Driving Under Influence and It’s Effects

Driving under influence & it's effectsProtecting you and your family members from financial losses which occur due to an accident is possible by having a car insurance policy. The losses can be medical bills, car repair and other services mentioned in your policy. One major factor which determines whether car insurance policy will be offered to you or not, is when you commit an accident when under intoxication.

Hard Effects

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI), a terminology used for drinking alcohol and driving. It has a simple fact behind that drinking and driving can result in death of yourself or other people on Nevada roads. Every state in US has brought out stringent measures and set a limit of 0.08% of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for those who drive under the influence of alcohol. Commercial drivers have a limit of 0.04% and for those who are below 21 age, the limit is set to zero and if found to cross the limits, will be arrested.

A DWI arrest can be very expensive and might lead to worse consequences where you can be put behind bars, have license suspended, heavy fine or even cancellation of license. If at all the DUI accident resulted in someone’s death, the end result is even worse. Strict measures over transportation of alcohol has been made where it has to be carried over in trucks and has to be sealed, if found having an alcohol bottle illegally and open, then get ready to face the worst of situation.

At every county, law enforcement officers have set up a check point to perform a thorough check on your vehicle and the driver. These check points are active all through out the year specially on weekends and holiday season. You could be stopped at these points and asked for many questions, and a sobriety test might be performed on you. If this test confirms that you are on high and under intoxication, you will be sentenced to jail.

What’s Up With Texas Homeowner’s Insurance: Keep Premiums Down

Do Keep premiums DownThere are many factors that affect the cost of your home insurance premiums in Texas. Many of these factors can be controlled by you. Below are some easy tips to guide you.

Save some money

1. Owning a breed of dog that is considered vicious. Homeowners liability insurance can be higher because the chance of a dog bite is greater. Spike dog might be cute and be great around you, but not around others.

2. Buying a home in an area that is prone to tornados or hurricanes can really cost Texas home insurance companies and you.

3. Most homeowners, who have filed insurance claims, will see a cost increase. Those who have not, have cheaper premiums.

4. Having high deductibles will keep costs down. If a storm breaks a tree limb, it can cost $250 to get it cut down. If your homeowners premium is $250, than you will not file an insurance claim, which keeps your premiums lowered. If your deduction is $100, than you would file a claim. Insurance is security for major financial losses.

5. Buying a newly built home will lower premiums. There are less major problems with it.

6. Personal property that you own, such as furniture and jewelry, should be insured for the actual cost to replace it, not an inflated value.

7. Homeowners need to protect their credit score. Bad scores can increase your premium. Buying a motorcycle and not making the payments on time, can cost you.

Controlling certain factors will keep Texas home insurance down, with more money in your pocket.