Sudden Jerks While Driving

Sudden Jerks while DrivingDriving is always a part of your daily routine. While driving to school, work or even holidays, you will end up spending most of your time on roads. Do remember, there are instances where things do change in split seconds. A brake fail, tire blow out, a car ahead of you deviates from it’s path causing a jerk to you and your passengers and many more. You need to always be prepared to face such emergencies.

Blown Out Tires

This is a frequently occurring instance. Instead of sudden brakes in a situation where the vehicle is in speed, do the following:

  • Keep the gas pedal squeezed for few seconds and release it slowly.
  • Drive straight, do not take immediate turns until the vehicle slows down. When in speed, you tend to lose control over the vehicle when trying to take a turn.
  • Gently take your car towards the hard shoulder, preferably on same side of blown out tire.
  • When the car slows down, if necessary apply brakes lightly.

Failure of Brakes

When car brake fails, do not panic. Instead follow the below steps:

  • Quickly pump the brakes trying to build up a residual pressure.
  • Pull to lower gear. Due to friction and wind pressure, the car will slow down.
  • Using hand brake would bring you vehicle to safe mode.
  • Find some bushes, fence or even guard rails on road to rub your car against them to bring your vehicle to a halt.

Sudden Stop

Few situations where a bicyclist interrupts your way, a vehicle ahead of you meets with an accident or applies sudden brake, a pedestrian passes by, causing a sudden brake to your vehicle. You should know how to stop your vehicle quickly, yet safely. If you have anti lock brakes installed, then you can slam on it and hold to it until the car completely stops. Anti lock brakes helps in controlling the steering. If, you do not have the safety device installed then, gently squeeze brakes to ensure the wheels do not skid. Until the vehicle comes to halt, do not try to turn the wheel as brakes locked will block the steering and an attempt can make you to lose control over your vehicle.

Screen Doorways – Safety and Security

Screen Doorways Safety & SecurityDo you want to enjoy fresh air staying indoors? Should the air be clean, free from dust or pollution? All this is made possible by mesh doors which are easily accessible using remote control. These doors are not only easy to use, convenient, affordable but also helps you stay safe and guards your valuables. Retractable doors also give you a good visual appearance.

People today are very much concerned about protecting themselves from hazards, skin diseases due to harmful UV rays and break-in. It is really important to know about the pros and cons of having doorways and also about the materials used in framing these doors. People always opt for wood, metal or plastic materials as frames. But people need to realize that wood frames though spectacular, gets worn out soon due to change in weather conditions. Be it metal, steel or aluminum, gets corroded or becomes resilient to influences outside. With people looking for more considerable and easily affordable frames opt for vinyl frames.

Screen Doors

With advancement in technology, there are many kinds of screen doors. A retractable door and roll up doors fitting into the tube, these doors not only looks spectacular but also enlightens your entrance door which can be of fair cost. Other types of doors are sliding doors, electronic doors which can be accessed by remote control. Such screen doors protect you, your pet and family members from UV rays. They are also weather resistant, highly durable and strong to withstand drastic changes in climate.

Many companies today produce different types of screen doors in order to meet customer’s expectations. These do not cost lot of cash and one time fix lasts for long. With different price versions, they are worth the price paid with added benefits. With mesh doors you can stay inside your home and answer a stranger, preventing theft. Screen doors assure safety and gives security.

Securing Home Against Water Damage

Prevent Water DamageRising losses of mold damage and water damage have terrified the insurance companies. Insurance companies cast out your home if a single report related to water damage. One of the cited reasons in claims on home insurance  is water damage. One should not get surprised by the causes of it because there are many possibilities. It may be caused due to bursting of pipes, heavy rain and bathtub overflowing. If there is a leak in the roof, pipes burst suddenly, when the water flows from the washing machine, sink, or dishwasher then the home insurance might probably pay. But you should prove to the insurance company that the damages caused were beyond your control and unintentional.

What’s Covered ?

Insurers liability is often related to water damages and does  not help to the repair any of the appliances. For your appliance to be repaired you will have to pay from your own pocket. There are wide range of problems caused by plumbing. It includes from a small leaks to flooding of the house which is a big problem. It is better that the owner notify the insurer in prior if the home insurance will cover the plumbing line links. If you maintain your house properly then your home insurance company will not reject your claims with water damages. You should eliminate the opportunity to shift blame on your house as lack of maintenance.

