Insuring Your Cheap Property and The Building

Insuring your Cheap property & BuildingBefore getting engaged in finding a cheap property, you might want to consider few things. Firstly, a protective measure by using safety devices such as alarms, dead bolt locks, fire extinguishers on every portion of your building gives you a discount up to 20%. Newly built houses are no less in obtaining a minimum of 25% discount. Growing older will get you lesser insurance price. Do not miss on holding a home inventory, list of every small thing in your house along with it’s replacement cost. This makes your claim easy and quick. Lastly, renew your plan and keep yourself updated with coverage price and inflation rates.

Tips to Consider

  • Know about deductibles. Higher the deductible, lower will be your insurance premium. You can save up to 30%.
  • Try to sign up with one insurance company to cover all your possessions. Be it the detached structures, valuables, home, personal belongings, let all be covered under one insurance policy and the same insurance company for a long time. This will fetch you good deductions and discounts. Any modifications done to these systems, keep your insurer updated on it.
  • Remember, you are insuring the house and not the land.
  • If zero claims made in the past, then do inform your agent. This is an added benefit.
  • Safe installations, signing up for neighborhood watch scheme and installing good quality safety locks could save your money on insurance cost.
  • Increasing the pay of your voluntary excess can help in reducing premium.
  • Joining up some special shopping sites which guarantee you cash back will also fetch those hidden cash back with your insurer

Shielding Your Home Against A Break-In

Preventing TheftIn anticipation of brighter days ahead, you can expect a residential break-in. Thieves will love the home which are unprotected and easy to break. Every year, like other states, even Ohio will experience an increase in residential breaks. At the rate of 9 to 14% home burglaries do occur around nationwide, only a percentage of burglaries in small numbers happen with someone actually at home. You are whether on a holiday, at home or out for work, protecting your prized possession and its belongings from thieves is necessary.

Tips to Avoid Break-In

Strengthening Doors: Use metal core solid doors and lock the doors properly. Use dead bolt locks or double lock system to ensure safety. On moving in to a new house or an apartment, change the lock system. Upgrading on door locks often is best way to avoid break-ins through doors.

Closing Windows: Do not keep your windows open all the time, specially when you are away from your home. Ensure that the window opening is not very large to allow some burglar to reach through and remove locked window or successfully open the door. For ventilation, 4 to 6 inch of window opening will do good.

Securing Valuables: Do not exhibit your valuables. Be careful of who is knowledgeable of your valuables. Even though someone is completely trust worthy and reliable telling them about your valuables, you increase your risk of a home invasion. If you feel suspicious about any person or event occurring around your house, call for police and keep them informed.

Owning Pets: Having a dog, guards your home whether you are in or away from your house. Not all but some thieves consider to deal with pets, there are less chances of thieves wanting to distract them. You can train your dog on how to react to strangers or alert your neighbors when at risk.

Installing Alarms: Burglar alarms, preferably with a cellular back up prevents disconnecting phone wires leading to your home. Be sure to turn the alarms on before leaving the house, when alone at home or while sleeping. Let the alarm be audible and reset with few minutes, so that neighbors are not disturbed. You can leave a key of your house to reach out to alarm systems with trusted neighbor.

Lights: Even when gone away, keep some interior lights on action with timers set to show some activity at home. Exterior lights is a must. You can add privacy curtains, these curtain will allow the light in but will distort the image of the room.

Cleaning Up Your Insurance Policy

Is it Secured ?Once in a year, be it spring or winter, a clean up of home, your assets and other belongings is a must. You will take a day or a weekend to delve into cobweb, wash windows, clean out your closets, think about remains, to put away blankets or warm clothes, to pile up unused items and organize life for a new season. While it is the time to clean up the mess, it is also time to clean up and reorganize your insurance records. Here are some tips you want to follow to make sure all your policies are up to date and covers all your assets and provides protection needed.

Home Insurance

Did your home incur any loss? If then, make sure your home is insured with enough of dwelling coverage to look back for a living condition being replaced if any loss hits your home. Have you made any plumbing, electrical upgrade or installation of safety devices such as alarms, dead bolt locks, or sprinklers in yard of your home ever since you made a thorough review of your policy. If yes, then make sure that your home’s replacement value does not exceed its coverage limits.

