Ways to Protect your Car Without a Garage

Extreme weather conditions like heavy winds, rain, hail, and snow can all cause significant damage to your vehicle when it isn’t protected with a garage. However, the following tips will help you offer your car the best protection available when you don’t have access to a garage.

Car Cover

One of the top ways to protect your vehicle without a garage is by getting a car cover or tarp. Car covers can either be custom-made for your specific car make and model or a they can be tarp-style cover that is simply a large piece of plastic to cover your vehicle. Either way, car covers will protect your vehicle from the elements, including rain, snow, and sleet. The paint, glass, and other elements of your vehicle’s exterior gets adequate protection with a car cover and it is relatively inexpensive.

Car Port

Where you park your automobile or truck also makes a big impact on itsprotection. When you’re not at home and have a choice between parking on the street or parking in a carport, choose the carport. This will protect your vehicle from harsh weather and winds that can cause damage. If you need to park outdoors, be sure to avoid parking underneath trees where sap can drip down and destroy your paint job. To avoid theft of your car and its contents, park in a well-lit areas. It’s also possible to purchase a steel carport when you don’t have a garage. These carports allow you to protect your vehicle in the winter months when harsh weather like snow and hail is prevalent.

Security Alarm

You also need to protect your vehicle from potential theft and vandalism. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a security alarm on your vehicle. It will deter thieves when they find out you have an alarm, which is often seen by a blinking red light in your dashboard. If a would-be thief attempts to steal your car, the alarm will sound, causing the perpetrator to abandon his mission to steal your vehicle.

Regular Wash and Wax

Another way of protecting your car’s paint job is by taking good care of your car’s exterior. Getting your car washed and waxed on a regular basis does more than improve its appearance. It also keeps dirt, grime, and foreign materials from sticking to the vehicle. A regular wax job provides a smooth surface where many things slide right off of it.

Steering Wheel Lock

If protecting your vehicle from theft is of high important when you don’t have a garage to park in, having additional security protection like a steering wheel lock is a great option. A steering wheel lock will literally lock your steering wheel in case someone breaks into your car and attempts to steal it. If a thief managed to get your car started, he won’t be able to drive it away because the steering wheel locks.

GPS Tracking Device

Lastly, you should consider installing a GPS tracking device on your vehicle. A GPS tracking device offers the ability to track the location of your car remotely, and in real time. If your other security measures were surpassed by a car thief, you can still track down its whereabouts — and with the help of local law enforcement, get your vehicle back.

Protecting your vehicle with proper car insurance is essential, but you should also take further steps to offering it the best protection available. Not only for protection from the elements, which can destroy and damage the exterior of your vehicle, but also to prevent theft when you don’t have access to a garage.

Lowering Your Home Insurance Premiums through Improved Security

Lower Your Insurance PremiumOne of the things you’ll learn when you go to compare home insurance quotes is that houses that have alarm systems typically pay far less for coverage than houses that don’t. The reasons why are easy to understand. A home that’ll send up flashing lights and screaming bells and make automatic calls of distress to the police is a lot less likely to get burglarized than one that’ll sit silently as it’s being violated.

But not just any old alarm system will do the trick of lowering your monthly fees, as you’ll likely find out when doing an insurance rate comparison online. And there are other things you can do in addition to installing a burglar alarm that will lower your insurance rates.

• Spring for a home security system from a trusted, brand name company.

• Ensure that every single entry point in your home is alarmed, including your garage door. Extending your security system to your garage may also play a factor in lowering your car insurance premiums.

• Replace all of the locks on doors and windows throughout your home, and don’t skimp on cost. The more money you spend on high quality, unbreakable door and window locks, the lower the rate you’ll see reflected when you compare home insurance quotes.

• Talk to the insurance company to ask if they have any preferred security providers. You might discover some additional savings if you go with a home security company that’s endorsed by the home insurance provider of your choice.

Home security’s no place to mess around. If you’re concerned about the safety and well-being of your family and your stuff (as all smart people should be) you’ll consider all anti-theft measures, regardless of how they impact your home insurance premiums.

Car Vandalism or Home Burglary – Get Insured First

Secure with Home Insurance FirstWith the impulsive crime news of May 26,2011- “A man aged 20 years was sentenced in prison for nearly three decades for breaking into a home and ransacking the home by tying up the couple’s.” Ohio’s watch on home safety becomes tough with every such incident. According to a universal survey, unlocked cars and homes are major victims of break-in’s. There are several incidents where perpetrators break through the main doors of even garage to reach unlocked vehicles.

Avoiding Burglary of Home and Vehicle Break-in’s

A home that can be broken easily and quickly is set as a target by the burglars to pick something valuable and they will not be easily detected. Though you cannot afford a secured system, an act of safety tips taken keeps your possessions safer.

Home Safety

Protecting your home and family from criminal invasion should be high on your list of priorities.

  • Ensure trimming of all trees and shrubs so that the burglar cannot easily conceal himself.
  • Keep exterior lights of your home well lit especially at the doors or in rear part of the house, where burglars snuggle through to do most of the work.
  • Build rapport with your neighbors. They can help you by eying at your home and report if any suspicious activity around to the cops on request when you are away from home.
  • Prepare an inventory of all your valuables. Enure to take a picture or a videotape record of any personal belongings which are expensive. If possible, store the listed inventory and your insurance at different location. It will benefit you when both the insurance company and the police need to identify goods stolen.

Vehicle Security

Some simple steps taken can greatly reduce the risk and avoid break-in’s, which purely means you get that peace of mind.

  • Park your vehicle in an open, well lit and areas which are quite populated, else park at garage only.
  • Turn off car’s engine when not on move, roll up the windows, check if all doors are locked, and do not drop your keys back even if stopped for a quick break at any store or a gas station.
  • Never leave any of your valuables for an easy sight. Remove all laptops, cellular phones, wallets etc. from your vehicle.

Steps taken to Report Burglary

Reporting about the crime to your insurance company against your valuables should not be a painful process anymore.

  1. File a report at your nearest police department if you are a victim of burglary. Make a note of filed incident number at police for any future reference when dealing with your insurance company.
  2. Keep your insurance agent informed on receiving the incident reported number from cops.
  3. Talk to your insurance agent about filed incident and help him with every single detail even if you are aware of how the burglar entered your home.
  4. List all the items damaged or provide required proof such as a videotape or picture taken and then repair the damaged items. This helps the cops in a better way to handle the crime.

Comfort your loved ones to get out of the shock and the confidence required for it will be built only by having proper insurance.