Annual check of the entire house and necessary repair and maintenance work should be done time to time rather than checking it every month. Roof, water system, ceiling of roof and inspection of  the pipes are included. Those that are not in your hands and out of control cant be avoided but try to prevent water damages so that your home insurance will handle it. To minimize the occurrence, mold covering, dehumidifying the wet areas and drying can be done.

You Do These Mistakes While Driving ?

Be Aware of MistakesMistakes do occur. It can happen knowingly or unknowingly. You need to realize, if there is any way where you can avoid certain mistakes. The outcome of mistakes can be worse or even more. Surveys have found that every driver has committed a mistake, be it minor. Here listed are few which you can try to avoid accidents and further damages.

Tips to Consider

Driving Aggressively: One common mistake found in most of the citizens of Texas is aggressive driving. Statistics says that 56% of destructive accidents and car crashes are caused majorly by driving aggressively. Driving in extreme speed, racing amongst friends, tailgating and trying to break traffic rules. Many drivers do admit their mistakes of driving vehicles rashly when in aggressive mood. Have a control over your aggression and drive smoothly and peacefully abiding to traffic rules.

Operating Devices: Use of mobile phones, instant messaging devices, iPhones, iPods or any other electronic gadgets for entertainment purpose while on long journeys. When a driver tends to do multi-tasking, he might end up messing on it and get diverted from driving which can easily cause an accident. When the control over driving is lost it causes collision with any object or tree or cause damage to another car on highway.

Pranks: Usually found in teenage drivers. They tend to turn signals, shout or howl at other drivers, play loud music, race with other cars, distracting other drivers on the road. It might sound funny for them but sending wrong signals confuses, causes distress or aggression to other motorists. A complete attention while driving on highways is a must in order to avoid unforeseen accidents.

Minor Mistakes: Mistakes cannot be ignored, be it major or minor. Perform an overall observation before moving. If you are not looking around while moving, then it has all the potential to become a serious one. Do not move when it is not safe to do so. While applying brakes to stop the vehicle in emergencies, do it fast and promptly. You need to have the control of vehicle and not let it skid. Look carefully while taking turns or reverse. Learn how to operate other ancillary controls such as wipers, head lights and parking lights. You need to show awareness towards traffic rules, give importance to bicycle riders and pedestrians while on drive, to be a safe and an excellent driver.

Classic Thoughts About Cell Phone and Driving

Cell phones are dangerous while drivingThe cell phone statistics of car accident shows that text messaging while driving is the most serious activity related to cell phone. In other words, they believed it is unsafe to hold the cell phone in hand will driving. A major part of car accidents have been set apart to cell phone related distraction. It is believe that most crashes involving teen drivers are due alcohol but at same time even the cell phones are one of the primary causes of most teen crashes in the major part of the accidents.

Cell Phone Driving – Not Safe

Loss of Substantial control– It is observed that many drivers try and use only one hand on the steering wheel but it is important to use both the hands on the steering wheel during an emergency, as it is not safe to driver using a single hand. When the drivers keep talking on the cell phones and driving with one hand at the same time, they operate to hang onto the phone instead they drop it for additional vehicle control.

Peripheral driving vision to be taken away by cell phones- When driving a vehicle the peripheral vision is constantly used even without your notice. It is just more of a subconscious thing that happens which you will be using it most of the time. Holding a phone onto my ear, hand, my arm, and even the cell phone itself is limiting the peripheral vision. The movement of neck restrictions will be caused by the physical act of holding the phone.

Drop age of Phone – When it comes to driving and cell phones, people come through some trouble in dangling on to the phone! Whether it is fumbling to answer the ringing cell phone, cell phones get dropped much often in cars or striking the huge pothole. Instinctively, the driver will go down to grab the phone and crash into a bus. The forceful prospect of holding a phone while driving is the beginning and the biggest reason as to why our driving becomes impaired.

Speeding Cars – Drive Safely

Safe Drive Saves LifeSpeeding increase the rate at which an accident can occur and also causes a sever crash, where as it is that time which can actually avoid a crash provided the speed is limited. So speeding is not only dangerous but also expensive. You also waste fuel over speeding as fast driving consumes more fuel. Most of the time accidents occur when they are in a hurry to get to their destination.

Speeding is not only found on freeways, also on local streets and is a big problem for many other commuters who opt for surface streets, as it is more safe which can help them escape traffic and congestion. A good weather condition out tempts even the most experienced and conscious driver to get out for a jolly ride, specially when the roads are set open after a snow or slush. Traveling more than the limited speed can be dangerous specially in unfavorable weather conditions.

