Understanding Personal Injury Protection and Health Insurance Coverage

Selecting an insurance policy that is appropriate for personal concerns can be challenging, especially when you are not sure about the details regarding your options. Although personal injury protection and health insurance coverage can seem similar, they are used for very different situations. Comparing your options with the help of an independent agent can make the process of finding a policy that is appropriate for your needs a little easier.

PIP Coverage

Personal injury protection is often associated with auto insurance. It is a type of coverage that will pay for your medical bills, lost wages or related expenses if you get into an accident and are injured in your vehicle. It may also be available for other needs, but every insurance provider is different and the details regarding the policy will vary.

The coverage that is available can apply to you or to a passenger in your vehicle who is injured. Depending on the policy that you are considering, your personal concerns and the laws of the state, the amount of coverage that you must purchase can vary.

Health Coverage

Health insurance coverage is very different from personal injury protection because it focuses on all of your healthcare needs, not just the problems that are related to an accident. It can pay for basic preventative care, emergency care and medically necessary prescriptions or treatments based on your situation and health.

Depending on your family and your goals, the health insurance policy that is best for your goals can vary. The amount of coverage that is available and the amount that you are responsible to pay during an emergency situation will vary between policies and companies.

Finding the Best Options

Protecting your personal health, the health of your family and any passengers who may be in your car is not challenging if you have the right insurance policy. While the amount of coverage that you may need can vary, an agent can assist you with the process of narrowing down your choices by explaining the coverage, answering your questions or giving you details that you need to make a final decision. You can compare your options quickly with the assistance of a professional.

Injuries can happen at different times, so it is important to obtain insurance that provides the protection that you need. Use the online quote form to find a local agent for more details about your coverage options.

I am a weekend warrior and play sports regularly. What options are available for insurance against lost wages if I get injured playing?

If you’re like many active Americans, you relish the opportunity to engage in your favorite sports activity, especially after a hard week at work. Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of a great basketball game, the serene calm that golf has to offer or you like getting hands-on on the gridiron, such recreation has proven to be a great way to mark the end of a busy week in a fun-filled manner.

Nevertheless, you’ll definitely want protection as you pursue these and other sports activities. If you are a regular sports fan and were injured while playing, you may be covered under your current health insurance policy. Of course, such coverage depends on a broad variety of factors, including age and other risk factors. A brief consultation with your independent agent can help shed some light on the details surrounding your coverage.

If your standard insurance does not cover sports injuries for some reason, you may be able to have lost wages and other medical expenses taking care of under a supplemental plan. Again, you may want to talk to your independent agent to discover the details and fine print surrounding this type of insurance and possible compensation.

Don’t forget that most sports injuries are not covered by workers compensation. This type of insurance is usually limited to injuries on the job, unless you sustain an injury during an employer-sponsored sports activity or any other recreation your employer specifically encourages you to do.

While having the right type of coverage is important, it’s also crucial to weigh your options. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local independent agent as soon as possible. They can help you find competitive online quotes on your next health insurance policy and also help you find other types of insurance as well, including auto and home insurance. Check out the online quote tool on this website to learn more.

Do I Need Medical Coverage In My Auto Insurance Policy?

Auto Insurance for RescueThe short answer is “yes”, and here are some reasons why.

Medical coverage in your auto insurance policy means that everyone’s medical expenses—yours as well as anyone else involved in the accident with you—will be paid for. If you do not have medical coverage in your auto policy and another person is injured, you may be responsible for medical expenses, and this can get very expensive very fast.

Remember also that if at any time after the accident, unless a legal agreement has been reached stating that after a specific amount of time you will no longer be responsible for medical expenses, if further treatment is necessary you will have to pay for this, also. This can occur years down the road, at a time when your income may have been lowered due to retirement, job loss, or other reasons.

If you are injured, your health insurance may only pay for a portion of the medical treatment.

If you are injured in an automobile accident and your health insurance does not cover everything, or if you have co-pays or other out-of-pocket payments, you can submit the additional costs to your automobile insurance company if you have medical coverage. This can be very cost-effective, especially if you have a lengthy recovery.

In some cases the health insurance company may ask that your automobile insurance medical coverage pay:

  • For all or part of your medical treatment or, the health insurance company may pay for the treatment, but then recoup a portion of the expenses from your automobile insurance company.
  • In addition, some automobile insurance policies may have coverage in the medical benefits portion that helps with lost income or other issues that arise from injuries in automobile accidents. This may not be available with your health insurance policy, so you would have this to fall back on.