Compare Quotes Before Renewing Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Choose The Best Home Owners PolicyDoes your current homeowners insurance policy provide you with all the coverage, as well as the quality service you deserve? If you’ve answered “no” to this question, it’s time to make an insurance rate comparison to see where you can get better coverage and service for a similar or lower price. What follows are some pointers on what to consider when making an insurance rate comparison for your homeowners insurance policy.

  • Are the coverage limits high enough? Especially for those who own homes that are worth over $300,000, it’s essential that your property is insured for an adequate amount. That means that the coverage should be enough to cover realistic repair and replacement costs of your home. If you’re not sure whether this is the case, ask a realtor and an independent contractor what kind of sum you’d be looking at and compare their answers to your insurance coverage.
  • Does the homeowners insurance policy provide realistic coverage? You should always make sure that you’re covered for realistic events. For example, if you live along the East Coast, chances are you’ll face severe wind damages at least once in your life. If you live in California, you need coverage for earthquakes and wildfires. Some of these will be included in your policy, but you’ll most likely need to purchase other coverage types such as flood insurance separately. Add the total costs up before deciding whether a quote offers a good rate or not.
  • Is the insurance company trustworthy? Obviously, the larger insurance companies are well-known for a reason and know how to handle claims efficiently. But smaller, unknown companies may offer great rates too. Check their reputations with the Better Business Bureau before committing to any policy with an insurer you don’t know.


Don’t be fooled; there is no such thing as FREE shopping for Car Insurance

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Not FreeThere is a big misconception in the public that online shopping for car insurance is free!  There is no free. The sites that offer free comparison are actually gathering your information to sell to insurance agents, or are insurance companies who will try to sell you a policy. All expect something from you! Legitimate sites will have a disclosure that explains this, but most consumers never read the fine print. How many of us have read the agreement for Apple iPhone?

This is not to say that you should not get your rates online. You should. It helps you to compare rates and therefore you the consumer are in control and have choices.

However giving an insurance rate to a consumer is highly dependent on the consumer’s driving record and personal information, and in many cases, credit history.

What is a consumer to do to get a comparison of his or her rate?  The most important aspect would be to make sure you do not end up giving your personal information to a malicious website.

Choices when Shopping for Insurance

  1. Search on Google, Yahoo or Bing and take a wild swing at the websites that come up. Fill in your personal data.


    Pros and cons

    1. You have no idea who you are giving your data to, and even more wild is the fact that most of these really have no interest in giving you insurance rates. They are primarily in the business of making money by selling your information to companies who can then provide you insurance rates. It is called lead generation. Trouble is that they sell your information to multiple companies or agents. The more they sell the more money they make. You will then have five, ten or even twenty of these agents calling or emailing you to get your business. Makes your life a real nightmare!
    2. You really have no idea which of this these sites is legitimate.

  3. Go to an insurance carrier website, fill out your personal data and get a quote from that one carrier. Repeat for each additional insurance company from which you would like a quote.


    Pros and cons

    1. Painstaking. It is like going one by one to the websites of American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest Airlines etc., and not being able to compare between them on a single screen.
    2. All of these carriers (Geico, Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, Esurance, Unitrin, and Liberty Mutual to name a few) are reputed companies and you can be sure, apart from receiving sales calls, your information is generally very safe.

  5. Go to a reputable insurance comparison company like You fill in your data and get instant live quotes from multiple carriers.


    Pros and cons

    1. This is very much like going to the Orbitz or Travelocity websites. You have the ability to compare rates with the safety of reputable company that is in the business of insurance technology. Note that AgentInsure has a large network of thousands of licensed agents throughout the country.
    2. The significant difference is that your information will go to only one insurance agent and you will communicate with that agent to buy the policy. Working with an agent could further reduce your rates as they understand your specific needs and wants. You would not get a financial planner by going online and selecting the cheapest and giving them your credit card…would you? Insurance process is not very different than this.
    3. These agents are licensed agents representing over 140 multiple national and regional carriers such as mentioned in option 2b.

Consumers should take note:

Before ANY insurance carrier finalizes your insurance policy, it is normal in most states to run a background report on you. There are three types of reports that are generally run. The first is called an MVR report that shows any accidents or violations that you may have had. The second is called a loss history report that shows payments that insurance companies have made whenever you have had a claim on prior insurance coverage that you have had. The last is a soft credit rating report (run in almost all states). They check if you have paid your bills on time, or have any outstanding financial issues. Bottom line, be honest – you cannot bypass the system and hope that nobody notices. Insurance carriers have legitimate reasons to understand your background. Again, talking to an agent and discussing your situation really helps you to understand your true cost of insurance.

Blog Disclaimer:

The writer of this article is an employee of Webcetera.  Feel free to disagree with me or challenge me, just keep it polite please.

How Comparing Insurance Can Save You Cash

Save Ypur CashDid you know that comparing insurance allows you to get better coverage for the same price and can even save you cash? Whether you want to add comprehensive coverage to your car insurance, or you want to switch insurance companies because you are looking for better rates, comparing insurance online shows you how much other insurance companies would charge you for the same coverage as you currently have. For example, if you currently have liability insurance but want to add collision and comprehensive coverage because you’ve just had a baby and want to minimize your financial liability while providing maximum financial security for your family, you can request free insurance quotes and find great rates online. And finding good rates means that you can get more coverage for your money, which ultimately leads to more security in the event of an accident.

Online insurance comparison
Time is money, and when you’re looking for the best insurance coverage for the lowest rates, it’s good to know that you can get a number of free car insurance quotes from some of the nation’s leading insurance agencies with a single click of your mouse. Simply go to a reputable comparison site like AgentInsure, fill out the online form and within minutes, you’ll get your free quotes in your inbox. You’ll also get the contact details of a licensed insurance agent in your area who can help you if you have questions or want to discuss your quotes to see which option is best for you.

How to Find Cheap Auto Insurance with Maximum Coverage

Avail Maximum CoverageEvery driver wants cheap auto insurance – but nobody wants to sacrifice the amount of coverage they get simply for low rates. And whereas drivers used to have to call each insurance company separately to find out how much they’d be paying for a policy, nowadays there’s nothing easier and faster than looking for cheap auto insurance by using free insurance quotes online.

Online comparison sites offer cheap auto insurance
At trustworthy comparison websites like AgentInsure, one of the nation’s leaders in online insurance comparison sites, drivers can fill out a request for a number of free quotes, which they recieve within a matter of minutes. But efficiency and speed isn’t the only reason to look for cheap auto insurance online; many of the insurance companies that offer free insurance quotes online also offer significant discounts only through online comparison websites, which means that you won’t find those rates anywhere else! And though online comparison sites don’t guarantee they’ll get you the lowest rates, often you will find a better rate there than you’d get even if you’re a long-term customer at an insurance company. Most of the discounted rates are only offered for a limited period of time, but iit’s always smart to check if there are any super-low rates that allow you to get maximum coverage for the lowest possible rates. Why wait? Go to Agentinsure today to request your free insurance quotes online!