What Defines a Flood?

Flood Insurance for RescueFlood insurance is an important policy to consider having for your home. It provides protection for your home and personal belongings should your home be flooded. The question that arises about flood insurance is what defines a flood? Some people think that water damage from a drain or pipe would define a flood, but that danger is covered by an endorsed homeowner policy. A real flood can only be covered by insurance with a flood policy.

A flood is defined by the free dictionary 2011 as, “an overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry; an abundant flow or outpouring.” In other words, a flood is the rapid accumulation of rain water that affects several homes at the same time. As water rises, it gathers into a low-lying area and can cause severe damage to structures with which it comes into contact.

An example of what a flood looks like could be a river that suddenly overflows and causes damage to a home or structure near the banks. A flood is also water that cannot be absorbed by the ground fast enough, so it flows into the basement or ground floor and causes damage. Water that runs down a hill and brings part of the hill with it can also be classified as a flood. Usually a flood will affect several homes at the same time or it will affect several acres of land causing massive damage. A flood policy is designed specifically to handle and cover items and structures against the rapid accumulation of rain water.