Does comprehensive auto insurance generally cover accidents caused by icy road conditions?

It’s a little complex because ice damages vehicles in several ways. In general, damage to other people’s vehicles as a result of driving in icy conditions is covered by basic auto liability insurance. Other specific issues require special coverage on the policy.

Indirectly, an auto accident due to hazardous conditions dents the at-fault driver’s car as well as the vehicle hit. The driver’s collision insurance reimburses repair costs for their car, and liability insurance pays directly for the body work needed for the other car.

Directly, ice can fall and mar autos too. Comprehensive auto insurance, also known as "other than collision", pays for damages in this scenario.

"Comprehensive" is a term of art for insurers referring to a type of coverage, not an overall policy. It’s important to obtain online quotes from an independent agency to review different policy terms to include the various kinds of auto insurance protection available in your state. Coverage and policy language varies by States.

The best approach to icy or other hazardous conditions is avoidance. Unless necessary, do not drive under hazardous conditions such as ice, snow, or sleet. Park the car under a shelter, garage or carport to avoid direct damage from hail, sleet or falling ice.

Provision your car with blankets, flares, food, sand or kitty litter, salt, and a shovel. Where legal, keep a set of chains in the trunk. Be prepared for the results of bad weather driving. Getting stuck away from home requires keeping warm and fed. Creating traction with sand or kitty litter helps move the vehicle safely. Salt melts the ice, and the shovel can be used to dig the car out of a snowbank. Flares signal help and caution other drivers.

So, yes, proper insurance will pay for damages occurring under icy driving conditions. It is important for your safety to avoid driving in these conditions, prepare for the journey, and contact your independent agency online for descriptions of coverage and price quotes.