2 Home and Auto Insurance Facts that Might Cause You to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking and Get The BenefitsWe’re not here to preach to you about the health dangers of smoking. And you can rest assured that nobody’s going to pass judgment on whatever vices you have. We do, however, want to pass along a bit of information about how being a smoker just might cost you more than you expected in both home and auto insurance premiums. If you decide you’re still unconvinced, simply compare home insurance prices and car insurance prices, alternating your status as “smoker” with “non-smoker” to see for yourself.

Fact #1: Smokers pay more for home insurance. Statistically, the instance of fires in the homes of smokers is much higher than that of non-smokers, who don’t bring with them the increased danger of smoldering ashtrays and still-lit cigarette butts. It makes sense. And as a result, if you smoke you’re going to be quoted a much higher price for coverage when you compare home insurance prices.

Fact #2: Smokers pay more for auto insurance. While this one seems to make a bit less sense than the increased rates for homeowners coverage, it’s one that’s based purely on stats that show smokers tend to be involved in more car accidents that non-smokers. There are two factors that figure into this. First, smokers are inherently higher risk takers than non-smokers, both in and out of their vehicles. Second, those who smoke cigarettes while driving have an added distraction that can lead to more accidents.

If you’re looking for additional ways to save money on home and auto insurance, quitting smoking just might make a significant impact. Remember to review your insurance policies on a yearly basis, and if you’ve quit smoking in the last year be sure to report that fact to your insurance agent. There might be some discounts awaiting you.