Sleeping Behind The Wheel

Sleeping behind the wheelWith many accidents occurring on Missouri roads, majorly due to intoxicated drivers by either drugs or alcohol. Remember that accidents occur even when the driver is under the influence of sleep. As per the survey conducted, one in five fatal accidents involve a drowsy driver. Many organizations are promoting awareness to avoid such incidents. Accidents occurring due to drowsy driving had 12% of drivers being hospitalized and 8% where a vehicle was towed. Survey also found that the rate of drowsy driving accidents involved more of men than women. Specially the younger drivers below the age of 24 than any other age group.


Before getting behind the wheels, realize if you are feeling drowsy. You may feel too sleepy if you find very difficult to keep your heavy eyes open while driving. You will be struggling to drive on one lane or drifting over rumble strips on highway. It is surely confirm that you are drowsy when you cannot remember the few miles driven. Before getting behind the wheels, you as a driver need to ensure few things in order to avoid accidents.

If you are feeling drowsy, immediately pull over to freshen up and then start. Before any road trip make sure you hadenough sleep, say minimum of 7 hours specially if it is a long journey. Drinking hot beverages such as coffee or tea helps some drivers to keep them active. Ensure not to travel alone, if you find to feel drowsy and let the other passenger be alert. Do take a break for every 2 hours or 100 miles when on long way. Try not to drive much during night times or when you are feeling asleep. Remember, a claim free and violation free driver will always qualify for discounts and thus a lower premium rate.

Dealing With Teenage Syndrome

Tips to Deal with ThemIn the current trend, for ages of humans between 12 to 18 are labeled as ‘Teens’. They are known to be moody, impulsive, argumentative, insecure, reckless and rebellious. Handling teens is not an easy task.  A phase where the brain undergoes significant changes and fails to see the consequences of their actions. It is difficult for teens to read social situations and other person’s emotions. They are not capable enough to assess risk which explains why driving under intoxication, smoking, abusing etc happens.

Teenage Driving

Teenage driving is a serious issue for parents. In Ohio, 7,000 and even more people aged between 15 to 20 became the prime reason for fatal crashes, 324,000 teenage drivers were injured in non-fatal accidents, nearly 8,000 passengers of other cars were victims of teen driving and 6,724 young drivers were killed in motor vehicle crashes. Does these numbers scare you? You need to take steps to prevent such accidents. Nothing is impossible, not when you know how to deal with teenage syndrome.

Ohio Teen Driving laws

Teen applying for driving license in Ohio, must be a 15 year and above and should provide age proof, identification proof and  your SSN. The permit will be signed by parent or the legal guardian. Prior to receiving the permit, teen will undergo certain knowledge test in order to abide to traffic rules. Even after permit, they can drive only with a licensed person or his/her parent in front seat next to the teen driver. Defensive driving course, driving education and instruction classes is a must for any teen. Ohioan teen who fails to follow these rules will have to face the worst consequences. Their license will be canceled and will not be allowed to drive ever, heavy fines and can also be put behind bars.

Awakening A Teen

Being a parent it is important to educate the teens regarding the driving rules and make them adhere to it. Before you hand them your car keys make sure they develop sufficient skills and get rid off violent behaviors. Keep a track of their activities, sit beside when they drive and be part of their driving skills program. While availing a car insurance, including your teen’s name can increase your premium rates. However, a driver education program, a good grade, a scholarship and defensive course will fetch those discounts your teen will be eligible for. Make them aware of such benefits which in return will help curb accidents and deaths occurring due to teen driving.