What are the Most Common Overlooked Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive insurance covers the cost of damage done to your vehicle or home that was neither your fault nor the fault of another party. The damage covered by this type of coverage plan would include natural disasters, theft, vandalism, animal damage, harsh encounter with falling objects (branch, roofing material, etc.), and so on. Because many of these damages are so common, the benefits are unlimited for those who take advantage of comprehensive insurance. This can be especially important if your car or home is new and relatively expensive. The damages done to a more expensive car or home tend to cost more to repair, which is why a good comprehensive coverage plan would help you out tremendously in this situation.

You might also want to consider the area in which you live. For example, if you live in Florida where tropical storms and hurricanes can hit on a regular basis, you are twice as likely to need the benefits provided by comprehensive insurance. In terms of theft and vandalism, you might want to consider the crime rates in your area as well, since these often determine the likelihood of the same damages happening to your home or vehicle.

The benefits of comprehensive car insurance become more obvious when you go to file the insurance claim. Your insurance company will examine the damage, subtract your deductible, and pay off your claim according to the coverage limit you set up when you first signed up for the plan. When put in perspective, this can end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars to replace or repair your vehicle or home, which is a huge relief for most people. Although comprehensive insurance certainly has its benefits for damages that may happen without anyone to blame, you should always have an additional insurance plan to cover you in case of an accident where you or another party is at fault.

How Home Insurance Liability Protects You

Home Insurance Sexuring Your HouseWhen it comes to insurance, most homeowners are concerned with coverage for the actual brick and mortar of our homes; but unfortunately, not many are aware that their home insurance liability might offer them the most amount of financial protection of their entire homeowners policies. Why? Because when a liability claim goes to court, the defendant usually winds up paying exorbitant sums in compensation, medical and legal costs. And it’s not uncommon for a defendant to go into deep debt and in the worst-case scenario, even lose his home.

What Home Insurance Liability Covers

Imagine this: a guest in your home slips on the stairs and breaks her leg. She sues you and you wind up not only having to pay her medical bills, but also her legal costs, as well as a steep hike in your own insurance rates. If you don’t have adequate home insurance coverage, this could be a very challenging financial scenario. But with comprehensive insurance coverage that includes home insurance liability, the other person’s medical and legal costs are covered, as are the costs of your own representation. This means that your finances are protected and you won’t have to worry about selling your home to pay damages.

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How Much Insurance Should You Carry on Your Clunker?

Clunkers and It's ValueIf you drive a clunker, you’ve probably had people tell you that you could save a huge chunk of cash by dropping everything but liability insurance. The savings you could rack up are self-evident—to get an idea of exactly how much you could save, compare vehicle insurance premiums online sometime. But is relying solely on liability insurance such a smart idea?

Not a lot of people like to imagine life without collision or comprehensive insurance. If you carry both, you’re essentially covering yourself for any damage that occurs to your vehicle in an accident, or if your car falls victim to other hazards outside of the realm of a collision—like if someone steals your car, guts it, and leaves it for dead in a ditch somewhere.

The thing is, if you’re driving a heap that’s only worth a few hundred bucks, you could be throwing money away by paying for collision and comprehensive—both of which, combined, account for about half of your entire car insurance monthly payment.

Ultimately, the decision depends entirely upon your circumstance. If you’re upside down in your car, it’s never a good idea to expose yourself to financial ruin by not insuring it adequately. However, if the car is paid off and isn’t worth insuring, you could save a significant amount of money every month by scaling back to the bare minimum that law requires you to have, like liability, which will pay for any damages you cause to other vehicles.

Nature’s Dangerous Act – Falling Trees

Be Aware of After Effects of Falling TreesTrees Falling are one of the common risk you could come across as a owner of the home during ice storms and snow, but the extra insurance coverage depends on the context. Ice storms, windstorms, lightning, fires and even insects damage could cause big branches  or trees to fall on your house and cause major property damage. Look out for trees that hang over the power lines, dead trees, trees with trunk cracks or hollows trees.

Know About the Important Coverages

Below are some of the ways as to how would the coverage work under few scenarios:

  • If the tree in your neighbor’s space fell and cause damage to your house and its contents, and other structures on the property. You can claim under your homeowners insurance policy.
  • In case a tree in your area fell on your free garage and roof is damaged. Standard homeowners insurance covers free structures. The removal and damage of the tree will be covered under your home insurance policy.
  • In case if a tree falls on your neighbor’s property or on the house and cause damage then under their insurance policy they can file the claim on their property.
  • If your neighbors tree fall on your compound then your insurer should go and consult your neighbors insurer to cover the damages of your compound. At that point of time you will be reimbursed for the amount of deductible you had insured with.
  • In case your car is damaged when a tree fell in your driveway. This would be covered in your comprehensive insurance. Any damage to your vehicle  will be paid from causes other than car accidents, such as natural disasters, vandalism, collisions with theft and animals.
  • The insurance company not only  pays if the tree has fallen on your home or other structures, it also pays if the tree is fallen on the road.

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Overlooked Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage

Consider Comprehensive CoverageComprehensive insurance allows auto owners to repair their vehicles when damaged from weather or natural damage and vandalism. Comprehensive insurance is one of the most used aspects of an auto policy. There are three major benefits that come from having comprehensive insurance.

  1. Major Peril Benefits: When it comes time to file a claim. Theft, fire damage, storm damage, and many others are covered by this coverage.
  2. Glass and Rental Car Benefits: Some people do not realize that some comprehensive coverage will cover a rental car. This benefit gives a driver a rental car just in case theirs is being fixed. Sometimes if you get a rental car for vacation or a trip, Your insurance covers this rental too. Always check with your agent to make sure you insurance covers a rental car in the event it is damaged. Some people are also amazed to find out that even though glass coverage is not listed on their policy it still is covered under comprehensive coverage.
  3. Loan Benefit: Most lenders want some kind of physical damage coverage to be on the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage satisfies this requirement making it possible to get the loan.
  4. Benefit of Peace of Mind: The newer the car the more concern there is from the owner about damage. Comprehensive insurance gives peace of mind that there is an option to have the vehicle fixed should the need arise from a defined peril in the coverage definitions.