How Your Geographic Location Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance RatesIf you’re like most Americans, you spend thousands of dollars each year on auto insurance. No matter how satisfied you are with your insurance carrier, it’s a financially sound idea to periodically compare auto insurance to find out if there’s a better deal out there.

When you compare auto insurance quotes, it’s important to realize that there are a number of factors that influence insurance rates. Geographic location is one of them.

  • Traffic. The amount of traffic in your area can greatly affect your insurance rates, because an area that’s often congested with traffic has a relatively high accident rate.
  • State. Besides that, the state you live in plays a key role. If you compare auto insurance rates in Washington or New York with those in Idaho or Maine, you’ll see the first are much higher.
  • Neighborhood. When you compare auto insurance, you’ll also see that the neighborhood you live in determines a large part of your insurance rates. If you live in an inner city neighborhood with high crime rates, you’ll be paying much more than if you live in a quiet suburb with low crime rates. Additionally, the distance you live from a police station can affect your car insurance rates, as well as whether you store your car in a garage or park it on the street.

When you compare auto insurance, you’ll see your geographic location reflected in your quotes. Consulting with a professional car insurance agent makes it easier to compare auto insurance quotes and can help you get the best deal. Contact AgentInsure today to request your free quotes!