Fortifying Your Home Against Disaster can Lower Your Premiums

Preventing DisasterNatural disasters are one of the primary reasons that people carry homeowners insurance. But as a direct result of the high cost of living, many people opt to reduce their amount of coverage in order to make ends meet, never realizing the consequences of underinsurance until the unthinkable happens. Experts frequently remind us to compare homeowners insurance to secure the best possible deals, but there are additional steps you can take to both decrease your premiums and better protect yourself from disasters.

Fortifying your home is one of the most effective methods of achieving this. Just as installing a security system will lower your premiums because you’ve just decreased the likelihood of anyone breaking into your home and stealing everything you own, making home improvements that make it more disaster resistant can also yield some insurance premium savings. Reinforcing your roof and installing storm shutters in your home are just a couple of examples of how you can accomplish this, but be sure to talk to your insurance agent to determine what upgrades will bring you the biggest dicounts.

Remember to price out coverage at least once a year by getting homeowner insurance quotes from various providers. Doing this, in addition to making modifications that will strengthen your home against natural disasters, will go far in ensuring the lowest possible insurance premiums for the highest amount of insurance coverage.

Compare Homeowners Insurance Before Disaster Strikes

With all of the terrible natural disasters that have hit the planet in recent months, many people arePrecautions starting to compare homeowners insurance in order to add earthquake and flood insurance to their policies. Regular homeowners insurance policies do not include these options, but simply adding them to your policy could increase your insurance premiums significantly. However, not adding them could result in insurmountable costs in the event of a natural disaster. So how can comparing insurance help you get the coverage you need at rates you can afford?

Why you should compare homeowners insurance
When you compare homeowners insurance quotes, you’ll find the price varies significantly from company to company, and it’s not unusual to find a quote that offers you a better rate than you’re currently paying. Adding flood and earthquake insurance becomes much more affordable when you’re paying less on your homeowners insurance, so it might be a good idea to switch insurance carriers. A word of warning, however: most insurance carriers require at least 30 days notice before you can terminate your policy, so read the fine print carefully before taking action. Also make sure that the policy you want to switch to is in full compliance with your mortgage lender’s requirements.

Comparing insurance online
Comparing insurance online with AgentInsure is an easy, trustworthy way to find the best quotes on homeowners insurance. All you have to do is enter your information in the online form and your quotes will be sent to you by email. There’s no obligation to purchase any insurance and you can take all the time you need to review the quotes. Why wait? Request your free quotes from AgentInsure today!