Ways to Keep Insurance Premiums Low

Keep Premium LowYou can keep your car insurance premiums low by maintaining a good driving record and driving safely to avoid accidents or insurance claims. Consider the following recommendations, which are eaily obtainable and can easily save you money on your auto insurance premiums over a long term.

  • Drive safe. Leave early enough to reach your destination and drive the speed limit.
  • Take a defensive driver’s course for a discount on your Texas insurance policy or reduction in driver’s license points, which also lowers vehicle insurance costs.
  • Shop around once per policy term. When you near the end of your term with your provider, obtain quotes form other companies. If you receive a lower quote, ask your provider to match it.
  • Insure multiple policies with your auto insurance provider to get a multi-policy discount. If you have your life, boat, motorcycle or home insurance with another provider, ask if switching the policies to your current provider will reduce costs.
  • Attach a young driver to the safest car. If you have a young driver on your car insurance policy, attach him to the safest car you own to reduce costs. Ask your insurance provider for details.
  • Purchase safer cars. Vehicle features, such as multiple airbags, an alarm system, traction control or electronic stability control help to reduce costs.
  • If you move, consider staying close to your place of employment. Risk is determined on the mileage you drive.
  • Purchase from a provider who offers a 12 month policy. This way, your low rate is guaranteed for at least one year. A six month option can raise costs upon renewal, especially after a ticket or accident.