Overcome Obstacles in Your Claim Process

Overcome The ObstaclesObstacles during claim process can be truly frustrating. Consider these steps in order to overcome them:

  • No response from insurance company.Your Insurance company must respond to any claim made by you. If not then consider the below options:
    1. Pen down your request: Send the written request to the representative and look for his response. If he fails to do so, then pass on the letter to the president of that particular insurance company keeping the adjuster in loop.
    2. Contact State department of insurance: Also, insurance commissioner can help you out. Contact them directly, if found no result then proceed legally by contacting an attorney.
  • Claim denial If any of your valid claim is denied, then do the writing and raise a dispute. Contact your claims representative and stay connected till the matter is completely resolved.
  • Insurance company’s damage estimates are too low. You need not have to accept, with appropriate documentation proofs, demand your company for the required rebuild or repair costs.
  • Your policy gets destroyed. If your policy was destroyed in a fire, contact your insurance company or agent immediately to obtain a copy of the same

Tips for a Smooth Claim Process

  • Review your policy. Reviewing your insurance policy needs to understand the coverage type and how claims are filed and if any deadlines are applicable. If you cannot follow any single detail, call up your agent and get your doubts resolved immediately.
  • Manage your claim and save a copy. Keep a record of all calls made, letters written, mails sent across to anyone who is part of this claims process. Also, make sure to note the description and date of any interaction occurred. In case if you have to sue any insurance company, a detailed records maintained for claim process will benefit you.
  • Be in good terms with your insurance company Insurance company may ask for certain information or any documentation to be submitted before starting the claims process. Provide access to your home until it’s reasonable.
  • Process payment It completely differs depending on various losses you would have sustained. For any small loss, a check will be written by your insurer where as for any large loss, you might receive an advance by your insurer to bare the cost required to repair or rebuild your house throughout every process. Check with your agent in advance to plan better.
  • Time line. If you are not in comply with your insurer’s analysis of your policy, it is really important to contact them immediately and resolve those issues. Be in contact with your insurance company’s claim representative and ensure that you will be back in your home sooner with their help.