Avoid Speeding To Prevent Accidents

One of the biggest hazards happening on roads is due to speeding drivers. So follow the below steps to have a safe driving:

  • Plan well ahead. Take enough travel time to avoid speeding or rushing to reach your destination.
  • Before you leave, check for traffic report on news or on web,so that you are well aware about the traffic and congestion. This will help you in setting appropriate time needed.
  • Adjusting your drive to meet any conditions while on road is a must. Slowing down on wet road, keeping enough distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you are certain things u need to remember while driving.
  • There can be sudden changes in speed, set yourself and our vehicle to adjust to such conditions. Be aware about how to deal when across pedestrian crossing, bicycle riders, sharp curves, highways etc
  • Let your vehicle be fitted with a flat tire, your vehicle tends to lose control while on high speed. Especially in icy or wet conditions, your vehicle has less traction and control.
  • If you are hurrying up just to attend a business meeting or speeding up as you are getting late in reaching your destination, it’s better to be late and apologize later than risking lives.
  • It’s not a mandatory law to wear a seat belt but it could definitely keep you away from any fatality related to speed.
  • Lastly, do not be trapped. There are small towns who mint money from the speeders to earn their living. You might not find such traps in cities, as cops follow your speeding but in towns you can be busted and threatened directly. You will be fined at places where radar detectors are being used. You cannot escape and win over it.

Outlast Crashes with New SUV

Get Rid of Car CrashesStatistics say: Ohio has a high number of, nearly seven million drivers who hold their license. 7% amongst them are below 21 age. Recent record in United States shows 38,252 crashes which were fatal. 8,000 and even more of the crashes occurred between the drivers of 15 to 20 years old. Out of those crashes, 125 drivers were found to be intoxicated and rest 20 were called fatal.

Major crashes occur on roads where placard displays a speed limit of 40mph or less and also within 25 miles away from home. Everyday, more and more incidents occur and cases logged are piling up. Although, many preventive measures have been taken to bring down the crashes which occur, they still account for minor percentage of deaths occurring due to car crashes.

An Equipped SUV

Car crash rates were found to be the lowest for few SUVs such as Land Rover, Nissan Armada, LR-3, Ford Edge, Land Rover and Range Rover Sport. The credit goes to the researchers for installing an electronic device to stabilize control of the vehicle using engine power and brakes to keep smooth and safer driving on the road. Many SUVs are being redesigned to avoid crashes to an extent. Additional features such as side air bags, automatic braking, infrared night vision, adaptive cruise control, traction control systems, emergency brake assist, precrash system and many more add up to form an completely equipped SUV for a safe drive.

Car Safety – To Secure Life

On owning such expensive and fully equipped car, a minor crash can cause damage resulting in heavy amount for repair. The features of a car with a good crash worthiness rating not only protect your vehicle from any crash but also will help in availing discounts on your car insurance rates. More the prevention, more is the safety. Your insurance provider will consider the measures taken and thus reducing your premium rates. Avoiding a crash, simply means securing your life.

Your Pet Dog Rover Could be a Big Home Insurance Liability

Holds LiabilityA word to the wise: keeping your pet under control won’t only prevent you from incurring the ire of your neighbors, but it could also have a significant impact on your ability to keep the homeowner insurance you have and receive good rates on home insurance quotes.

You don’t have to look far to find stories about dogs that suddenly snap, and the image of the mail carrier being chased down the street by an angry ankle-biter is one that we’re all familiar with – a real life scenario that postal workers are probably all too well acquainted with. So what does this have to do with your homeowners insurance? A lot, in fact.

Believe it or not (and you’d be better off believing it) reports of insurance companies downgrading existing customers from receiving their best homeowner insurance rates as the result of the their dog biting someone are common. In some cases, insurance companies have actually gone to the lengths of dropping customers if they have reason to suspect that the homeowner’s dog is a danger that could come back to “bite” them in the form of injury claims.

So what’s a conscientious dog owner to do? Nothing, if you already take steps to control your pet beast. But if you’re not a conscientious dog owner and your pet is the terror of the neighborhood, you’d do well to invest in an outdoor dog run, heightened property fences, or obedience classes for dear old Rover if you don’t want to see your home insurance quotes skyrocket.