Comparing Auto Insurance: Lightweights vs. Heavyweights

Buying Car Insurance - Heavy or Light When you compare auto insurance you’re likely to find that the lighter weight your car is, the higher the vehicle insurance rates. Although this seems to fly in the face of reason, the car insurance companies have good logic on their side.

First of all, smaller cars that weigh less can receive a lot more damage if they’re involved in an accident. In addition to this, the fact that they guzzle a lot less gas usually makes smaller cars the most frequently driven, and therefore more frequently exposed to being involved in an accident.

If you drive a big, heavy vehicle like a truck or van, you’ll more than likely be asked to pay lower vehicle insurance rates. But don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t ramp up the level of coverage when you go to compare auto insurance premiums. Remember that if your truck or van is involved in an accident, the necessary maintenance to fix any damages is going to be higher than it will be in a smaller car, so you need to adjust your coverage accordingly.

Keep this in mind if you compare auto insurance premiums online so that you can ensure you get the most accurate quote possible. For the most part, the more accurate the information you provide the more accurate the quote will be. But you should always bear in mind that online car insurance quotes aren’t binding, and they may change once you get an agent on the phone or visit one in person.