Ways to Save Money on my Boat Insurance

Did you know that you could save money on your boat insurance policy? If you own a boat, of any type, you know the importance of having adequate insurance to cover any type of damage you may have. However, there’s no reason why you should overpay for this type of protection. If you are working with an independent agent, it is possible to get a lower price on the insurance you need. The key here is to find the right policy for you and to ask for the lowest price available.

You Can Bundle It

One of the easiest ways to save money on your boat insurance policy is simply to bundle this insurance policy with other insurance products you have. If you have auto insurance, homeowners insurance, or even business insurance, if you buy them from the same company, you can bundle the policies together. This can save you a substantial amount of money immediately without any reduction in the coverage you have. Do not have a separate policy just for your recreational vehicle.

Be a Good Driver

Often times, insurance companies will reduce the cost of coverage to you if you do not file claims often. Just as a good driver gets a discount on his or her auto insurance, a good boat owner also reduces his or her costs by not filing claims often. This does mean maintaining your boat properly and ensuring only those with experience are behind the wheel. In some cases, claim-free boaters can save as much as 25 percent.

Additional Discounts May Apply

There are likely other insurance policy discounts available to you. In some cases, you may get a discount for completing a safety course. You may save if you have more than one boat to cover on the same policy. If you are the original owner and the boat is paid in full, you may also qualify for a lower rate.

When it comes to getting the lowest possible cost related to your boaters insurance, work with an independent agent. This agent will help you to compare policies form numerous insurance providers until you find the one with the lowest overall cost to you. Ultimately, comparison-shopping could save you the most money of any of these discounts. You just need to know who has the best policy at the lowest rate. Your independent agent will help you to track this down.

Remembering Home Insurance Companies

Remembering Home Insurance CompaniesWith many insurance companies in the market offering you best deals, there are certain things you need to remember regarding home insurance companies.

  • Your credit history. Every insurance agent will check for your credit score, its history and also your rapport with previous insurance companies. If you fail to have a good credit history or multiple car crashes, it simply means high premium.
  • If you are on a high risk, insurance companies will have to take those risk factors into consideration as they will be paying to replace the loss from risks. Hence, you will end up paying more premiums as you will need the services to be rendered by the insurance company sooner to cover those losses.
  • Basic home insurance policy will cover your home and its content for their replacement cost value. This makes the agent to delve deep and query in order to know the materials used in construction, age of appliances used, square footage, architecture of the building, updates on electrical, heating and plumbing systems, any detached structures, quality of flooring and roofing materials and many more.
  • If you try saving your money now and tend to hide the age of heating or plumbing systems, then think twice. When any loss occurs, your insurance company will pay you only for the replacement cost value of the asset as per the details given by you. Hence, being truthful and accurate becomes necessary.
  • Your prized possessions. Valuables such as jewelery, furs, silver, electronic equipments, some antiques and many more needs a separate policy. These valuables usually need a clause in the policy. It is always better to check with your home insurance company or the agent. Also, remember to cover these valuables for their replacement cost value and do not hide the correct value from the insurer.

Is Now a Bad Time to Own a New Car?

Want to Buy A New Car?It seems that everywhere you look, there are signs of financial distress. Even the credit rating of the United States has taken a hit, and you probably know a few people who are out of work. Given all of the uncertainty, is now really the best time to own a new car – especially when you consider factors like the high cost of new car insurance? Experts say that as long as you do your due diligence and compare auto quotes before buying, there’s no reason not to.

As it turns out, one of the greatest concerns that new car owners have – incredibly high rates for new car insurance – can be handily addressed just by shopping around and knowing your options.

Do you own a home? If you haven’t done so already, combine your home insurance policy with your auto insurance policy to get the biggest savings. Even some of the cheapest car insurance companies out there can’t compete when you compare auto quotes against those you’ll get from your home insurer.

Don’t own a home? You can still take advantage of a combo package if you have renter’s insurance or life insurance. Before looking anywhere else, check into this. You could be sitting on a practical goldmine of savings and not even know it.

The bottom line is this: there’s always going to be economic uncertainty. But as long as you know how to save money and you practice proven methods of doing so, like not settling on the first insurance company that will approve you, you can have the things that you deserve without sacrificing your financial well being.

Recommended Insurance Coverage

Insurance for home , car and lifeThere are all different levels of insurance, from the minimum required by Texas State law to absolutely the best coverage that will protect you against just about any possible contingency. The recommended insurance coverage for different types of insurance usually falls somewhere in the middle. Listed below are some good levels of insurance coverage that are suitable for most people.

Automobile Insurance

The basic minimum coverage by state law is 30/60/25, which translates into $30,000 in liability coverage for physical injury you caused in an accident to one person or $60,000 for all occupants and $25,000 for property damage that was your fault. A more appropriate amount would be 100/300/50 because if you are in a serious accident, the damages could far exceed the minimum coverage amounts and you may be held personally liable for the difference.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. It is prudent to get as complete coverage as possible, which is normally a HO-C policy. The HO-C is the most comprehensive of the standard homeowners policies and protects against most losses with full replacement value coverage. That is important, because it will allow you to get a brand new mattress equal to the cost of an equivalent mattress that might be 10 years old and that has only a fraction of the cash value of a new mattress. The HO-C policy costs a little more but covers just about everything except those specifically excluded in the policy.

Life Insurance

Term life is a much better value for your dollar than whole life coverage. Term life is strictly insurance coverage, while whole life has a savings component to it that does not warrant the much higher cost than term. Recommended coverage would be about 10 times your annual income.


Does the Car Model I Drive Affect My Insurance Rate?

Car Model Does Affect RatesWhen you buy a new car, the cost of insuring it is probably not the first thing on your mind. However, the car model you drive greatly affects your insurance rates because each car model is assigned a risk number by insurance carriers. This risk number is based on the repair or replacement costs after an accident or theft. If you’re serious about keeping your insurance rates to a minimum while still having maximum coverage, it’s a good idea to compare auto quotes before you actually buy your new car.

Comparing auto insurance quotes is free and costs only a small time investment—and can save you cash. You can compare auto quotes by requesting quotes for a number of models from different insurance agencies. When you compare auto quotes to find the model that will cost the least, make sure to fill out all additional information on the form, or you might wind up misinterpreting the quotes.

You can also compare auto quotes by using an online comparison site. One of the most trustworthy sites to compare auto quotes is AgentInsure, which instantly connects you to its nationwide network of licensed agents. With AgentInsure’s help, you can compare auto quotes for each model you’re interested in and determine which one is most financially feasible for you. After you compare auto quotes and you’ve decided which car model to buy, AgentInsure can help you select the best policy for all your driving needs.