How do You Know if a Property You are Looking to Purchase has been Foreclosed on?

Property is cheap these days, with many bargains to be had due to the many home buyers who had sub-prime mortgages but were then unable to pay their monthly payments. If you’re not sure whether or not the home you want to purchase has been foreclosed on, there are several ways in which you can find out.

Typically, the advertisements in newspapers and fliers will note whether or not the home has been foreclosed upon, but sometimes the information is not disclosed publicly. You can go to the agent who is selling the house to inquire about more information. If you can’t get in contact with them, try asking a real estate agent whom you know as they know how to check the public records in order to find that information easily and quickly.

You can also go to your county’s courthouse and check for a Lis Penden which is the Latin term used for a pending law suit, or foreclosure. The information should be in the land records office and information may be available on their website. Information of the foreclosure will also be listed in the local newspaper, so you can go to your library, if that’s easier than a trip to the courthouse, and ask the staff for the easiest way in which you can search their newspaper archives. And since most newspapers put a lot of their information on the web, you might even be able to find it online. You can also see if the home shows up in the short sale listings as a short sale is just one step before a foreclosure.

There are also websites that can inform you whether or not the home you are looking at is in going to be, in the process of or already been foreclosed on. Not all of these sites cover the whole United States, and some charge a fee, so you may have to check a couple of sites in order to get the most complete information.

If you do determine that the house you want to buy is a foreclosure, do make sure to inspect it thoroughly, especially if it’s been vacant for any length of time. If no one’s living in it, there could be damages caused by improper maintenance during that the vacancy. However, if you can get your hands on a good foreclosure, you’re likely getting a great deal!

Home Set for Cold Weather?

Home Set for cold WeatherIf you are planning to set your house once the cold weather starts, then you are too late. Kick start soon so that your house can welcome winter.

  • Roof: Weight of snow and a spot on roof which is fragile enough to handle the weight of snow is next to a disaster. Have a professional visit your home and inspect for any such soft spots on your roof. Also, if any trees hanging or near by the roof, get it trimmed to avoid the fall and its consequences.
  • Heating: On a chilly night you do not want to end up with a furnace not in working condition. A thorough check on your heating system would do better. Clean the heating system often to avoid troubles using it. Check on thermostats is also a must and if required change the filters to make it work better.
  • Fireplace: Best place in your home specially when the winter cold hits hard on you and your family members. But remember, this can be dangerous if not checked and cleaned properly. Keep the chimney cleaned after every use and make sure to not have any inflammable items near to your fire place.
  • Gutters: When slow falls and temperature goes minus, pipes, hoses and even gutters will be a menace. A clogged gutter can cause ice and water to slide into your home eventually into frame work and interior. Cleaning this ice jams can be very expensive and surely a head ache. Hire a professional who can clean the gutters much before the season hits. You can wait for the leaves to wither to avoid cleaning of gutters twice.

Avoiding Burglary at Home

Avoiding Burglary at HomeA home that can be broken easily and quickly is set as a target by the burglars to pick something valuable. Though you cannot afford a secured system, follow some safety tips to keep your possessions safer.

Home Safety :

  • Protecting your home and family from criminal invasion should be high on your list of priorities.
  • Ensure that you trim trees and shrubs so that the burglar cannot easily conceal himself.
  • Keep exterior lights of your home well lit, especially at the doors or in the rear part of the house, where burglars snuggle through to do most of the work.
  • Build rapport with your neighbors. They can help you by eyeing at your home and report to the cop if any suspicious activity takes place at your house when you are away.
  • Prepare an inventory of all your valuables. Ensure to take a picture or a videotape record of any personal belongings which are expensive. If possible, store the listed inventory and your insurance at different location. It will benefit you when both the home insurance company and the police need to identify goods stolen.

What needs to be done if your house is robbed :
If your house is robbed then you need to follow few instructions

  • Call the police immediately and inform them about the robbery.
  • List out the items which are stolen.
  • Your insurance company should be informed.
  • Always keep the insurance policy safe and take it to police station, because it will be very helpful while claiming for the loss. You will receive a check after your insurance company evaluates your total loss.

Dealing with Not Renewing or Canceling Your Insurance

Renewing or CancelingHome insurance is one of the important insurance because it gives you protection. If you are the owner of the house, Connecticut home insurance will protect your house as well as the belongings inside the house. Compare the premiums, coverages in the policy and the conditions in the policy. Take the help of the insurance agent to find out which is the best deal and choose it wisely.

If you have any doubts about Connecticut home insurance or about your policy contact your insurance agent. Many insurance companies evaluate how much premium it might cost you before you purchase Connecticut home insurance. Hence your house needs to be inspected before you buy Connecticut home insurance. You will be insured properly if you have kept photos, receipts and updated policy details throughout the year. At any point of time if you meet with a major damage or disaster then it is important that you have enough insurance to protect you.

