The Consequences of Not Having Texas Car Insurance

Avail Texas Insurance TodayPeople will try to cut corners in their budget by skipping or skimping on car insurance. They sometimes refuse to purchase it. However, car insurance laws in Texas demand vehicles carry certain levels of auto insurance. Those driving with no insurance may think they are saving money. In reality, they are gambling with their future.

A person needs vehicle insurance in case the other car does not bear a policy. If an accident occurs, a person who has no insurance could be left with heavy loss without a way to purchase a new vehicle. Personal liability is not limited to their own self, but they could be responsible to cover the expense of the other vehicle. Is failure to meet the Texas car insurance requirements worth taking the chance? No! Since Texas vehicle insurance rates are competitive and usually can fit most budgets, shop around. Stay within the confines of the law.

Driving without insurance can cause a person to be responsible for medical expenses each accident accrued. Even if the other person had health insurance, their carrier could legally ask you for compensation, depending on the nature and specifics of the case. If you caused the accident, you may be liable. The solution would be not to drive from home without Texas home insurance.

The state of Texas has huge fines for someone driving without insurance, as well as a penalty of losing a license. A fine of $175 to $350 will be given as the first offense to someone driving without insurance. Basic car insurance in Texas is cheaper in the process than having to pay the ticket fees. There are fines over $2,000, and jail time up to two years. If a person is caught without being insured, he could be made to pay a fee of more than $4,000 in fines in one year. The best advice is to meet the the minimum Texas liability requirements, or never get behind the wheel of an uninsured vehicle. .

Cancelling Your Monthly Car Insurance

Think !!!An auto insurance policy isn’t like a cell phone plan. Just because you’re on a monthly car insurance payment schedule that automatically renews itself doesn’t mean that you have to wait to switch providers. You can walk away at any time. But if you fail to first notify your insurer, you could cause a few unwanted complications.

Give Notice
You can let your auto insurance policy cancel on its own simply by not making your scheduled monthly car insurance payments, but doing so has a couple of risks involved. First of all, you could get hit with a cancelation penalty if you cancel in the middle of your term without giving proper notice. Second, if you don’t already have coverage lined up through another provider, letting your insurance lapse could be costly. If you’re caught driving without it, you could face some serious legal consequences. And finding a new insurer after you’ve been caught driving without insurance will be much more difficult because you’ll be a high risk client.

The Best Way to Walk Away
Always submit your notice of cancelation in writing, and far enough in advance to cover you in the event of any clerical snafus. Regardless of whether or not your decision to switch insurance companies was based on having found a better price elsewhere, or being extremely dissatisfied with the service you’ve received, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by failing to give advance notice. Although the best time to cancel your insurance policy is immediately before it renews, you can always get a pro-rated adjustment that pays you back for coverage you won’t be using.