Does My Insurance Cover Me if I Drive to Mexico?

Does My Insurance Cover Me if I Drive to Mexico?If your next vacation takes you beyond American borders, you’ll want to consider how this might affect your auto insurance coverage. For south of the border excursions, the U.S. State Department claims you should assume that your American auto insurance policy will not cover you for any traffic accidents that may happen in this region. To acquire proper coverage, you will have to purchase Mexican automobile liability insurance from an insurance company with proper authorization from the Mexican government.

According to the law in Mexico, drivers must be able to pay for all damages to the involved party when the accident occurs. Failure to purchase Mexican insurance can significantly limit your ability to pay for these damages, which AAA claims could even result in jail time while an investigation is being conducted. Although the consequences for not having Mexican auto insurance are harsh, the solution is relatively easy. According to AAA, you can purchase valid Mexican auto insurance fairly easily from a broker that sells it along the border. This is usually the most effective method, since you would not even have to cross the Mexican border to purchase the necessary insurance, which would drastically reduce your risk of getting into an uncovered accident.

Although Mexican law does not require you to purchase collision insurance, it is certainly worth considering to ensure protection on your vehicle in case of an auto accident. Collision coverage included in your American insurance policy may not cover damage that occurs while you’re in Mexico, so it’s important to understand the risk you are taking if you fail to purchase Mexican collision coverage. Some additional considerations to make when purchasing Mexican auto insurance is including coverage for legal aid and bail bond as part of your insurance policy. This may be necessary since Mexican law tends to assume that all parties involved in a crime are guilty until proven innocent, which could lead to your detainment until the police reach a consensus.

Speeding Cars – Drive Safely

Safe Drive Saves LifeSpeeding increase the rate at which an accident can occur and also causes a sever crash, where as it is that time which can actually avoid a crash provided the speed is limited. So speeding is not only dangerous but also expensive. You also waste fuel over speeding as fast driving consumes more fuel. Most of the time accidents occur when they are in a hurry to get to their destination.

Speeding is not only found on freeways, also on local streets and is a big problem for many other commuters who opt for surface streets, as it is more safe which can help them escape traffic and congestion. A good weather condition out tempts even the most experienced and conscious driver to get out for a jolly ride, specially when the roads are set open after a snow or slush. Traveling more than the limited speed can be dangerous specially in unfavorable weather conditions.

Avoid Speeding To Prevent Accidents

One of the biggest hazards happening on roads is due to speeding drivers. So follow the below steps to have a safe driving:

  • Plan well ahead. Take enough travel time to avoid speeding or rushing to reach your destination.
  • Before you leave, check for traffic report on news or on web,so that you are well aware about the traffic and congestion. This will help you in setting appropriate time needed.
  • Adjusting your drive to meet any conditions while on road is a must. Slowing down on wet road, keeping enough distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you are certain things u need to remember while driving.
  • There can be sudden changes in speed, set yourself and our vehicle to adjust to such conditions. Be aware about how to deal when across pedestrian crossing, bicycle riders, sharp curves, highways etc
  • Let your vehicle be fitted with a flat tire, your vehicle tends to lose control while on high speed. Especially in icy or wet conditions, your vehicle has less traction and control.
  • If you are hurrying up just to attend a business meeting or speeding up as you are getting late in reaching your destination, it’s better to be late and apologize later than risking lives.
  • It’s not a mandatory law to wear a seat belt but it could definitely keep you away from any fatality related to speed.
  • Lastly, do not be trapped. There are small towns who mint money from the speeders to earn their living. You might not find such traps in cities, as cops follow your speeding but in towns you can be busted and threatened directly. You will be fined at places where radar detectors are being used. You cannot escape and win over it.

Drive Less and Save More

Reduce Your Premium RatesMany people drive lesser than average miles, but still their driving history is not able to get them a good rate that benefits them. If you own a car that’s found spending most of it’s time in garage, it is merely waste to vent out money for it’s insurance. Insurance companies predict a lot of risks like tiredness, fatigue, drowsy due to long distance travel, texting or calling while driving, distracted or doped during the drive sums up to high insurance premium. Few insurance companies will offer a better deal for you on your car insurance rates depending on how often you use your vehicle. Get in touch with your insurance company to discover such a saving.

Ways to Reduce Your Premium Rates

There are many ways by which u can avoid tickets or citations, driving a cheap car, good driving record, out of risky behaviors and other factors such as gender, age, defensive driving courses, shopping online, comparing quotes online etc. that one can save and lesser miles is just one of them and will actually benefit more when you drive less . This option doesn’t help those who have to drive many miles to get to their work place or school but indeed works for those who actually drive less or the ones who want to cut back on their driving. It helps you save a lot of money on the auto insurance policy.

Pay as you Drive – Innovation in Insurance

With this, customers do not have to pay higher premium rates based on an annual mileage estimated for their cars. Rather, the actual miles driven by their car and as exhibited by the odometer will be considered to evaluate their insurance premium. A device like GPS is used in the car to record and monitor the actual mileage and distance traveled respectively by the car. Interestingly, GPS also records data such as vehicle conditions, speed, driven weather conditions, habits of applying brakes by the drivers, etc.

Due to technology, an invasion in privacy often makes the driver resistant. However, some drivers do welcome it purely as it offers that extra discount much similar to a car owner’s record which is free of violations and tickets for certain period of time or found to be free of claims. Although, implementing the technology has become complicated and an expensive process, it’s still affordable. Currently, a research is on and new innovations are being made by every car insurance company.

Carpooling is definitely a brilliant way in which you can save on your car insurance premiums due to long commutes. Also, the distance traveled by you and fuel consumption can be considerably reduced. Ultimately as the saying goes “Drive less and save more”

Does the Car Model I Drive Affect My Insurance Rate?

Car Model Does Affect RatesWhen you buy a new car, the cost of insuring it is probably not the first thing on your mind. However, the car model you drive greatly affects your insurance rates because each car model is assigned a risk number by insurance carriers. This risk number is based on the repair or replacement costs after an accident or theft. If you’re serious about keeping your insurance rates to a minimum while still having maximum coverage, it’s a good idea to compare auto quotes before you actually buy your new car.

Comparing auto insurance quotes is free and costs only a small time investment—and can save you cash. You can compare auto quotes by requesting quotes for a number of models from different insurance agencies. When you compare auto quotes to find the model that will cost the least, make sure to fill out all additional information on the form, or you might wind up misinterpreting the quotes.

You can also compare auto quotes by using an online comparison site. One of the most trustworthy sites to compare auto quotes is AgentInsure, which instantly connects you to its nationwide network of licensed agents. With AgentInsure’s help, you can compare auto quotes for each model you’re interested in and determine which one is most financially feasible for you. After you compare auto quotes and you’ve decided which car model to buy, AgentInsure can help you select the best policy for all your driving needs.