Once you have signed the contract with Connecticut home insurance, you cannot cancel or stop paying the coverage after any claim. But the insurance company has the right to cancel your insurance policy in the middle of the contract if you are not paying your payments regularly or if you fake any claims. If you are proved to be felony then your insurance policy can be canceled. You would be having an uninterrupted coverage when the policy is about to end. The insurance company should provide legal reason and notice if they are ending the policy or not renewing the policy.
Buy the correct Connecticut homeowners insurance which is suitable for you. Buy your Connecticut home insurance policy from a reliable company. Get a copy of their license number to get to know whether the company is legitimate or not. You should be satisfied completely that you are committing with a good insurance provider. You will have to answer few questions before you are taking the offer. Make sure you fill the questions promptly and completely so that you get a right quote.

Home Protection: Preventing Fire

Home Protection : Preventing FireIf you insure your home with Arkansas home insurance, you can protect your home against damages caused to the contents in the house as well as the house. As your home is one of the big assets, it has to be protected from damages, like in case of fire, flood or any disaster. If you are planning to buy home insurance, plan before only. Take your time and make a proper decision. Do not take any decision on spot without doing research. Plan what type of insurance you need and how much insurance is required. Like how you shop in market for any consumer product, in the same way you should shop for the home insurance and purchase it finally. Try to put effort in understanding and shopping for insurance policy. Ensure that you compare the prices, the insurance policy coverages and their conditions and about their complaint information. Do a little bit research about the coverage options that is suitable for you. Just do not depend on what others tell you, talk with your agent and take his help to choose the ideal coverage for you. Always find an agent who can spend time to discuss about your needs and to judge what meets your needs the best.

5000 people are being killed every year in U.S because of house fires. If you are thinking that the deaths are because of burns of fire, it is caused because of other toxic gases and inhaling smoke.
Most of the household fires are not because of the mechanical failure of ovens or stoves, but it is through human error only.
You can properly maintain and install smoke detectors to ensure your safety. If the smoke detectors are working in proper condition in your home then you are twice safe in surviving from fire.
You can place a carbon monoxide cylinders or fire extinguishers on every corner of your home in addition to placing a smoke detector on each level of home. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless poisonous gas that can kill people without warning. So be cautious while using them and better have them examined every six months for any leakage.

Underwriting guidelines

  • Underwriting guidelinesThe age of the home: Many people do not insure their house if its more than 25 years old. Complete with pre-inspection check before you are granted with the coverage.
  • The age of the roof, plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. : If your house is old, your home insurance company will not know when you have replaced or upgraded your roofing, plumbing items. Before you are granted with the coverage, inspection is required for all the items. You should produce documented proof to home insurance company to show that the items have been replaced.
  • The location of the home : If your home is located in a very risky area then many of the insurers will not insure. If you are located in a wind pool area, insurers will not cover for wind.
  • The occupancy of the home :
    1. If somebody else other than owner is staying in your place or if the house is vacant, insurers will not insure it.
    2. You need to ask for renters policy if a renter is shopping.
    3. Landlords package policy can be purchased if the owner of the house is shopping and if he is planning to rent the house.
    4. If your house is vacant and the owner is planning to buy the policy, then he can ask the company to write for dwelling policy.
  • Animals on the premises: If your house is located on a farmland with animals many insurers may not insure the house. If you are having many breeds of dogs then the insurer might deny to give the coverage to the owner.
  • Claims experience of the applicant: Claims history will be considered by all insurance companies.
  • Credit history of the applicant: Most insurance companies consider the credit history and depending upon that, your insurance premium will increase or decrease.

Love for Pets in Utah – Expensive or Inexpensive?

Check for Pet InsuranceEveryone would wish to buy a pet, a cute, little creature to cuddle and play with. This can be more of fun on buying but a realization on how expensive or inexpensive a pet can be is purely rational. Just like we humans even pets need to be insured. This fact will be known while buying through a pet shop or until already the pet is at your home and you end up paying heavy bills on visiting a veterinary clinic.

Before any decision is made by you on buying a pet, consider the kind or breed of pet you need and the cost of caring for it in a proper way. A pet needs food, care and attention which is a hard earned responsibility you should be aware of. This is realistic and if you are uncertain about it, then check below to know how costly a pet insurance can be.

Affordable Pets

Pets such as house cats, rodents like guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, birds like parakeets which are not exotic can be affordable as you will have end up paying less or zero money to care for them and may not even need a insurance policy. These pets stay inside the house, hence less prone to accidents or injuries. They will not or at times require a little medical attention. Such small creatures will not cost more and are inexpensive to be looked upon, hardly requiring few couple hundred of dollars giving you fuss free insurance.

