Car Maintenance – Keep Your Car Away from Early Retirement

Consider these TipsYou can save money that you might end up spending on repairs by properly maintaining and a regular check of you vehicle. Specially when the vehicle has achieved great mileage and is old. To have that peace of mind and increase vehicle’s longevity, there are different ways and below are few tips to help in getting most out of your investment.

  1. Regular Check on Tires: To know how suspension and steering is performing, have a check on your tire wear. A shoulder wear or excessive edge indicates that maintenance is needed. Check regularly for tire pressure, spare parts as tires might get a premature wear. Conduct an inspection on side wall and tread areas to find any irregularities in wear or unevenly placed parts can cause damage to your vehicle.
  2. Check for Brakes Frequently: Have a thorough check of shoes, pads, rotors, fittings, calipers, parking brake and brake hardware. If squeal is found in brakes then replace it immediately.
  3. Check on Fluid Levels at Times: You need to change and replenish engine oil when needed. Check for lubricants and vehicle fluids and check them at regular intervals. If found dirty fluids, it will damage your vehicle’s engine.
  4. Check for Hoses, Engine Belts, and Fuel Filter: Preventing a breakdown or a serious damage on engine by a measure of replacing hoses and belts at regular recommended intervals is a must as a drive belt alone can supply power to many accessories of engine and also hoses are found to carry fluids vital to your vehicle under heavy pressure.
  5. Change Air Filter: Protecting vehicle’s engine from contaminants in done by the air filters. If there is no sufficient air flow to the engine, it effects the performance and will also result in fuel consumption to greater extent. An air filter helps in easy flow of air free of dirt for better performance and longer life.
  6. Check for Battery and it’s Performance: Critical part of the vehicle is the battery which helps in start up, running of ac and other accessories. If you find a corroded, cracked or bulged terminals, it’s a clear indication that the battery has reached its extreme condition and has to be checked or replaced. Battery life is limited, it has to be tested and replaced when necessary.
  7. Check Wiper Blades: If wiper blades are worn out then it affects the ability to see vehicles and road in front of you making the driving difficult. It is better to opt for all season wiper blades which helps in smooth operation and greater visibility. These blades are reliable, durable and gives strong performance.

Winter Driving – Poses Challenges

Be a safe driver in winterYou can never predict what nature acts like, specially in winter. With quite a number of accidents occurring on wet roads or rainy weather, it is important for the car drivers to be alert and look upon their driving habits in these winter months. With fluctuating weather, from thunderstorms to snow or to heavy rains. With mother nature behaving so erratically, ensure safety while driving and be prepared for the worst.

It’s Winter – Be Safe on Roads

When winter is nearing and you can feel the snow coming down, this is an important time to brace up and prepare for driving on snow. Do follow the below tips for a safe journey:

  • With winter comes bad roads and hence bad driving conditions, prepare your vehicle for it.
  • While driving faster you can easily lose control of your car specially on icy roads. Normally you need to maintain good distance between your and another car ahead of you. You need to slow down and have a smooth driving.
  • Clear visibility is a must. Before you start off, make sure you have cleared the snow off your car to let others see your vehicle and you to have clean vision of roads. Keep a broom large enough to push off the snow. Ensure defroster, defogger and heater are in good working conditions. These will avoid steamy windows.

Vehicle Safety – In Winter

You living in suburbs or city, driving in winter needs that extra precautions for safety of vehicle.

  • Tires when worn, slip easily. This will skid your vehicles, hence ensure tires with tread to avoid sliding and good traction while braking.
  • Make sure to have full tank or at-least more than half of gas filled tank. If got strangled or stuck in between, your engine heat comes as a rescue. Keep the window open when you in car with running engine.
  • Thorough check of your vehicle’s tire pressure, atleast once in a month. Always have a spare and jack in your car before you set out for driving. Keep the tires cool before the check of pressure.
  • Always check for an update on weather and then step out of the house for a drive. Do not take chances with varying conditions of nature.
  • Emergencies can occur anytime, be prepared for it. Carry a warm blanket, flashlight, first aid kit and extra batteries always when driving.

