Does My Insurance Cover Me if I Drive to Mexico?

Does My Insurance Cover Me if I Drive to Mexico?If your next vacation takes you beyond American borders, you’ll want to consider how this might affect your auto insurance coverage. For south of the border excursions, the U.S. State Department claims you should assume that your American auto insurance policy will not cover you for any traffic accidents that may happen in this region. To acquire proper coverage, you will have to purchase Mexican automobile liability insurance from an insurance company with proper authorization from the Mexican government.

According to the law in Mexico, drivers must be able to pay for all damages to the involved party when the accident occurs. Failure to purchase Mexican insurance can significantly limit your ability to pay for these damages, which AAA claims could even result in jail time while an investigation is being conducted. Although the consequences for not having Mexican auto insurance are harsh, the solution is relatively easy. According to AAA, you can purchase valid Mexican auto insurance fairly easily from a broker that sells it along the border. This is usually the most effective method, since you would not even have to cross the Mexican border to purchase the necessary insurance, which would drastically reduce your risk of getting into an uncovered accident.

Although Mexican law does not require you to purchase collision insurance, it is certainly worth considering to ensure protection on your vehicle in case of an auto accident. Collision coverage included in your American insurance policy may not cover damage that occurs while you’re in Mexico, so it’s important to understand the risk you are taking if you fail to purchase Mexican collision coverage. Some additional considerations to make when purchasing Mexican auto insurance is including coverage for legal aid and bail bond as part of your insurance policy. This may be necessary since Mexican law tends to assume that all parties involved in a crime are guilty until proven innocent, which could lead to your detainment until the police reach a consensus.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Is CoveredMost of us need a rental car at one time or another. Sometimes it’s because your own car’s in the shop, and other times you need to rent a bigger vehicle for a trip or to move. And when you go to pick up your vehicle, there’s always that question, “Do you want insurance?” Before you request an easy car insurance quote, assess whether you want your policy to cover rental vehicles as well as your regular car so you know the answer to that question before it’s asked.

Requesting Easy Car Insurance Quotes
When you request easy car insurance quotes, it’s always smart to have all your information and requirements for your new car insurance policy at hand. Easy car insurance quotes are quite comprehensive and give you enough information to make an informed decision. However, easy car insurance quotes might not include all the details about what your coverage is when you rent a vehicle. For example, in some states, your car insurance automatically covers you for any vehicle you drive, whether that’s a rental car or a friend’s wheels. But in most cases, that coverage does not extend to commercial vehicles. So in addition to an easy car insurance quote, you might want to call an insurance agent to clarify the terms outlined in your easy car insurance quote.

AgentInsure’s Easy Car Insurance Quotes
AgentInsure, one of the nation’s leaders in auto insurance comparisons, provides easy car insurance quotes and puts you in touch with a licensed insurance agent in your area. When you’re comparing auto insurance quotes, your agent will be happy to clarify the terms and conditions outlined for you.