Expensive Pets

Some outdoor cats which are found spending most of their time outside, animals like cattle, hedgehogs or horse are expensive and needs more care and attention. Their one time visit to a vet will burn a hole in your pocket. There are huge chances of such animals meeting with accidents or incurring injuries which will cost a heavy fine and hence even insuring such pets will result in high premium rates. Few home insurance policies also include pet insurance, but few companies give you a new policy only to cover your pets.

Finding the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

Opt for The Right Insurance CompanyIf you’ve ever spent weeks chasing down quotes from various homeowners insurance companies in order to find home insurance that’s right for you, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It’s difficult enough determining how much and what types of coverage you need without having to worry about whether the homeowners insurance companies you’re considering are reliable. Fortunately, nowadays there’s an easier way to find house insurance quickly.

Get Quotes Online

AgentInsure is one of the nation’s leading comparison sites, and can help you find the right homeowners insurance for your needs. Because AgentInsure only works with the best homeowners insurance companies out there, you don’t ever have to worry about whether you’ll get good service or whether your claims will be paid out in time. You don’t have to check your insurer’s reputation because AgentInsure’s already done the work for you!

The AgentInsure Difference

While there are numerous insurance comparison websites out there, only a select few, like AgentInsure, can claim to truly offer great rates, dependable policies and top-notch service. These websites work with homeowners insurance companies that have a proven track record of satisfied customers with well-handled claims, which is why you can rely on the selection of quotes you receive to contain at least one that will work for you. Simply go to the website and fill out all necessary information in the online form, and within minutes you’ll receive up to five free quotes, depending on how many you request. You can compare the quotes at your leisure and once you’ve made your choice, you can follow the link in the quote to purchase your policy immediately.

Claiming on Your Contents Insurance

Content Insurance to RescueWith a home insurance, you protect your building, other structures and some contents of your house. Do remember that, your home insurance will not cover every of your valuables and contents of your home. You will need a content insurance to cover the items, valuables and furnishings of your home.

Covering every item which are movable or immovable, starting from electronics to clothing, furniture to kitchen appliances, certainly which is not fixed to the structure of your house becomes necessary. Your building insurance does cover your building but the contents inside needs a content insurance to be covered when ever any damages, natural calamities or any such disaster occurs.

Make an inventory of all the valuables, furniture and other items in your dwelling. List out the cost of it when purchased and it’s current market value. Do not provide wrong estimates to your agents or the insurance company which can put you in high time risk. If possible also take a picture of it and keep a copy with you, having the originals deposited either in safety locker or any of your friends place who are trustworthy. When any destruction occurs and unfortunately causes loss of items or valuables, it is easy to claim with a valid proof and inventory. The claim happens quickly with an ease.

Analyze The Worth

If you find that you are being paid less when claimed, it might be purely your fault. Hence, make a proper evaluation of your property’s worth. Calculate their value based on current market value which replaces your lost item, not higher or lower than what you have exactly paid. Check with your agent as to what your content insurance is covering for you.

Though covering your valuables will increase your premium rates, but the risk of being under-insured or uninsured is high when loss happens. Insuring valuables definitely makes your insurer reluctant over your buy. Reading every detail carefully is very important before you sign on any bond and get clear as to what is covered and what not is covered ? Ensure to have an update on your policy, it’s terms and conditions, specially after buying a new item.

Comparing Home Insurance and Content Insurance

Cover Your Home and It's ContentAre you looking for some extra discounts on your home and it’s contents insurance? By voluntarily raising the excess, it is possible. Where, excess is that amount of money an insured agrees to pay on claims made over his insurance. This option might not be provided by every home insurance company. It differs from one policy to another, however, you can check with your agent much before you buy one. If the insured opts for high excess, then he will be given a higher deduction on his premium rates, thus making it cheaper. This can definitely be a huge cost saving.


Deciding on buying an insurance is much easier than finding a reputable insurance company to deal with your belongings. To ensure that the company you are bonding with is legitimate, check with your state Department of Insurance (DOI) or Financial Services Authority (FSA). These firms regulates the carriers and ensures that the insurance companies follow the business under set regulations, deals reasonably and also delivers good service to it’s customers. If any insurance company you want to buy a policy with is not registered under FSA or DOI, as a customer you will not be owning enough coverages.

Building Versus Content

When you want to buy an insurance to protect your building and it’s content, it is very important to make sure that you are appropriately protected. Few tips you need to remember is to cover your building for the price of entire structure rather than just it’s market value. However, with contents insurance, you can just cover it with today’s market price or it’s replacement price but not the purchase price. In order to obtain a cheap home insurance policy, you will need to do a bit of research and exactly understand what needs to be considered when purchasing new contents for your home.

You as an individual always tend to forget to insure electrical and digital devices of your house. These devices are expensive and hence cost a lot of money to get back. Do not neglect them, rather give a proper protection under your home insurance policy. There are many websites offering you wide variety of discounts and covering in your policy. Every search and reaching the right company for best deal is made easy by just a click. Provide every small detail of your house, make an inventory and opt for a home and it’s content insurance today.