Does my New York home insurance cover vandalism?

Vandalism is a covered peril under the broad and special forms of homeowners’ insurance and dwelling policies. In New York, homeowners’ insurance policies come in several forms. HO-2, HO-3, and HO-5 all cover vandalism on buildings and contents.

A dwelling policy is similar to a homeowner policy, but it is intended for owned property rented to others. Dwelling covers the buildings, but does not have automatic contents coverage.

Apartment contents insurance, HO-4, covers vandalism of contents. Condominium policies, HO-6 and HO-8, are popular in New York City, and both cover vandalism on contents, and to some extent, on the structure of your condo unit.

In order for the coverage to be effective, however, the dwelling must be either occupied or unoccupied, but not vacant. The definition of occupied is obvious, someone is actively living currently in the home.

Unoccupied means furnished, but nobody currently resides there. Summer homes fit this category, or perhaps the owners are on an extended vacation.

If nobody resides in the home as witnessed by no furniture or no utilities, and it has been vacant for sixty days, then the vandalism coverage is voided. Ensuing damage, such as fire, will not be covered either.

Vandalism includes malicious mischief too. The distinction involves intent. Malicious mischief may be simple recklessness without the intent to damage someone else’s property. Vandalism is always the intentional act of damaging other people’s property.

Comparing Home Insurance and Content Insurance

Cover Your Home and It's ContentAre you looking for some extra discounts on your home and it’s contents insurance? By voluntarily raising the excess, it is possible. Where, excess is that amount of money an insured agrees to pay on claims made over his insurance. This option might not be provided by every home insurance company. It differs from one policy to another, however, you can check with your agent much before you buy one. If the insured opts for high excess, then he will be given a higher deduction on his premium rates, thus making it cheaper. This can definitely be a huge cost saving.


Deciding on buying an insurance is much easier than finding a reputable insurance company to deal with your belongings. To ensure that the company you are bonding with is legitimate, check with your state Department of Insurance (DOI) or Financial Services Authority (FSA). These firms regulates the carriers and ensures that the insurance companies follow the business under set regulations, deals reasonably and also delivers good service to it’s customers. If any insurance company you want to buy a policy with is not registered under FSA or DOI, as a customer you will not be owning enough coverages.

Building Versus Content

When you want to buy an insurance to protect your building and it’s content, it is very important to make sure that you are appropriately protected. Few tips you need to remember is to cover your building for the price of entire structure rather than just it’s market value. However, with contents insurance, you can just cover it with today’s market price or it’s replacement price but not the purchase price. In order to obtain a cheap home insurance policy, you will need to do a bit of research and exactly understand what needs to be considered when purchasing new contents for your home.

You as an individual always tend to forget to insure electrical and digital devices of your house. These devices are expensive and hence cost a lot of money to get back. Do not neglect them, rather give a proper protection under your home insurance policy. There are many websites offering you wide variety of discounts and covering in your policy. Every search and reaching the right company for best deal is made easy by just a click. Provide every small detail of your house, make an inventory and opt for a home and it’s content insurance today.