We discovered shoddy work well over a year after we had home renovations done. Does my homeowners policy offer any help to fix the problem?

Home renovation may improve the appearance of a house, but it can also cause problems in the future if the work is not completed accurately. If you discover shoddy work more than a year after the renovations were completed, then the options that may be available in your homeowners insurance policy can vary.

Policy Details

The details of your property policy depend on the coverage that you purchased and the problems that the shoddy work is causing. In the case of renovation work that has become damaged, broken or otherwise causes major problems, it may be possible to make a claim on your current plan.

Repairs are often covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy, but some insurers may have specific details about the situation that must be met before funds are provided to make the appropriate changes to your home.

Clauses and Limitations

Although some insurers may offer solutions and assistance, it is possible that your insurer will not provide coverage for shoddy renovations or work that was completed more than one year ago.

Insurers often have clauses, exceptions and other details within the policy that help identify situations that are covered and situations that are not. In general, the faster you discover the problems with your renovations, the easier it is to repair the problem and make a claim on your policy.

If you are not sure about the details of your current plan, then read the policy thoroughly before you contact your insurer. Pay particular attention to the clauses, exceptions and any other notes that may limit the situations that are covered.

Every insurance policy is different, so shoddy renovations and problems with your house may or may not be covered based on the details of your plan. When you discover that your current policy is not appropriate for your needs, you can compare quotes online to find the best premium and plan for your situation. An independent agency can help you find the best plan for your situation, goals and personal budget.