Pet Love – Beware of Dogs

Beware of DogsEvery Ohioan would wish to have a pet at home. A household animal kept for a person’s enjoyment and companionship, the most popular being the dog. Most states may restrict or forbid certain breeds of dogs and limit number of pets a person can have. The dog is mainly preferred as it is very friendly, protects home or property, entertains you and supposed to be the best companion. To own a dog in Ohio you will need a license agreeing to its rules and abiding to state laws for health and safety of the public and their companion animals.

Statistics of Dog Bite

The saying goes “ The Dog that Barks, does not Bite”, but it takes just a minute for the dog to get angry and pounce back on you. Your dog can come back to bite you. An estimation that 2% of the entire population of America is been a victim of dog bite every year. In numbers, every year approximately 5 million American kids and adults are bitten by dogs. 800,000 victims of dog bite are reported for medical treatment. Out of them, 368,000 citizens required immediate medical attention in emergency rooms in hospital. Dog attack occurs usually for kids between age group of 5 to 9 years. The average cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay was $18,200.

Dog Breeds – Be Aware

There are certain breeds of dog which are labeled ferocious and dangerous. Its bite can even cause death of a person. Dogs usually are much stronger and larger than a human, however a well trained, socialized and when proper care taken they are easy to handle. Dogs such as Rottweilers, Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Dobermans, Greyhounds, etc are dangerous. Currently, Ohio is the only state which has a breed-specific statute. They term that dog as dangerous and vicious which automatically is a “pit bull”.

Dog Bite – Insurance Claims

Ohio state law rolled out a statute to penalize the owners of dangerous dogs if they failed to buy enough liability coverage. This rule has a a significant impact on all Ohio dog owners. Having a dog could increase your premium rates as dogs bite claims are increasing everyday. It is found that every year billions of dollars are rolled out by insurance industries for cases relating to dog bite. An average of $16,600 has been claimed in 2003 for a dog bite by homeowners on their insurance policy. In order to secure the public safety owning a home insurance policy much before you buy a pet is mandate.