This season if you owned any jewelery, coins, silver ware or other such valuables, ensure to be added to your home insurance policy with sufficient coverage. Otherwise, a schedule to be drawn for an endorsement on your insurance policy for these valuables to be covered individually. Liability coverage is a must if you have become more of a risk for any lawsuit. With kids at home, always take that extra care and protection needed. Additional requisites such as trampoline or swimming pool at home does affect your insurance rates. You might have to disclose pertaining information to your home insurance company and take additional coverage.

Auto Insurance

With changes in your life this season, whether you get married or your kid grows to be a teen, make sure they are adequately covered and are listed on your policy. They are new drivers in your home and adding them to your policy becomes necessary. You buy a new car or install safety devices to an old car, inform your agent to keep him updated. Grab those discounts which you will be eligible for. Talk to your agent today to find out more or any changes on your car insurance policy’s terms and conditions. You can combine your car and home to avail discounts. A clean up on your policy every season can save you dollars and provide more security.

Exotic Holidays – Keep It Safe

Secure Your Exotic TripsHolidays are always fun and are in full swing as you get time to spend with your family and friends. Be it Christmas or new year, easter or thanksgiving, you plan ahead to travel and visit places. When you are away from your home, you want be free of worries and tensions. With many incidents of burglary happening around the city, you want to feel secured. If you are leaving your car behind, you want to protect it from theft or any damage to it. Being the insurance people, we are, here are few tips for a peaceful and happy travel.

Tips – Consider Them

Hide it from the world – When ever you plan for vacations, do not spread the word. Once you are back from the trip you can post pictures and let people know about your holidays. Keep very few close friends or neighbors informed.

Do not abandon the house – Make people feel that you have not left the home alone. You can do it in several ways. Keep the front and back porch lights on, so that at night the lights are glowing. Ask your neighbor or friend to collect all your mails from mailbox and not to stack them when you are gone. You can even ask the post office to hold the drop of mail until you come back and collect them. If it is snowing, you can ask any of your friend to pull in and out of your driveway at some point. Before leaving home, check for dead bolt locks and switch on the burglar alarms for a safe journey.

Driving in extreme weather conditions – Do carry windshield washer fluid, ice scrappers, extra blankets, a small shovel, food packets. You never know when you may need them. Keep your phone battery fully charged and enough cash in case of emergencies.

Keep house warm – Turn on room heaters, keep the heat in your home at minimum level so that pipes wont freeze when snowing. Turn off the main water valve to drain out pipes. Ask your neighbor to have a check on your home. You can also ask the local police to keep an eye on your home as they patrol.

Discounts on Your Policy – Grab Them

Discounts - Grab Them!Paying too much for Ohio insurance is of past, availing discounts and hence reducing your premium rates is present. There are various discounts offered by every insurance company in order to attract customers. Discount is an amount that is deducted from the usual price. To promote their products insurance companies have come up with wide variety of policies for both auto and home. Any policy you choose depending on your requirements and needs will have discount in them. You will have to make a smart decision to save your money.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Safety Devices – Installing safety devices such as passive restraints, seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brake etc, not only protects you but will also avail huge discounts. More the safety measures taken, lesser will be the damages which reduces your premium rates.

Defensive Driving Course – It is applicable for certain age group people which varies from company to company. On completion of this course, you are eligible for discounts.

Good Student Discount – If your teen obtains ‘B’ grade, or studies under scholarship, obtains grade point of 3 or higher at school and performs well, he is considered for a discount. It implies for persons below 25 age generally, however may differ based on the companies.

Good Driver Discount – If there are no traffic violations or tickets, you are labeled as a good and responsible driver. Maintaining good credit score, abiding to traffic rules, giving way to any pedestrians and bicyclers, all accounts for a good driver.

Multiple Lines – Insuring multiple cars from one insurance company, being with the company for long time and obtaining insurance for home, car and health under one roof will avail discounts on your policy.

Home Insurance Discounts

Protective Devices – Installing devices such as burglar alarms, dead bolt locks, smoke or fire alarms, sprinklers etc will curb crime such as theft and also shields you from accidental disasters.

New Home/ Renovated Home – Buying a home which is made of certain kind of roofing materials used in construction which can withstand high storms and lightning adds on to discounts. Renovating house as per Ohio state’s building code, updating roofing, plumbing etc, reduces your premium rates.

Credit Score – Maintaining good credit history and not making any false claims avails discounts.

Stay on good terms with your insurance company. Stay connected to your insurance through your agents. Keep an eye on the market for your money to be valued.