homeowners insurance coverage to save money, think again. Doing so is a bad idea on many levels, the least of which could be financial ruin if your home experiences damage beyond your ability to repair it. Although you’re not required to have homeowners insurance by law, your mortgage company requires you to maintain a certain level of coverage in order to stay within the terms of your loan.

What happens if I let my homeowners insurance lapse?
Don’t think that you can quietly let your home insurance coverage lapse by conveniently neglecting to make payment by the designated due date or by the outright cancelation of your policy. Issues this big rarely get ignored. The first thing that’ll happen—after you receive a friendly letter or phone call from your insurance company letting you know that your coverage has been canceled—is that the insurance company will contact your mortgage lender to give them a courtesy “heads up.” Soon thereafter, expect to be contacted by your mortgage lender instructing you to buy home insurance posthaste. If you don’t, they’ll purchase a policy for you and bill you for it with your mortgage payment.

What’s the worst case scenario?
It can get a lot worse than having your mortgage company simply buy insurance coverage for you and slap the premiums (which you can expect to be far more expensive than what you were paying before) onto your monthly mortgage bill. In some cases, the mortgage company could see this as a violation of the terms of your loan and may take legal action against you to recover the full amount of the money loaned.