Drive Less and Save More

Reduce Your Premium RatesMany people drive lesser than average miles, but still their driving history is not able to get them a good rate that benefits them. If you own a car that’s found spending most of it’s time in garage, it is merely waste to vent out money for it’s insurance. Insurance companies predict a lot of risks like tiredness, fatigue, drowsy due to long distance travel, texting or calling while driving, distracted or doped during the drive sums up to high insurance premium. Few insurance companies will offer a better deal for you on your car insurance rates depending on how often you use your vehicle. Get in touch with your insurance company to discover such a saving.

Ways to Reduce Your Premium Rates

There are many ways by which u can avoid tickets or citations, driving a cheap car, good driving record, out of risky behaviors and other factors such as gender, age, defensive driving courses, shopping online, comparing quotes online etc. that one can save and lesser miles is just one of them and will actually benefit more when you drive less . This option doesn’t help those who have to drive many miles to get to their work place or school but indeed works for those who actually drive less or the ones who want to cut back on their driving. It helps you save a lot of money on the auto insurance policy.

Pay as you Drive – Innovation in Insurance

With this, customers do not have to pay higher premium rates based on an annual mileage estimated for their cars. Rather, the actual miles driven by their car and as exhibited by the odometer will be considered to evaluate their insurance premium. A device like GPS is used in the car to record and monitor the actual mileage and distance traveled respectively by the car. Interestingly, GPS also records data such as vehicle conditions, speed, driven weather conditions, habits of applying brakes by the drivers, etc.

Due to technology, an invasion in privacy often makes the driver resistant. However, some drivers do welcome it purely as it offers that extra discount much similar to a car owner’s record which is free of violations and tickets for certain period of time or found to be free of claims. Although, implementing the technology has become complicated and an expensive process, it’s still affordable. Currently, a research is on and new innovations are being made by every car insurance company.

Carpooling is definitely a brilliant way in which you can save on your car insurance premiums due to long commutes. Also, the distance traveled by you and fuel consumption can be considerably reduced. Ultimately as the saying goes “Drive less and save more”