Your Tour to DMV – Keep Your Sanity

Your Tour to DMV - Keep Your SanityThere are may dreadful things in the world and definitely one amongst them is your trip to DMV. Be it any DMV office in any state, there is always a bad crowd. With large number of people waiting for their turn, you will get singled by a fellow patron and end up listening to all his stories for hours together. Sometimes the visit does not just happen once but thrice or even more. It can be a small work of just a name change on license, updating title or change of address on registration, the wait at DMV never ends.

Tips to Remember!

  • Lets avoid the trip: Be it a request to duplicate your license, schedule road test or change of address, everything can happen online. You can just schedule the meeting with DMV as per your convenience. Online DMV services are made available in most of the states. Check thoroughly to avoid the trip completely.
  • Do not take your child: Kids usually do not have so much of patience to stay at one place for long time. They will start screaming and whining which can cause a lot of stress on you. Better leave them behind with a family friend or relative.
  • Do something useful: Instead of wasting your time for hours together, you can get a magazine or novel to gain some information. However, be alert when your number will be called.
  • Go prepared: You stand for hours to reach front in the line and realize you have missed out on your id card, insurance policy etc. Find out what needs to be carried and have all the necessary documents ready.
  • Smart scheduling: Your time is precious, make best use of it in a smart way. Try and avoid the trips on Mondays and Fridays, instead choose mid week. Do not visit on peak hours, usually at morning 9 or afternoon at 2 after lunch. Mid month is better than first and last day of month. Do not visit before or after a holiday.

Avoid Knocking on DMV Door

To Avoid Knocking DMV DoorVisiting a DMV is more or less similar to visiting a doctor. Long awaiting queue’s and never ending lines can make a patient individual to grow impatient. Department of Motor Vehicle is that door which has to be knocked by every driver owning or even riding a car. Below are some tips which makes your journey to DMV quick,.easy and painless.

Steps to Avoid Long Waits

In order to save your precious time, find a best way to deal with DMV by looking for another place where you can conduct this business. In few states, third party companies are involved in handling registration of cars, ordering of personalized license plates, applying for duplicate titles and other routine details to conduct more or less similar transactions.

Some states have offered few services online to help in reducing wait time of it’s citizens. Actually asking for the drivers to renew or register their vehicles by mail, by online or by telephone. The residents of these states can go online and request for copies of their driving record, apply for license and also schedule their driving test. If at all any driver is required to go to a DMV office, then he can check availability on department’s site through their websites.

Also, there are smart phone applications supporting registration of your car. A state DMV also allows it’s residents in person visit to get an appointment scheduled for services like, replacing or renewing of driver’s license.

To speed up the process, you need to carry all required and necessary documents in hand. Teens who are looking for learner’s permit, better to check their state DMV website and double check for documents needed to present at a DMV office. If at all you want to sell your vehicle or transfer ownership, make sure to clear all loans or debts on your car and release signatured documents of loan. Do check for more details on your state DMV website. You can also opt for best time such as middle of week or month, where you might have to wait for shorter period. When a visit to DMV is mandatory, lets make it feasible.