Are There Coastal Guidelines for Auto Insurance

For Residents of Coastal AreaThe coastline of the United States is one of the more difficult regions to obtain auto insurance. Homes that are located close to the ocean are often under strict guidelines that have to be met before the home can be insured. Cars on the other hand are a little different. A question that is often asked is whether cars have the same restrictions that homes are under?

The guidelines for car insurance are different from the guidelines for homes. Cars generally are subject to restrictions that are the same in most states with just a few variations. For instance, to insure a car the title must be in the name of the person seeking to insure it. A complete stranger cannot insure your car because they have no ownership in the car.

In some coastal states such as Florida there has to be a CARCO inspection in some of the counties in the state. A CARCO inspection is a visual inspection that has to be done to check for physical damage to a car before an insurance company will insure the car. Usually there is a span of time that the inspection has to be completed by or the insurance will be cancelled.

Insurance approval is based on different rules for each and every state. When purchasing new car insurance always ask your agent if there is anything special that needs to be completed so the insurance will remain in force. Be sure to check to see if there are restrictions on getting new insurance because of a recent disaster in the state. Sometimes insurance companies will stop selling for a period of time until a natural disaster has cleared up.