Best Classic Car Insurance

When you buy a classic car, the insurance that you need to protect your investment can differ significantly from the coverage that you require for a vehicle that you drive on a regular basis. Depending on how you intend to use your vehicle, the best classic car insurance for the vehicle can vary.

Determine the Usage

The way that you plan to use the classic car can impact the coverage that is most appropriate for your vehicle. If you plan to show the vehicle in auto shows, then you will need to take measures to protect the car against potential problems that may arise during transportation or during the show. If you plan to drive it occasionally, then you need coverage to address any concerns related to accidents.

Policies that address all of the potential concerns are always the best options for your car. You want a plan that is appropriate for the way you intend to use your vehicle to avoid any unnecessary hassles.

Compare Your Options

Never assume that the best classic car insurance is the first plan that you come across. You can compare your rates online with instant comparison tools that make the process easier or you can work with an independent agent to find a plan that is appropriate for your goals and plans.

An independent agent can help you find the right policy by providing details about the plans and answering any questions that arise. Using the online tools, you can compare your rates and find options that are budget-friendly and address your goals.

Avoiding Regular Plans

When you own a classic vehicle, the type of coverage you need is not the same as the regular policies that are available through most insurers. The reason relates to the way that you intend to use and care for your new car.

A classic car is less likely to spend time on the road or out on the street. As a result, the risk of damage is much lower. Furthermore, you are less likely to take unnecessary risks to the vehicle. A classic car policy is designed around the agreed value of the vehicle as well as the specific risks associated with classic vehicles that differ from most cars.

The best policy for your car is not always the option that you initially assume is appropriate. In the case of a classic car, you want to protect the car when it is in a show or on the road without wasting your resources on unnecessary insurance plans. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details about your options.

How to Buy Car Insurance for a Classic Car

Know How to Buy ?Classic car owners looking to buy car insurance should be very careful when requesting easy car insurance quotes. Think about it: when you’ve finally bought that 1965 Pontiac GTO Bonneville you’ve been dreaming of for years, you want it to be insured for its full classic car value, don’t you? Unfortunately, many classic car owners aren’t aware of the fact that standard car insurance insures your car for its depreciated blue book value, also referred to as Actual Cash Value or ACV, which in no way represents a collectible’s value. So what should you look for when you want to buy car insurance for a classic car?

Stated value insurance coverage. The stated value allows you to state how much the car is worth and does not bind you to the blue book value. However, the insurance carrier might not meet your stated value completely, and your classic car can still devaluate under stated value insurance coverage. Be sure to read the fine print on these types of insurance policies.

Agreed value insurance coverage. The agreed value insures your car fully for the agreed value, which you negotiate with the insurance carrier. With agreed value insurance coverage, your vehicle doesn’t depreciate, which makes it the preferred choice for classic car owners.

Buy car insurance with AgentInsure
AgentInsure makes finding the best deal on classic car insurance easy and efficient. Simply enter your information in the online form and you’ll immediately receive a number of quotes for your review. You also have the option of contacting a licensed agent in your area to discuss any details you’re concerned about. To buy car insurance for a classic car, request your free quote from AgentInsure today!

How to Get the Best Classic Car Insurance

Get the best car insurance policyWho doesn’t love the sight and sound of a shiny, white 1953 Corvette cruising down the highway? And if the Corvette happens to be yours, you’ll want to make sure you have the best classic car insurance in case your pride and joy is damaged or stolen.

Classic Car Auto Insurance Quote
A quote for auto insurance for a classic car takes different factors into account than a quote for a regular car, and also offers different coverage. Of course, you can always request a quote for auto insurance from a mainstream insurance carrier, but in most cases, the coverage won’t reflect the true value of your classic vehicle. Many experienced classic car collectors advise requesting a quote from a company that specializes in classic car insurance. These companies understand that your classic car’s age actually adds to its value. When you compare auto insurance quotes for a vintage vehicle from a specialized company to one from a mainstream company, you’ll notice that both the premiums and the coverage reflect the value of your vehicle. This is especially important when it comes to repairs and damages, as it’s oftentimes costly to get the specialized work and parts needed for classic cars.

Classic Car Replacement Value
It can be difficult to determine the replacement value of your classic car, especially as some rare models cannot be replaced at all. That said, when you request a quote for auto insurance, you can estimate the value, or if necessary contact an insurance agent to help you. As one of the most trusted names in insurance comparison, AgentInsure can help you get the best classic car insurance today!

Some Facts About Classic and Antique Car Insurance

Secure it with InsuranceIf you’ve ever seen an old restored Nash Rambler or a Plymouth Fury tooling about town, the thought has probably crossed your mind: how much does antique car insurance cost, anyway? Surely the people behind the wheel must be paying an arm and a leg to cover the potential damages for these gorgeous moving relics. But surprisingly enough, classic car insurance is a lot cheaper than you might have thought.

The fact is, classic cars are less frequently driven. The odds that you’ll ever find anyone using an antique car for anything other than Sunday afternoon drives or trips to the nearest car show are slim to none. You’re also less likely to find a restored classic parked curbside overnight—their owners typically keep them locked safely away when they’re not in use, putting them at far lower risk for theft. And insurance companies know this, which is one of the factors that makes classic car insurance more easily affordable than coverage for the average late model sports car.

Antique car insurance, sometimes referred to as collector car insurance, differs from standard insurance in that both car owner and insurer must arrive at an agreed value for repair or replacement. Since the value of a well-kept classic car actually increases over time, the owner must provide official estimates of the car’s value to get adequate coverage.

Is it any wonder, then, that anytime you cross paths with an antique car the person behind the wheel is wearing a mile-wide grin instead of a grimace of constant worry? Three words: it’s the insurance.

Getting Classic Car Insurance Quotes Online

Find Classic Car Insurance Quotes at AgentInsureAlthough insurance policies for classic cars are slightly different from that of regular vehicles, shopping for classic car insurance quotes can be done online exactly the same as you would for any other vehicle. With AgentInsure, you are just a few clicks away from finding the car insurance policy that gives you the amount of coverage you want at the price you want it.

About Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance is different from regular car insurance. Regular cars depreciate every year, but antique or classic cars not only hold their value but also increase in value each year. Drivers seeking classic car insurance quotes should consider looking for insurance agencies that will cover the full or “agreed value” of your classic car. This means that if your car is totaled in an accident or stolen, you will receive a check for the full appreciated value of your vehicle. Finding an insurance agency that will provide that kind of coverage can be challenging. Make it simple by shopping for your classic car insurance at AgentInsure.

Before looking for classic car insurance quotes online, hire an appraiser to determine the full value of your classic car. Be sure to provide any receipts and restoration paperwork you may have acquired showing the costs of labor and parts. This will help the insurance company give you a quote that will reflect the true value of your classic car. It is important to get quotes from multiple sources in order to make accurate comparisons and select a policy that suits your needs. AgentInsure makes that fast and simple by providing multiple classic car insurance quotes all at one time.