Insurance Tips for Classic Car Owners

Owning a classic car is the dream of many people. Perhaps you want to get that same car you drove as a teenager to restore and drive on the weekends, or maybe you want a true antique to take to car shows. No matter which type of classic car you have in mind, there is one thing you have to keep in mind—insurance.

Insuring a classic car is a bit different from a regular car. The details will mainly depend on how often you drive the car. If you are driving it once or twice a year to a car show, you may be able to get a significantly reduced rate; however, if you are going to take it racing on the weekends, you may need more insurance than a standard car.

One of the tips that comes up time and time again amongst classic car enthusiasts is to find an independent agent that specializes in this type of insurance. While it can be tempting to work with a big, faceless company, you will get the care you need by talking directly with an agent.

Do not try driving your car without some form of insurance. Classic cars are even more likely to break down than a traditional car, and if you find yourself on the side of the road, a police officer will be asking for your insurance information and the car’s registration. Not insuring your car can cost you way more than what you pay for your small monthly policy.

Another piece of advice is to make sure you get insurance that covers the full value of the car, not just the book value. A well-restored old classic is likely worth considerably more than the book value. You could wind up in some serious hot water if you do not insure for the full value and you wind up getting into an accident or otherwise causing damage to the vehicle.

Classic car owners want the very best for their car, which is often more than simply a mode of transportation; it is normally an investment too. Insurance is not a place where you should try to cut back to save money—however, saving money is a possibility if you work with an agent that understands your needs and can help you figure out how to get the best rate without sacrificing coverage.

Classic Dream Car – Are You The Proud Owner ?

Be a pround owner with insuranceOwning a classic car is every Ohioan’s dream. Classic car is the one which is truly 15 years old and even more. Many Ohioans have a hobby of collecting classic and antique cars. If you have desired to drive a classic car, then do remember that it will require more money for it’s services such as repair, paint, wax jobs, inspections, engine work etc. Cars such as 1967 Pontiac GTO, 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1969 Dogde Coronet, 1966 Oldsmobile, 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner etc are few amongst the top classic cars of U.S in high demand and sold readily. It is very important to own a car insurance policy. Those who are the proud owners of classic car will also need a car insurance. For classic cars, insurance is much different than any other regularly driven everyday car.

Insuring Classic Car

Classic car needs specialty insurance. Being a proud owner of a classic car, do not make a mistake by not insuring it. If any damage occurs, you might end up paying for it and that will surely be quite expensive to bear. Take that necessary steps to get your classic car insured before anything wrong happens to it. A guarantee that you will be very glad for doing it. Many aspects have to be considered before you insure your classic car. Age of the car is undoubtedly a factor but also owning a old car does not make it a classic always. It is always better to talk to your insurance company and call an expert in dealing with classic cars in order to get the right knowledge about it. Do not settle for any of the first response which reaches you, shop for as many as possible and talk to different insurance companies to obtain the best.

Special Insurance Rules

Owning a special insurance for classic car has often limits placed on it’s usage. Some insurance policies restrict on miles driven but some say to park t in garage all the times. Be honest with your insurance company and make them clear about your intentions of owning a classic car. If you have plans to exhibit your car on auto shows under special events, ensure that it reaches your insurance agent. Lesser the miles driven, lesser will be your insurance rates. Set an accurate value to the car and shelter the classic car in order to get its value fixed. Insuring your classic dream car is that step needed to take a good care of it. Insurance company wants to protect your car as much as you do.

Protect Your Home by Comparing Insurance

Compare Insurance TodayDespite the harsh economic times our nation is experiencing, recent news reports show that almost nine out of every ten Americans still consider owning their own home to be an important part of the American dream. And when that dream becomes a reality for you, comparing insurance can help you get the best coverage for your home at the lowest rates possible. Instead of simply requesting a quote from a single insurance company, it’s best to start comparing insurance policies from a number of companies as soon as you’re considering buying a house. That way, you can factor the costs of insurance into the actual costs of owning your own home.

Homeowners insurance online quotes
Requesting homeowners insurance online quotes offers a quick and efficient way to get multiple quotes in a matter of minutes. With a number of accurate quotes in hand, you can take your time to review them and see exactly what kind of coverage each offers and what rates they charge. You can see if your home will have enough coverage in the event of a tornado or other natural disaster, and how much you’ll need to budget for flood insurance or additional insurance for your collection of antique clocks. Remember to read each quote carefully, because homeowners insurance online quotes vary wildly. So it’s possible that you could find one that only offers minimal coverage, while another can offer everything you want for the exact same price!

Bonehead Moves to Avoid When You’re Behind the Wheel, Part 4

Behind the Wheel with FriendsFor some, cheap auto insurance is a pipe dream. Even teaming up with the best car insurance company in the world won’t save you from having to pay seemingly extortionate rates for coverage. In many situations, it’s not a case of you being a horrible driver—but the company that you keep while behind the wheel.

  • Driving with Rambunctious Children: Okay, first things first. This isn’t an indictment of all parents out there who happen to have children who’d just as soon ride on the hood of your car as sit quietly in the backseat. Kids will be kids, we all know this. But failing to keep your little ones strapped down with seatbelts and proper child safety harnesses is asking for trouble that you don’t need. And if your younglings have a predilection for freeing themselves from car seats and the like, always pull over to reseat them. Never do this while driving.
  • Driving with Pets: You’ve probably seen it before, some Joe driving down the street with a poodle sandwiched between the steering wheel and his chest. It might look cute, but it’s anything but safe. Even conscientious drivers who are dog lovers have a hard time witnessing this, as this not only puts the pet in serious harm, but also increases the likelihood that the driver will become distracted and lead to Poofy’s untimely end—or that of the rear bumper of the car ahead of them. If you have to bring along the pets everywhere you go, be sure to place them in a crate or kennel to limit the potential for accident and injury.
  • Driving with Friends: In many states, it’s illegal for teenagers of certain ages to drive with more than one person in the car at a time. This is enforced because of the high rate of accidents caused by distracted driving. But you don’t have to be a kid to be easily distracted by a carload of passengers. If you have to cart a group of friends around, be sure to insist that they keep the noise level down so you can drive safely. You may come off like a square, but at least your driving record will stay clean.

Obtaining cheap auto insurance doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Remember that it’s frequently the actions you take behind the wheel which lead to avoidable accidents and painfully high car insurance rates. If you take action now to clean up your driving habits, you’ll eventually be able to take advantage of good driver discounts.