Driving Tips for Snow and Ice

Driving Tips for Snow and IceHighest car insurance costs are recorded in the state of Louisiana. Being a densely populated state, specially with more drivers in the urban areas more number of accidents takes place. Louisiana is an expensive state with high cost of living hence the medical expenses, car repairs and costs of litigation will also be high.

To drive in winter season it is really very difficult. Follow some of the tips to drive safely when the roads are slippery.

  • See and Be Seen : See to that you brush the ice and snow off your car, so that it is visible while driving the car in traffic. Hot water cannot be used for your windshield. Turn on the defrosters to soften the snow and ice and later, to clear the windshield use plastic scraper.
  • Slow Down : When you are driving the car in normal condition, you should maintain a distance of four seconds between your car and the car ahead of you. When you are driving in winter roads, increase the distance between the car to 8 seconds. This means that you are driving slowly, but driving this way in winter road will keep you safe and secure.
  • Get Unstuck the Right Way : Do not spin your wheels when there is snowfall. You will get into trouble if you spin your vehicles. Try to find out the resistance between the ground and car. Try to clear the snow which is around the wheels and drive the car.
  • Tackle a Skid the Smart Way :Try to follow the below steps when your car skids.
    1. Do not panic.
    2. Do not apply brakes.
    3. Turn the steering in the direction you wish to go.
    4. Wait till the car slows down so that you can regain the control of the car.