Will My Auto Insurance Cover A Rented Moving Truck?

Ensure Moving is CoveredIf you have to shift your house to a different location all your things cannot be dumped inside the car and brought. You need to rent a van or a truck. It is better to move your things through truck rather than asking your friend or relatives. You can make sure whether your car insurance company covers for the rented vehicle before loading your things into the vehicle.

Many of the insurance companies give extra insurance coverage which you can purchase. But you would not be ready to pay extra coverage to protect your truck and your belongings. So first contact your insurance company whether they cover rental vehicle, because sometimes along with the protection of your car insurance policy they will extend for your rental vehicle also. It is a problem for trucks with large move because insurance companies do not cover for the vehicles with large weight.

  • If any damage is caused to the truck only, then limited damage waiver insurance will cover for the damage.
  • If any damage or any injury is caused with the moving truck then supplemental liability insurance will cover the claims made against moving company or you.

Protecting Your Personal Stuff

Your personal items and the valuables you have kept in your vehicle will not be covered by the car insurance company. In the same way your personal items and things which you have loaded on the moving van or any of the things damaged or stolen while moving will also not be covered. Your car insurance company might cover only the damages and the injuries caused by you.

Remember one thing that your home insurance or the renters insurance will cover your personal things even if your things are in truck. Supplemental coverage will be provided for your personal items from the company you rent your truck. Most of the times basic coverage for your personal items will be included for the hiring movers.

Nature’s Dangerous Act – Falling Trees

Be Aware of After Effects of Falling TreesTrees Falling are one of the common risk you could come across as a owner of the home during ice storms and snow, but the extra insurance coverage depends on the context. Ice storms, windstorms, lightning, fires and even insects damage could cause big branches  or trees to fall on your house and cause major property damage. Look out for trees that hang over the power lines, dead trees, trees with trunk cracks or hollows trees.

Know About the Important Coverages

Below are some of the ways as to how would the coverage work under few scenarios:

  • If the tree in your neighbor’s space fell and cause damage to your house and its contents, and other structures on the property. You can claim under your homeowners insurance policy.
  • In case a tree in your area fell on your free garage and roof is damaged. Standard homeowners insurance covers free structures. The removal and damage of the tree will be covered under your home insurance policy.
  • In case if a tree falls on your neighbor’s property or on the house and cause damage then under their insurance policy they can file the claim on their property.
  • If your neighbors tree fall on your compound then your insurer should go and consult your neighbors insurer to cover the damages of your compound. At that point of time you will be reimbursed for the amount of deductible you had insured with.
  • In case your car is damaged when a tree fell in your driveway. This would be covered in your comprehensive insurance. Any damage to your vehicle  will be paid from causes other than car accidents, such as natural disasters, vandalism, collisions with theft and animals.
  • The insurance company not only  pays if the tree has fallen on your home or other structures, it also pays if the tree is fallen on the road.