Don’t Default on Your Homeowners Insurance!

Defaults on Home InsuranceIn rough economic times, it might be difficult to find the cash to do anything other than pay your bills. And under certain conditions, it may even be difficult to simply do that. But no matter how tough times get, you don’t want to default on your homeowners insurance. It’s not just a matter of you not wanting your investment to go unprotected; your lender doesn’t want its investment to go unprotected, either. And if your lending institution finds out that you’ve lapsed on your home insurance, you could be in for a very expensive surprise. Most lenders include a clause in their contracts that in the event a home is uninsured, they may insure it at will – and you’ll have to pay the premiums, which are often much higher than the one you selected yourself. So how can you prevent this from happening when money’s tight?

Discount House Insurance

Obviously, it’s imperative that any homeowner manages his finances responsibly, but even the most careful person can have a run of bad luck and be faced with unexpected bills. Divorce, illness or the loss of a job can all compromise your finances, so if you own a house, it’s in your best interest to select an insurance policy that you can absolutely afford well before disaster strikes. Shop around and inquire about discount house insurance, and see if it meets your minimum coverage requirements. This way, you wind up spending less on insurance, which can save you lots of cash in the long run!


Car Insurance Shopping Checklist

Refer ChecklistCar insurance shopping can be confusing, and when you’re looking for cheap auto insurance that still offers you adequate coverage, you need to take many different factors into account in order to find the best deal. One of the most helpful tools you can have when you’re looking for cheap auto insurance is a car insurance checklist like the one below. Keep this checklist on hand when you request quotes so you can be sure you don’t forget anything that could get you a better deal.

  • Your personal information. You’ll need your legal name, driver’s license number and address.
  • Information about your car. Write down your car’s make, model, and year.
  • Mileage. Make a note of the mileage on your car before you request any quotes. Also estimate the amount of miles you drive each month.
  • State legal coverage requirements. Though each insurance carrier will automatically pull up your state’s legal coverage requirements when they know your address, it’s a good idea to be aware of them yourself.
  • Accidents or moving violations. These will be automatically calculated into your insurance rates based on your driver’s license information. However, if you have not been involved in accidents or had any moving violations for the past three years, most carriers will give you a discount.
  • Defensive driving course. If you’ve completed a defensive driving course, ask how this influences your insurance rates. Most carriers offer discounts upon proof of completion.
  • Anti-theft and safety devices. If you have an anti-theft device in your car, write down its make and model, and list any safety devices such as airbags and anti-lock brakes.


Single Again? Comparing Insurance Quotes for a New Start

A New BeginningIt’s a sad fact of life that relationships come to an end. Separation, divorce and death are devastating events that have a direct impact on you physically, mentally, and financially. In order to be prepared for how this change could impact your wallet, you’ll need to review your insurance policies and start comparing insurance quotes that reflect your new situation.

Comparing Insurance

Before comparing insurance quotes, take some time to outline what your personal coverage requirements are, as your comfort level will determine the amount of coverage you need. When comparing insurance, it’s also important to realize that being the sole policyholder, you’ll lose family discounts, multi-car discounts and double income on your home insurance. Being single or widowed will affect your rates. However, you may find that you need less coverage than before. No matter whether you want to compare homeowner insurance or car insurance, it’s both efficient and easy to go to a trustworthy insurance comparison site like AgentInsure. AgentInsure makes comparing insurance as easy as a few clicks with your mouse. You simply fill out your information in the required fields, choose from which insurance carriers you’d like to receive quotes, and AgentInsure does the rest. Once you have the resulting quotes on your screen, you can take your time comparing insurance quotes and selecting the one that provides the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Car Insurance with a Clean Driving Record

No Violations, No Tickets Whether you want to compare auto quotes because you’re not satisfied with your current auto insurance carrier, or you always compare auto quotes once a year to see if you can get a better deal, the less tickets and traffic violations you have, the better. If you compare vehicle insurance for a driver with a couple of DUIs to that of a driver with no violations, it’s clear that maintaining a clean driving record not only saves lives, but also saves a lot of cash.

Break the Law, Break the Bank
Having one or more traffic violations on your record will severely impact the costs of your auto insurance. That’s why it’s so important to follow traffic rules and never break any laws. The reason is simple: if you run a red light, you can cause a serious accident and be responsible for serious bodily harm and material damages. You can compare auto quotes for days, but there’s no avoiding the additional costs to your auto insurance. Every auto insurance carrier will consider you to be a risk, and will calculate the costs of that risk into your premiums.

Compare Auto Quotes with a Clean Driving Record
You’ll notice the advantages of a clean driving record when you compare auto quotes. A clean driving record will result in much lower monthly premiums, and when you compare auto quotes, it will give you the freedom to choose an auto insurance policy that is affordable and provides you with adequate coverage. So when you compare auto quotes, make sure to list your own coverage requirements, as well as what you can afford in premiums and deductibles. This way you’re informed about your own situation when you compare auto quotes.