Exotic Holidays – Keep It Safe

Secure Your Exotic TripsHolidays are always fun and are in full swing as you get time to spend with your family and friends. Be it Christmas or new year, easter or thanksgiving, you plan ahead to travel and visit places. When you are away from your home, you want be free of worries and tensions. With many incidents of burglary happening around the city, you want to feel secured. If you are leaving your car behind, you want to protect it from theft or any damage to it. Being the insurance people, we are, here are few tips for a peaceful and happy travel.

Tips – Consider Them

Hide it from the world – When ever you plan for vacations, do not spread the word. Once you are back from the trip you can post pictures and let people know about your holidays. Keep very few close friends or neighbors informed.

Do not abandon the house – Make people feel that you have not left the home alone. You can do it in several ways. Keep the front and back porch lights on, so that at night the lights are glowing. Ask your neighbor or friend to collect all your mails from mailbox and not to stack them when you are gone. You can even ask the post office to hold the drop of mail until you come back and collect them. If it is snowing, you can ask any of your friend to pull in and out of your driveway at some point. Before leaving home, check for dead bolt locks and switch on the burglar alarms for a safe journey.

Driving in extreme weather conditions – Do carry windshield washer fluid, ice scrappers, extra blankets, a small shovel, food packets. You never know when you may need them. Keep your phone battery fully charged and enough cash in case of emergencies.

Keep house warm – Turn on room heaters, keep the heat in your home at minimum level so that pipes wont freeze when snowing. Turn off the main water valve to drain out pipes. Ask your neighbor to have a check on your home. You can also ask the local police to keep an eye on your home as they patrol.

Accuracy Check on Your Policy – A Must

Check Your Policy ThoroughlyIn Ohio, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a car insurance. You are even not allowed to lend your car to be driven by another driver if you fail to carry a financial responsibility. Complying with Ohio’s minimum requirements is a must. Many people are busy with their fast moving lives and you might file an auto insurance in haste. Do not hurry, take that time of yours to go over the policy and get assurance of accuracy. You might end up finding some missing information and not cover the required coverages discussed. It takes a long run to find an affordable insurance to shield your car by visiting every possible website, taking free quotes and a thorough check to meet your needs. Value your time and check for accuracy.

Authenticating Car Insurance Policy

Generally when you log into any website, you fill out countless forms, enter precise data, choose required coverages and obtain free quotes. But do not have any misconception over the quotes obtained online as they are only an estimate. When you take a quote, you will have a certified agent who will contact you, verify your information submitted and then suggest you further and answer your queries before you sign the bond with the insurance company. In most cases, the agent will give you the quote promised on the site. A knowledge on insurance coverages and its terminologies can help you better in availing an accurate and yet a promising car insurance.

Switching Policies

When you decide to switch over car insurance companies, you better make sure to replace with a new policy before the older policy comes to an end. Accidents do occur, in most instances it is unfortunate, so lets not take any chances. Communicating with both the insurers and keeping them updated with current affairs regarding your car insurance policy is necessary. Policy holders are responsible for the correctness of the insurance details.

It is always advisable to carry an insurance policy copy in your car and note down few important numbers on a stick pad or your phone. Do remember to make a note of your renewal dates. Usually insurance companies do send you a notice for renewal much in advance. However, the responsibility does not lie upon them if it fails to reach your doorstep and is lost. Make sure there is no lapse in covering your insurance as it can increase your premium rate when you plan to buy insurance again. You definitely don’t want to be one amongst those drivers without a cover.

Four Tips for Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Using TipsComparing auto insurance quotes can be confusing and even overwhelming – especially if you have never bought car insurance before and want the best coverage possible. What follows are four easy to follow tips for comparing auto insurance quotes.

  1. Look at the amounts of each of the premiums on the insurance quotes to make sure they are reasonable. Most drivers prefer to pay their premiums every month, but it’s also possible to pay your annual premium in one payment and save cash.
  2. For each type of coverage offered under the policies, check to see the deductible amount. In the event of a claim, you always have to pay the deductible first before the coverage kicks in, so you want to make sure it’s something you can afford.
  3. Read each quote carefully to see if they provide the type of coverage you want. For example, if you want protection in the event of an accident, but also just for random damages due to falling objects, you’ll need liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.
  4. Do the quotes offer the amount of coverage you want? Different policies offer different coverage amounts, and you need to buy insurance that offers you what you feel to be an adequate sum in the event of any claims or accidents. If you have a family or other dependents, make sure your coverage protects your family in the event that you’re injured and unable to provide for them.